Sea Shore

Sea Shore

sea shore o sea shore

how you welcome the waves

to make love to you a thousand times

yet to leave you again

sea shore o sea shore

how you offer your calm to someone

to live their loneliness

at the sunset, as they walk on your wet sand

sea shore o sea shore

how you beautify the setting sun

let it glow its soft rays on you

and then to leave you to the dark

sea shore o sea shore

how you mingle with the moon

to consume your serenity

to play the music of the night

then to hand you over to the dawn

sea shore o sea shore

how you enjoy being so giving

and never asking for nothing

sea shore or sea shore

please give me learning to the magic of life

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was it too much to ask?

was it too much to ask?

tell me my love

was it too much to ask

if I asked for just a little smile

a spark of just a little happiness in my eyes

you knew my journey till now was exhausting

you knew I was desperate for some rest

you knew enough tears I had shed

you knew your love would have strengthen me

you knew I loved you, gave my life to you

how could you be so heartless to desert me

how could you just let me die every moment

O my dear, tell me where did I fail, how did I fail

after all that I genuinely did to save our relationship

tell me my dearest

was it too much to ask

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together, we were never to sing

together, we were never to sing

a song I meant to sing

I needed him to sing along

shyly indicated my intentions to him

we waited for the music to assist

we waited and kept waiting

were we deaf not to listen to the tune

screaming over and over to us both

assuring the possibility of the impossible

we were not meant to be what we thought

together, we couldn’t write a song

together, we were never to sing

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the Labourers

the Labourers

not for me not for you

today, let it be for THEM

today, let’s dedicate our will

for the ones who are not at ease

the ones who know NO comforts

they who burn their skin everyday in the sun

for a few coins to buy their children the cheapest bread

they who chose to sweat but not to beg

they build houses with all comforts for the rich

get to dream their dreams lying on hard bricks

they who clean the roads for the rest

no access to basic washrooms to themselves

they who give drives in fancy cars to the master

get to walk 20 miles to reach to work

there are millions of them out there

facing life with such tremendous courage

today, let’s salute their will

for they are powerful enough

never to give up

but to challenge life every second

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Shall I?

Shall I?

shall i urge you to support me a little

shall i ask you to come celebrate life with me

shall i aspire you to be beaming like the sun

shall i inspire you to leave the negative behind

shall i answer your questions if you may have any

shall i gently force you to smile a little

shall i make you forget all of your fears

shall i honor you today for your unmatched courage

shall i praise your serenity that fails the moon

shall i encourage you to climb no matter how high is the mountain

shall i ask you today for one more thing my dear

in the name of humanity

allow me to do all that I can, for you!

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slurp slurp slurrrrp

the kittens having a feast

mommy sitting at a distance

proud to watch the little ones

how intelligently

she raised them

how quickly they have learnt

the tricks

to be on their own

to be ready for this world

oh kittens!!

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The Blend of Life

The Blend of Life

life is merriment, to take us high

an inspiration, to make us climb

it is an achievement, must we celebrate

a few of our failures, must we dare

its about relationships, must we hold close

its about mother nature, so we consume

it is the love, we relish we nurture

it is about our children, our future

its that beauty, in the eyes of the beholder

it is the fear, must we smoulder

its about pain, must we bear

its about tears, bound to be shed

isn’t it pretty, a blend of smooth and rough

like a concert with vintage music

composed by the supreme

must we play, must we sing

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