A follower A Leader

A follower A Leader

many a times, I led the way

they followed me, made me a leader

was I ever complete without them

I too follow them for their goodness

they read me, they follow me

I enjoy them, I follow them

followers are not followers anymore

leaders are not just leaders

how we both complete each other

following and leading at the same time

making us all equal

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If the storm was a little orderly

If the storm was a little orderly

I wonder if the storm be a little orderly

would it be not so loud, so harsh

would it be a little less destructive

would the wind decrease its massive flow

would the tide rise not that high

If only the storm was a little orderly

would it not make the buildings to fall

would it not gulp lives too many

would a little more be spared from its wrath

If only the storm was a little orderly

the bridges may develop a few cracks

yet they won’t break completely

they would still allow the cars to pass

If only the storm was a little orderly

I would still find my wife and children back

for they wouldn’t end up being in the storm’s mouth

I would still find them standing under the tree

waiting for me

only if the storm was a little more orderly

the storm sure, would loose its power

the power to become gigantic


If only the storm had learnt

to be a little more orderly

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Learnings & Writings

Learnings & Writings

sometimes I write, what I have learnt

at times I learn, from my writings…

sometimes I am provoked

to write my inner self

at times my writings

glow my inner self with light..

could anything be more interesting ever

endless process of birthing each other

both are born, both are mothers

Writings to Learnings

Learnings to Writings

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The Red Eyed Dragon

The Red Eyed Dragon

A Palace

gloomy and dull

countless rooms with no windows

forbidding the sun, to light its darkness

heavy smell of rust in its walls

the ceiling, disturbingly high

as if some giant was to walk inside

no movements, no signs of life

the only sound coming from its thick silence

a heavy continuous snore

the pitch of it going too high, then coming low

making heavy music, fearsome to the ears

inside the palace so strangely awkward

deep in the room in the most center

lazying, on the coins of gold

watching over the treasure prodigious

The Red Eyed Dragon 

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Epitome of Completeness

Epitome of Completeness

halting it’s steps, going slow for some

speeding it’s pace to match the light for others

bringing fulfilment to the lives of many

making scarcity a fate for some

showing harmony walking its steps

dominating souls to war with its force

devoting loyalty to the kings of the kingdoms

making queens be faithless to their kings

sowing seeds of new life every moment

snatching existence at the same time, announcing deaths 

influential & powerful yet vulnerable it is

Time –  Epitome of Diversity

Epitome of Versatility

Epitome of Ultimate Power

Epitome of Completeness

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