tell me my love

was it too much to ask

if I asked for just a little smile

a spark of just a little happiness in my eyes

you knew my journey till now was exhausting

you knew I was desperate for some rest

you knew enough tears I had shed

you knew your love would have strengthen me

you knew I loved you, gave my life to you

how could you be so heartless to desert me

how could you just let me die every moment

O my dear, tell me where did I fail, how did I fail

after all that I genuinely did to save our relationship

tell me my dearest

was it too much to ask

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4 thoughts on “was it too much to ask?

  1. You’re clearly a very loving and passionate person, and it’s so painful when we love with all our hearts and don’t get that love back in return. It’s probably one of the most emotionally painful phenomenon of being human. What you wanted was not too much to ask, unfortunately some people just don’t have the capacity to give us what we deserve. I’m so sorry you had this sad experience *hugs*

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