13 thoughts on “When no one believed in ME – I did

  1. This is stunning, and I LOVE the positive inspirational message behind it. You most definitely are a survivor and it’s great to see how, like me, your writing is so beneficial to you giving you an outlet for your feelings. FABULOUS 🙂 😁💖

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    1. You guessed it right my Dear… Writing gives me pleasure… its a divine feeling that allows me to vent out my feelings, observations, imaginations and much more… You are so kind and you seem to be a survivor yourself to have an eye for the detail in my writings… Thanks a lot!!

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      1. Thanks lovely 😊 I love what you write and I promise to make more comments. I need to prioritise my time better so I get to interact with other like minded bloggers more…keep writing 😁💜💙

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      2. This is so beautiful… A few precious words from you make me feel so connected to you… Guess, we need to make sure that we are in the company of like minded people more and more… it’s so positive and enjoyable…

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      3. I have to say you have a beautiful soul, I am very intuitive and pick up on subtle energies people give out. I think you’re FAB and I’m just sorry I haven’t written sooner. *hugs*

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      4. Hey, You are just too kind to praise me so much.. Really!! I must say the feeling is mutual and I am sure that either I pick great souls to be around me, or I am generally picked by them to be around them… How lucky of me in both the cases.. Love to you my Dear…

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      5. I love what you’ve written there, you touch my soul 💖 Lots of love to you too 🙋 ps. Isn’t blogging fab! I love meeting fab people. I’ve just published a daft poem, it’s not refined in style like yours, but it’s straight from my heart 💜😊

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      6. Hey, could you please send me the link once you are done… I would love to read it especially when I know it came from a beautiful soul like yours… Loads of love my dear

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