sea shore o sea shore

how you welcome the waves

to make love to you a thousand times

yet to leave you again

sea shore o sea shore

how you offer your calm to someone

to live their loneliness

at the sunset, as they walk on your wet sand

sea shore o sea shore

how you beautify the setting sun

let it glow its soft rays on you

and then to leave you to the dark

sea shore o sea shore

how you mingle with the moon

to consume your serenity

to play the music of the night

then to hand you over to the dawn

sea shore o sea shore

how you enjoy being so giving

and never asking for nothing

sea shore or sea shore

please give me learning to the magic of life

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14 thoughts on “Sea Shore

  1. I live by the sea, and your poem has given me a new found appreciation for it- Thanks so much for this. I will reflect on your beautiful words. They have made me view the seashore in a new way 🙂

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      1. I am extremely lucky, you’re right. I love how it’s different every time I go. I can go to the same beach everyday and it’s like exploring a new seascape, the colour of the water, the sky, the clouds, the sand and tides-it’s ever-changing and beautiful 🙂

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  2. Sometimes i read your work and a lot of words come into my mind to tell you.
    I do not know which is the best to bring forth that will justify.
    So i say this Zig ji,
    Every time you see that i have liked your post,
    Let my likes remind you of this that…
    Im the most proud friend ..proud that i am your friend!! 🙂 – Cezane

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