still a child she was, no more than eight or nine

eyes filled with dreams, with an urge to fly

meagre means, harsh life

still, there was comfort of parents around

there came a day that brought the storm

separated by her parents, into the hands of human traffickers

a nightmare, she was to see with her open eyes

forced into the trade of sex for the rest of her life

now the world knows that child as a prostitute

a prostitute to serve many monsters a day

one after the other they assaulted her will

with no shame to cause her excruciating pain

slowly her tears had started to dry

she had to be bold, learned not to cry

she yearned for a family and a husband every moment

knowing all her wishes were in vain

she bore a child at the age of 16

still at work with her baby crying in the adjacent room

for she now had a mouth to be fed too

and they would’t let her escape this hell

she was no daughter, no sister, now wife to no one

still a human, a mother she was

no words could ever describe her sufferings

if only there was someone to take her out of the dark

the society looks down at her in a manner ridiculous

will they realize ever

she was thrown into this disgusting pit

her eyes incapable to see no dreams no more

now she is termed as a prostitute (a bitch)

and yes,

she was forced to become one

it was never her choice

my heart goes out for the sufferings of all the victims of human trafficking and sex trade

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30 thoughts on “The Prostitute

  1. Me too, there are such evil people in this world. God will give these people justice one day. Until then we cry for them, and as in your poem, make them known! The sad thing is that the 16 yr old’s child is probably destined for the same if it is a girl, if it lives that long…after all, the woman is not her own person…it is unlikely that she can help her own child avoid it. So much evil. The average person can keep a look out for it, and report if they suspect it; but face it, if there weren’t men willing to pay for that, then there wouldn’t be human trafficking. It only exists because there is a “market” for it…because of evil, immoral people!

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    1. You are right in saying so Charlene… it is actually something which more than barbaric.. people seem to be evil towards small girls… A woman who herself is a victim, becomes helpless to keep her children protected from this mess.. its a sad story and needs attention…

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    1. Thanks babuji… people like us are not even aware of what horrors many others have to go through in their lives… this is just one issue out of thousands that may be screaming to be sorted out.. sigh!!

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      1. Checked the translator again. I have found it most unreliable on phrases. Would that mean “right said you”? Which is another meaning… 🙂
        (And here I am re-learning bits and pieces of Hindi) 😉

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  2. I’ll help spread your word. Truly powerful painting. I posted it for my readers but of course will pull it down immediately if you are uncomfortable.

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