A Good Bye to simplify things

A Good Bye to simplify things

it was

getting burdensome for him

I felt him

running away from me

for me

it was tough, I was anxious, in pain

ignored, my messages not being responded

excuses and lies

everyday I faced

& one day

he simplified things

he said


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sometimes I wonder

am I reading them

or they reading me back


as they complete me

as they fill me

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Our Unfailing Guardians

Our Unfailing Guardians

mother earth following the circles

arms wrapped around her children

singing lullaby soothing

putting them to sleep, to the land of dreams

father sun performing his role

waking up the children, giving them glow

inspiring them with resilience abundant

insisting to recollect dreams from the past night

making them true, setting them right

mother earth – father sun

our unfailing guardians

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The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose


came the dawn

dreaming bud

took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms

it felt the dew

it was its moment

to bloom

soft rays of the sun

served a little glow

petals all

announced to unfold

one after the other

they all glorified

revealing divinity

of a purple rose

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whispers of HOPE

covered the sky

falling on earth

like soft snow flakes

giving a dazzling sight

for the eyes to behold

spreading positivity

for the hearts to hold

the nights not darker

not longer no more

days inspired

like rising waves on the shore

souls swarmed with zeal to the goal

unstopping, tirelessly ascended the slope

let’s see, let’s hear, let’s smile

some HOPE

invincible, supreme, angelic


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a tale narrated

by the history of humankind


have lead the path unfailingly


to unchain the doors, chained


the will to perform

relentlessly, untiringly

shown dreams to the open eyes

provided the courage to live those dreams

how ASPIRATIONS have faded the pain

inspired a boy to be that man

ASPIRATIONS never failed to create the History

must we learn to Aspire

must we create a FUTURE

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My Dear Paper Dictionary

My Dear Paper Dictionary

my dear paper dictionary

will you forgive me please

for i don’t hold you anymore

i dumped you in that old box

sealed, kept somewhere in my garage

there were days, when i couldn’t do without you

i would open and search through you, a hundred times

on days when i wrote essays in my school

would you forgive me for i am selfish now

lazy to flip through your many pages

i now depend on the latest means

today, i have the urge to open the sealed box

in which i dumped you with my own hands

today, i have the craving to hold you again

i promise to keep you safe in my bag

promise to carry you along everywhere

forgive me my dear paper dictionary

i shall dump you NEVER again

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No Sign of His ANGEL

No Sign of His ANGEL

thrashed in a wrecked car

spluttered blood on the glass

resting head on the broken steering wheel

he laid, his senses came to a rest

wounded to death yet no sign of pain

time was of essence

he knew he was running short

longed for someone’s arrival

to carry him to a warm bed

with lifesavers looking upon him

he forced his spirit to hold on to his body

requested to borrow a few more minutes

yet no sign of his angel – he closed his eyes

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Their Mind in a Box

Their Mind in a Box

do my words sound golden to them

or are they even listening to what I say

are they in love, in their own fancy world

or are they pissed with me

they welcome, they reject

wisdom – with their own perceptions

not open to debate

not giving it a deep thought

either they cry or they fill their hearts with rage

dealing with their mind in a box

conclusions never made

solutions never reached

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When he made Love to Her

When he made Love to Her

masculine fragrance of his body

freshness after a shower

that sort of Christian Grey

with his fifty shades

seductive smile on his lips

playfulness in his eyes

he looked at her deeply

made her sip her wine

his tongue tasting her earlobes

she moaned shyly with pleasure

whispering to herself

she was dreaming in heaven

pleasured by her man, longing

for this dream, to last forver

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Memories in Rain

Memories in Rain

arms spread wide open

hugging the wind

face, up towards the sky 

as if posing for a picture

drizzling drops

caressing their closed eyes

clothes drenched

hair let loose

releasing paper boats 

in waterlogged

innocent of any trouble

a bunch of kids playing


memories in RAIN

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luxuriously, elegantly

relaxing on levels patiently

waiting to swallow

the lack of knowledge

of those

who are determined to come close

to touch, to hold

the wisdom treasured

on papers

sewn together

in ink

of all colors

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Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never Comes

today i decide to bring a smile to you

today i decide to fill excitement in you

today i decide to inspire you a little

shall i tell a story, or ask you a riddle

today i decide to read what you write

let’s go to the rooftop, shall we fly a kite

come a little closer, let’s kiss each other

let’s sit together & chat for a little while

aren’t we missing each other

aren’t we loosing it fast – the time

shall we do it ALL today

shall we not wait for tomorrow

for i have seen, i have learnt

sometimes leaving us puzzled

leaving us with missed moments


never comes

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The Empty Vase

The Empty Vase

emptiness of the vase

filled by the light

with the green lamp

lit by its side

the spring is gone

there are no more flowers

the vase waited for so long to be loved

why are there so many days in a year

long enough to keep the spring away

somehow, doesn’t matter much

with the passing time

they both have concluded

to be together

have fallen in love

the green lamp lit


the vase without flowers



many times, I told him

I was dying from the inside

every day, each moment of my life

the air between us not enough

to let me breathe

my heart felt suffocated

a million times, his hand I tried to reach

he was there sitting by my side

yet no sign of him till far away

my soul neglected bruised

I decided to wait for a little longer

every time I told me

he shall hold me in a little more while

today, i depart to stay in heaven

he is remained with nothing

but regret

with nothing

but to miss me by his side

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Buddha in our House

Buddha in our House

Buddha sitting peacefully

meditating every moment

undisturbed by the noise around

the giggles of the children

conversations happening

Buddha inhaling divinity

spreading it around as he exhales

smile never leaving his face

Buddha forever glued to a spot

silence is his only sword

his existence showering blessings on us

glad so we are to have

Buddha in our house

Leonardo DiCaprio – Revenant’s Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio – Revenant’s Oscar

I wrote this poem to dedicate my love to Leonardo DiCaprio for winning an Oscar..

Waiting every bit
endless tiresome art
the act of being that someone
delivered seamlessly

Shutter Island’s Psycho
Wolf ruling the Wall Street
Gatsby the Great
dreaming of Inception
sacrificing the Diamond Blood Red
charmer of Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio
never were you alone
millions stood by
gasped their breath
to hear them say
The Revenant’s SURVIVOR
has done it all
the Oscar now
belongs to the Best

3 day quote challenge

3 day quote challenge

Thanks to my Dearest friend https://saalaikamalathaai.wordpress.com for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge..

Here is my 3rd quote for the day.

3 Day quote challenge

3 Day quote challenge

Thanks to my Dearest friend https://saalaikamalathaai.wordpress.com for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge..

Here is my second quote for the day.

3 day quote challenge

3 day quote challenge

Thanks to my Dearest friend https://saalaikamalathaai.wordpress.com for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge..

Here is my first quote for the day.

Angels against Terrorism

Angels against Terrorism

as I revealed that I was an angel, they told me otherwise

prompted me to let my divinity vanish

urging me to loose my purity

tortured me with fire and ice

as they pulled out my nails in a hurry

I screamed in pain, as I bled

they thought their cruelty were winning

they laughed harder and harder

making fun of my innocence


poor them, I thought as I stood up

looking them into the eye

announcing the power of humanity

the power of belief in peace

I told them, I would rather give my life

over their offering to taker other’s

I shall remain an angel forever

who wins over terrorism

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Deafening Sound of the Silence

Deafening Sound of the Silence

deafening sound of the silence

on the other side of the phone

only to confirm

the departure of laughter

mugs of coffee with chocolate muffins

hand holdings and long walks

kisses in movie theaters

deafening sound of the silence

announcing loudly of the loneliness to follow

ONLY HIM lying on the bed

her soft body vanishing

escaping his touch

refusing to be caressed


his senses loosing capacity

to hear any kind of music

for he is deafened now

by the deafening sound of the silence

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Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa

Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa

Standing right next to it and looking at the endless number of floors with the ones at the top, touching the sky. It’s an experience. And I was fortunate to make that experience mine. A dazzling piece of architecture and beauty with a strong foundation.

31st December 2015, the final hours of the countdown. Thousands of tourists had flown to Dubai to see the most spectacular fireworks in the world. People gathering around Burj Khalifa. Eating dinner, having drinks in the most plush restaurants in the world. And suddenly, fire erupts in the building (The Address), spreading at the speed of light. There was a lot of disturbance and it was all over the news.

We were planning on to go see the fireworks and this sad news made us glued to our tv screens watching The Address on fire, live. There were firefighters at the location and the Prince of Dubai was one of them.

Now, only a few minutes left for the New Year to arrive and the building is still on fire. The dilemma was would there be any fireworks or not. I personally was not in favor as I felt the fire was a very sad thing to happen and we must not celebrate to support the victims.

But, they thought differently and right when the clock struck 12, it started. The Proud Burj Khalifa came alive. Colorful lights sparkling around it, and it was one of the most dazzling thing I had ever seen.


Later on, as I dug deeper and thought about their decision to go ahead with the fireworks, to celebrate when others are in pain. What I came to conclude was that I was not completely correct. The perspective of going ahead with the fireworks was not to celebrate over others grief, it was to celebrate life which was still living and hoping.

The proud grand Burj Khalifa stood there and celebrated life. Distributed colors amongst the people who chose to stand there and wait. People who were scared and sad with the fire incident, yet they decided to witness the royal beauty. People who believed in themselves, believed in life. People who promised themselves to bring back life to The Address building just a little later.

Now this is what I call courage and I salute it. And  I am happy to be proven wrong.

Your Majesty – Burj Khalifa

Last Night Together

Last Night Together

embraced in his arms

skin to skin, mouth to mouth

she couldn’t whisper

for the kiss was slow and long

he could see through her closed eyes

her sensual imaginations

feel her pulsing heart

moaning in pleasure

unaware of his secret

this time, he thought

must he, give his best

for it was their last night together

tomorrow, he shall leave

to return


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In case you change your Mind

In case you change your Mind

pains me to learn

you’ve made up your mind

you are leaving me behind

yet, a little hope in me

is pushing me to say

only one thing to you

I really really wanna assure you

I will be

waiting right here

in case

you change your mind

Growing Up in Style

Growing Up in Style

tik tok – tik tok – tik

the sound that I hear all day

making me realize

my little princess growing

in style

trying all my shoes with heels

one pair after the other

the cupboard remains open

all my bags are out lying

she chooses as per her mood

which one to carry, which color to hold

my lipsticks are all vanishing

her face painted all over

bright colors on her cheeks

make her look only more beautiful

sometimes, I ask her to stop

at times I let her carry on

for the joy on her face

being styled up with all her mommy’s belongings

is something that’s priceless

way beyond the value

of the bags, lipsticks and shoes

every day, each moment I relish

the joy of raising a daughter


The Strix – Hope

The Strix – Hope

Here’s to those who live by in this world one day at a time doing what the world asks of them. Who turned a struggle into an addiction and desire into compulsion. Those who spend every night on their bed, mind drowned in thoughts, heart unwanting to beat. . . You hold onto your wait for better days to come, and tell yourself that they won’t.

You hope. . .


Art by Alpe John


Hope Is…

not a heart in a tree…

not loftily floating out of reach

not sitting on a gilded throne

not residing in some mystical realm

It is not guarded by angels high

glittered by faerie dust

or plucked from a flower garden

planted by seeds of heart hardened

An illusion…this word, these letters four

cannot be grasped by hands rich or poor

it is not attainable by prayers

it will not bow on command

It is not tangible or visible

it dances to no one’s tune

you cannot buy it with money

it does not arrive gift-wrapped

Hope is…

when you are beaten down

when the smile is replaced by a frown

when you are on your bruised knees

and you decide to stand on sore feet

It is the moment you want to give in…but don’t

it is when your heart feels like breaking

yet you break it open wide, again and again

daring to love despite the risk present

It is when you wake up in the morning

when you didn’t want to…and rise
It is when you refuse to succumb

to the pounding of the dark tides

Hope is composed of the moments you decide

to continue your path despite all there is to spite

it’s knowing that there is always light, your light,

even in the darkest of night

Hope is stained, dirty, tattered,

it is born from the ashes of the phoenix

You are
that phoenix…


is you.

~ Emily Clapper from PoetGirlEm


Bathed in soft lilacs, blues,
Filtering hues of colour through,
A veil of white while the outcomes wait,
Are they reflected in the colours,
You see from where you lay?
Will you stay here longer?
Will you wait another day?
The eye of heaven watches,
Blazing hot under its gaze,
Your patience sizzles and,
Your courage boils, still,
Boils again, as you stay in the shadow,
Though the sun shines high,
Over your skin where you lay,
Will you stay here longer?
Will you wait another day?
A fleeting dart of dark flies,
Once, twice, over your head,
Free to roam free of charge,
Its flight light from all the,
Things that it doesn’t carry,
And all you do is watch from where you lay,
Will you stay here longer?
Will you wait another day?
In hope that tomorrow,
Would bring new colour,
Or in hope that tonight,
Would bring new change?
Your eyes search the sky,
Where the sun starts to melt,
In hope of finding answers,
In hope of being felt,
While you mind mingles with thoughts,
Your heart whispers you this:
Don’t stay here longer,
Don’t wait another day.

~ Michelle Joseph from Psychedelic Bay


Hope is courage. Hope is the strength. Being like the last piece of breath, the last drop of water, the last breath you take, hope requires courage to live on the last of everything you have. Hope is that faint, vague presence of light in complete darkness.

I believed and then I did not, I trusted, and then I did not. But hope remained, in hiding, camouflaged with the thousands thoughts running. Hope always stays. Like that good friend who shall never leave your side. Hope is always there, all you have to do is find yours! All you have to do is to hope for the light to arrive, in time.

~ Kashaf Shaikh from awordwarriorsblog


You look at night to the sky above and only see darkness.
Your head filled with noise.
Why even breathe.
It is so easy to get lost, losing yourself in the world we live in today.
It’s so easy to surrender to desperation.
Disappearing in the darkness.

The world has changed.

Give way to someone with less errands at the supermarket? Unthinkable: you’ve been waiting yourself for two minutes. Once, it was natural to talk to your lonely elderly neighbor, now you act as if you didn’t see her. So busy with self-imposed duties. Worry about what is happening around the globe? No way, enough burdens on your own plate.

The world has changed.

We take less and less time for each other. We rather assume the worst about a person, instead of taking the time to find out the reason why someone does, what he/she does. Chopping each other’s heads, bombing one another, since trying to understand each other’s ancient culture, values, opinions, feelings seems to be too difficult.

The world has changed.

Embrace the beauty of darkness.
Hear the whispering of life.
You’re not alone, more beautiful souls in the world, waiting to be found.
Cry, hurt, scream, fear, smile, laugh, dance, care.
Step into the circle of life.


 ~ Patty from kruidje-roer-me-niet



His name was Afzal, no more than seven,

A child innocent, a victim of war,

Just a few days back, I had met him,

While, covering the bombings in Afghanistan,

The sight of the blasts horrendous & scary,

With lifeless bodies, ripped off flesh,

A few of them who survived the blasts,

Ran, for a little mercy in horror,

Broken houses screamed in silence,

Small children wounded and bleeding,

Cried in the streets unattended,

There I had seen this boy with courage,

Holding a white flag in his hands,

Sitting by the side of his lifeless father,

Surprisingly, I saw no tears in his eyes,

I moved closer to hear his whispers,

“Father, your son is strong to shed no tears,

To change things for better, I am going out there,

Holding a flag of peace in my hand,

Every beat of my heart, beating in hope,

Determined to melt the hearts of those demons,

How I hope to turn them to humans,

I remember your words, they echo in my mind,

The day will come, there shall be peace,

No more pain, no one will die anymore,

No sight of bloody bodies on the roads,

Holding my flag so white and flawless,

I shall march, I shall not give up,

My hope persistent to conquer the inhuman,

For I shall not let my children to witness,

A world so wounded, chained by terrorism.”

~ Zigyasa Kakkar from mySestina


“Hope is a thin line between holding on and giving up. It will never turn real unless one acts and wills.”

~  Cezane


Expressions Crossing Continents

His Choice

His Choice

saying piercing painful words

making an argument not valid

displeasure filled his eyes

as he woke up to leave

to walk out of the door

leaving her heartbroken

tears running down her cheeks

she was desperate to run behind

catch hold of his hand

not let him walk out of the wooden door

how convinced was her heart

he will never return once gone

for he didn’t believe in a pretty heart


he chose

to fall for a pretty face

image source

The Much Awaited DOLL

The Much Awaited DOLL


a young man tired from a long day’s work

walked back home,

stopped by a toy shop, on his lips – a smile

for his daughter waiting for a doll tonight

a much awaited one

he promised to bring it with his next paycheck

he packed the doll in a bag hung on his back

gleaming smile on his face to imagine

a child’s excitement to possess a new doll


dreaming his dream he crossed a busy road

started from one end, never reached the other

lifeless body laid on the road

not dreaming, not smiling anymore


few teenagers today had their share of a few beers

tinkling of empty bottles played music to them

decided to party, racing in a new Mercedes Benz

alcohol commanded a speed of 140mph

just a blink of an eye, hit someone, a man

with no desire to learn who, they never stopped

never looked back, racing went on


little girl sat by the door, looking out waiting

excited to see her father coming back tonight

hiding a doll in his bag somewhere

her wait was extended till endless time

a young man, a father, died on the road

in his arms, holding a precious gift

the much awaited doll


image source

from a Woman to a Mother

from a Woman to a Mother

it was her, just her …. a woman

made love to a man for she was his wife

started to experience another life inside

her womb was a bit more sensitive now

her belly swelled a little every moment

another heart started to beat inside her

she truly became a woman with two hearts

life grew inside each day every moment

one after the other all the senses came to life

inside her womb, the baby started to hear

she even cried at times she smiled

kicked a few goals sucked on her thumb

nine months advanced, it was time for the finale

anxiety & excitement both filled the woman

for the pain so intense, unable to bear

her muscles stretched and loosened with each contraction

o heaven!! come out fast, she told the baby

hours of pushing and screaming and heavy breathing

finally, she could hear her first cry

tears of excitement filled her eyes

even before placenta could relieve her frame

she had forgotten already the excruciating pain

in that moment she felt complete

held the tiny soul in her arms, watched her crying

she offered her breast to the tiny mouth

the baby first struggled then started to suckle

that’s when the woman became a mother

image source

The Strix

The Strix

Hello My Dear Friends! I am glad to announce to be a part of a new Project – The Strix!

The Strix is a group of six talented bloggers who came together to stand as a one big happy family. The unconditional love within the six is endless, as much as it is powerful, and we aim to channel it out to the rest of the world as a unit to those who are in need.

We use art to express what’s real whilst each individual rises to ideal. The Strix are made up of six souls, who rose from ashes to man and now from man to stars that want to appear during the day in the presence of the sun.

To do seemingly the impossible by reaching out to every soul in the world, like the sun does during the day.

The Six Souls include:
Cezane and Michelle – Psychedelic Bay
Emily Clapper – Poet Girl Em
Patty Wolters – Kruidje-Roer-Me-Niet
Alpe John – The Juandering Artist
Zigyasa Kakkar – mySestina
Kashaf Shaikh – A Word Warriors Blog
Learn more about The Strix here:

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Beauty Concealed

Beauty Concealed

pretty flowers around, lush green trees
colors of the rainbow, waves in the sea
a few amongst many, gifts of the nature
my senses can feel, my eyes can see

still one thing
overwhelms me
selfless and gentle
surrounds me every moment
fills me deep
holds me, embraces me

the power that it stores
one can only feel
the beauty of the air
giving us life
yet never wanting
to be seen

image source : google

Introduction to The Strix

Introduction to The Strix

The Strix is a group of six talented bloggers who came together to stand as a one big happy family. The unconditional love within the six is endless, as much as it is powerful, and we aim to channel it out to the rest of the world as a unit to those who are in need.

We use art to express what’s real whilst each individual rises to ideal. The Strix are made up of six souls, who rose from ashes to man and now from man to stars that want to appear during the day in the presence of the sun.

To do seemingly the impossible by reaching out to every soul in the world, like the sun does during the day.

The Six Souls include:
Cezane and Michelle – Psychedelic Bay
Emily Clapper – Poet Girl Em
Patty Wolters – Kruidje-Roer-Me-Niet
Alpe John – The Juandering Artist
Zigyasa Kakkar – mySestina
Kashaf Shaikh – A Word Warriors Blog
Learn more about The Strix here:

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The Queen’s Simplicity

The Queen’s Simplicity

The Royalness

of the Queen


in her Simplicity

that reflects


her Affection

towards the Common

image source

If its worth Reading, it was Worth to Write

If its worth Reading, it was Worth to Write

millions of thoughts

coming across my mind

as I decide to sit and write

to share my belief

to share as i  imagine

digging deeper into my heart

the flow never stopped

one thing i realize

its not enough – my life

to pen down all that i hide

millions of secrets destined to die

one day, with me inside

yet one thing is undeniable

about all that i put on paper

if its worth Reading

it was worth to Write

Waves in the Sea

Waves in the Sea

waves in the sea

dynamic, high powered

performing infinitely

rising, falling


sparing nothing in their reach

dancing to the tunes of the rising moon

with no will of their own

pulled, let loose

acting puppets

pitiful, waves in the sea

image source

Perfectionist vs Naive

Perfectionist vs Naive

they leave me bewildered, puzzled

each time, every moment

a constant argument, an endless debate

between my heart and my brain

i wonder which one to follow

for my brain wants to be a perfectionist

my heart tells me to be natural – at times naive

image source

The Cobbler

The Cobbler

he sits by the roadside everyday

with his tools placed on a cloth in front

a few shoe soles hung on a board behind him

sewing a broken shoe or polishing another

he is the one who mends people’s shoes

struggles for a little shade on a summer noon

barely makes enough for his family to eat dinner

his children never ask him for a gift

for they don’t want to break their father’s heart

they greet him well when he returns back home

they respect his courage to touch everyone’s shoes

the cobbler then sits with his family

all of them relish a few dried pieces of bread TOGETHER

image source

He found Love in Words

He found Love in Words

when love failed

to find it’s way to him

from the heart of a soul

he dearly cared for

he opened his arms

expanded his horizon

with a feather and some ink

he wrote his heart

he found his love

in words that appeared on paper

image source

Excitement keeps us ALIVE

Excitement keeps us ALIVE

excited about the morning

excited about your first kiss

excited for the new dress

for your birthday, excited about the gift

excited about new shoes and bag

excited about first day of the first job

excited about the football match

excited about the child coming to your life

excited about the seed you sowed

excited about a new flower in your garden

million of reasons to be excited in life

giving us a boost, make us feel light

excitement could be fed with something big or small

yet this excitement excites us like a child

makes us glow, bringing us a smile

how this excitement keeps us ALIVE

image source

I take Pride for YOU raised me Right

I take Pride for YOU raised me Right

take pride as you raised me right
you were tough you were polite
when I searched for the meaning of life
you gave me the vision to a brighter side
when I lost my courage
you pushed me to fight
in your strong yet loving arms
I could always hide
when nights were long & dark
you held  my light
watched my back till I took my flight

everything is just so special tonight
i am crowned, to reach new heights
thank you DAD for being my guide
a poem of emotions for you i recite
i sure do take pride 
for you raised me right

image source

a Soul Worthy of ART

a Soul Worthy of ART

a soul worthy of art

is a soul able to realize the music in monotony

is a soul with the power to celebrate agony

it can paint without possessing colors

it can giggle for someone else’s happiness

it travels the speed of light every moment

it can survive a volcano, it can swallow the sun

it can heal the wounds in a matter of a blink

it can bleed to perform, it can shrink

untouchable, immortal, godly

a soul worthy of art

image source

Serve Me Pain

Serve Me Pain

serve me pain

serve me sorrow

torturing wind as it blows

injects a little immortality in me

nothing you shall gain

for my limit to consume this pain

is beyond eternity

image source

The Snail

The Snail

the snail walking its pace

innocent of the world racing around

its manner presenting tranquility

a spirit so calm and quiet

teaching to soothe the souls anxious

urging the world to slow down a bit

the snail walking its pace

image source

Birds from Heaven – no stray

Birds from Heaven – no stray

music of the morning kissed the breeze
as soft warm rays of the sun woke up the birds
flowers bloomed to the songs being sung
branch of the trees were being danced upon
pigeons, sparrows, there were humming birds
making merry, bringing life to the earth
a magical sight for my eyes to witness
I wondered as I stood in my balcony
how could they hold such power divine
to make me feel so pure, pious
would be unjust to call them stray
they surely were the birds from heaven

in response to write on the prompt of Stray Birds by my dear friend ZeroCreativity0

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a feather in my hand

I let my imagination

kiss the rainbow

lying on the earth shyly

I welcome thoughts

to come

make love to me

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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

In response to the daily word prompt.. Transformation

emerging …. fading

standing up …. at times bending

smiling …. weeping

building up …. shattering

holding …. abandoning

healing …. bleeding

consuming the knowledge …. sometimes ignoring

mine ….  yours …. characters performing

a play called …. the circle of life

transforming us from soil to souls

melting our souls ultimately to soil

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My Earthen Piggy Bank

My Earthen Piggy Bank

the time presents itself to me

promised to reward yet another blow

so dearly i treasured them till now

all my pennies are ready to go

abandoning me of their hold

loosening me of the comfort

to offer bread to my children

there –

my earthen piggy bank just hit the ground

so dear are those broken pieces to me

i gather the pennies in my hand

soon to be freed of my possession

then –

the broken piggy bank stares at me

its eyes dull yet hopeful as they said to me

i loved containing those pennies in me

utilize their worth for you have to, today

and tomorrow, you must promise to fix me

for i desire those pennies to be mine once again

i crave for them to fill me


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the bunny

the bunny

hours of a day

that i spent

sitting in my chair, holding the bunny

that was once held

by a child in my dreams

soft long hair, hugging her face

her flawless eyes, filled with pain

her tiny heart struggling to push

the flow of her blood to her veins

as she spoke, she never complained

as the hours that she was rewarded

not long enough

she held her bunny pressed against her chest

consoling for the loneliness

time shall bring soon enough

for the bunny would no more be held

by the beautiful child

but me

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Music of his Kind

Music of his Kind

she entrusted him

with the guitar of her heart

she entrusted him

to play the flute of her emotions

& he ended up playing

the music of his kind

it was the music

HE only liked

it was the music on which

she ended up dancing

all her life

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The Green Girl

The Green Girl

green girl emerges in the jungle

long hair kissing her knees

divine body covered in leaves

fragrant as if bathed in flowers

glowing face with eyes blue green

her manner graceful like a queen

she holds the sun in one hand

in the other she holds the moon

showering the life in the jungle

with light, making it serene

trees bend their branches in honor

as she walks her elegant way

an army of all sorts of animals

follow their queen in silence

a sight so charmingly delightful

when the green girl emerges in the jungle

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when you loved me.. when you deceived me

when you loved me.. when you deceived me

when you loved me

you reached this heart of mine

you deceiving me

empowered your reach

to all of me

every bit of me

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God’s way

God’s way

Dear God
my life is getting tough
there are thorns on my path
walking barefoot
am failing in all that I do

God said
my dear child
in your path there are thorns
there are flowers too
there is struggle
but I have made you wise
to sense, be prudent
step carefully
& triumph shall walk its way
to kiss your feet


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Dear Tiny Sparrow

Dear Tiny Sparrow

my dear tiny SPARROW

i miss your chirping in the mornings

all my childhood, you woke me

before the sun could announce the day

the nest you made many times

in a hole on the wall of my house

i climbed on the back of a few kids

to watch your tiny eggs laid

my heart breaks to learn you are extinct

for the sharp rays of the mobile towers

guilt contains my heart to comprehend

your presence will never be

relished by my children

your musical chirping will never

wake them up in the mornings

for them, remains only

the hollow power of the mobile towers

and not a tiny beautiful you

knowingly, unknowingly

i repent to have killed you

o my dear SPARROW.. i miss you

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Titanic – him & her

Titanic – him & her

he was a boy of modest means

boarded the ship with his gamble win

she was a girl travelling in the first class

styled her hair with a diamond pin


him and her destined to make love

in the Atlantic on the ship of dreams Titanic


him and her destined to witness

the greatest tragedy

in a few days after they had met


him and her destined to fight together

their survival against the wrath of an iceberg


him and her destined to make sacrifices

each in their own way

her by keeping her promise to survive

him by giving his life away  (for her)

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Congratulations on writing 500 posts on mySestina!

Congratulations on writing 500 posts on mySestina!

Guys!! 500 posts and all because of your encouragement and support!!



the Child on the Street

the Child on the Street

the sun said goodbye

on the streets there were lights

few lit up, few flickering, the rest of them dead

it didn’t seem to bother the people passing by

neither did they notice a child

sitting under one lit up street light

lost in studying a book in his hands

a weighing machine sat by his side

through which he meant

to offer the people passing by

come stand on it

check how many pounds they gained

or did they lose a few

in return, drop a coin in the box

lying next to the weighing machine

for the child had used the light on the street to read

but before he goes to sleep later in the night

a little food, he deserves to eat

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My Merciless Heart

My Merciless Heart

i curse my heart

to grant access to agony

to let it proceed through its valves

to travel to every bit of my body

like blood

i curse my heart

to challenge

the strength of my brain

to keep me safe from pain

oh this heart…. it has no mercy for me…

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Why did They tell Me

Why did They tell Me

when they told me i was dying

i was left with just a few months

the illness inside me was growing

the healing cells in my body wouldn’t work

i was not prepared what my ears heard

i wanted to react, yet my face went blank


i drove back home, lied in my bed

my eyes open, i kept looking at the ceiling

i felt a little heaviness in me

i smiled to me ironically on the fact of dying

all of them know, they have to go

its much painful for me

for i know when

guess, am gonna die every moment now on

thinking it’s coming

till the time i die

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YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part

YES, I would remain yours, even if death do us part



My dear friend Aki prompted me to write the response of a lover to his dying beloved’s question in one of my posts Would You remain Mine earlier today..

Here is what the lover has to say to his beloved who is dying, asking him if he would remain her’s after she is gone!


my love, O my love

how it pains me as you depart for heaven

consoling my bleeding heart I shall cry

I let my tears to fall forever

readying myself to bear the pain

holding you in my arms so safely

I watch your gentle spirit relieving your frame

there’s only one thing I am craving to assure

I shall never free me, from your love so deep

the way I look at you now with my affection

I shall only open my eyes to see your face

I shall utter my words only for you

to answer your anxiety in this moment

I give you my word

I would

yes I would remain yours

even if death do us part

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when the Wind blew to Connect

when the Wind blew to Connect

helpless she was

how much she missed him

this story is true 

its from way back in time

the time when there were no cords to connect

to allow her to say a few words to her lover

deep in love, how lonely she felt

staying awake, dreaming to be in his arms

she sat one night under the blanket of stars

up in the sky the moon smiled back to her

wind blowing softly caressed her skin

offering her to be her messenger to him

brushing her body, it started to travel

carrying the scent of her body to her lover

to whisper to him, her poems of love

to embrace him in its warmth

making him feel connected to the one

sitting far away yearning for his love

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A City birthing a City

A City birthing a City

glorious city with colorful lights

glittering with gold, with best lifestyle

fancy people belong here

they all wear hats and long coats

their shoes polished shining

their language articulate

men always walk with pride

their ladies always glowing and bright

each one of them own a house big and plush

inside they sit and relax

while they sip their english tea in expensive cups

someone not so polished sweats

this someone not so polished, is the servant who does’t sleep

the one who cooks for a family of 20, for him there’s nothing to eat

he doesn’t wear shoes of any kind, nor does he speak good language

always he walks behind the master carrying his master’s luggage

his children have never seen a school, neither have they seen a playground

for they are forced to follow the footsteps of their father

they never step out of the servant’s quarter

generations to come shall follow the tradition

children of masters to remain masters

to rule the children of the servants

slowly, the glittery glorious city, birthing a city

that’s dull, full of pain

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Make Me Pure

Make Me Pure

hold me close so i melt in your arms

hold me close so i breathe your scent

hold me close so there’s no air between us

hold me close so i let loose my worries

hold me close so i sleep in peace

hold me close so i hear your heart beat

hold me close so you could hear mine

hold me close so i could kiss you anytime

hold me close so i make your soul mine

hold me close for when you do my love

you make me pure…. you make me pure

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Calling for my Loneliness

Calling for my Loneliness

in a jungle deep and dense

by the bank of an overflowing  river

under the tree with thousand shadows

surrounded by disturbingly noiseless woods

lost in my own emptiness

I call for my loneliness, to come, see me

for THEY shall never be able to find us here

 here we shall both

rest in peace

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Time and Territory

Time and Territory

the place and time brought much for them

for him, and for the other him

while both debated for their rights

one longed for the throne

and the other for some peace

the soil that nourished the peace seeker

eroded, got collected in the hands of terror

where no one was considered a human

while choosing to go out of the boundary walls of his home

he wasn’t sure to be back, breathing

out in the streets there were masked faced men

sadly for nothing, anyone could shoot him

abandon him of his worthless life

the horror made him desperate, to stand and demand

a little peace in the lives of everyone

his struggle is not known to the man

the one who is fighting for the throne

two men, two stories of struggle

yet one of them sounds like some luxury to me

the effect of the time be the same, but not their territory

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When YOU became MINE

When YOU became MINE

the breeze started to flow

dew emerged on the colorful petals

mingling of rain with sun, flashed a rainbow

fragrance of flowers made love to the wind

spreading its wings till far distance

cuckoo bird sang lullaby to baby chicks

leaves of the trees danced to the music

looked like the beginning of a magical play

my senses started to bathe the beauty

making me beautiful the most

yes… it all turned divine – when you became mine

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I am a Poem

I am a Poem

words, just a few words
simple, no tough
mesmerising, describing
worthwhile, purposeful

words of enlightenment
words of wisdom
with wings reaching high
shining like sun

sometimes intense
at time easy
read through me
breathe my beauty

with purpose, with passion
imbibe me
I am – a POEM

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Eyes so Passionate, yet Playful

Eyes so Passionate, yet Playful

fifteen years since they were together

a long time to have made memories

memories of a lifetime

he was the man of her dreams

she was still his angel

shared laughter and smiles, even tears

agreements, disagreements all in store

they walked their path hand in hand

still in love so madly with each other

it was a day so special – their anniversary

she eagerly waited for her gift

he entered the room, a ribboned box in his hand

he hid it behind his back

excited like a child

she made a little sweet mistake

it was the moment she looked up to him

his eyes so passionate, yet playful

oh, how sensually she melted

in an instant, the gift was unimportant

she kissed him as it was their first

she hid herself in his arms

and they made love

for the rest of the night

she only could open the gift box

the following morning

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He packed me a Smile

He packed me a Smile

last evening i stepped out of my house

through the narrow streets, into a busy local market

to satisfy my craving for an Indian Chinese treat

the hustle bustle of people

carrying shopping bags crossing the bazaar 

vendors calling out for customers

took me a little close to my childhood

there i found this sweet boy

selling dumplings for a price unbelievable

packed me 10 pieces for less than half a dollar

i couldn’t help but to observe him as he was packing

along with my dinner, he packed me a smile

as i paid him and started to walk back home

i turned to see him a few times

each time to see him smiling

for every customer, packing a smile


A tiny drop of Positivity

A tiny drop of Positivity

a tiny little drop of positivity

showered on my soul

like it was the ice melting on that mountain

the water falling endlessly

leaving me out of breath, dripping with nobility

scrubbing my heart off the unholy

did i ever imagine such influence

dominating me to my superior self

entrusting me to dispose the venom in me

leaving me speechless for the power it contains

leading me to divinity

just a tiny drop of positivity

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I woke up with Wings

I woke up with Wings

that morning as I woke up

I had wings like a fairy

white and flawless

someone whispered to me in my ears

her voice soft and mesmerizing

my eyes were still puffy from the sleep

as I rubbed them I tried to see

couldn’t see anything but a light so bright

made me feel like a feather, oh so light

the voice told me “you got it my love”

I bless you with wings, now fly like a dove

I assign you the task to spread divinity

go ahead – be an angel today

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Along came with Fame

Along came with Fame

with fame, along came much more

the glitter of pennies, a thousand followers

a house so big, tough to discover its boundaries

fancy outings, finest wine in those barrels

sexy feminine long dresses with flairs

such heavenly bags and shoes with all heels

this life i thought was worth living

didn’t i crave for it all the time

yet another dark reality that was realized

with fame, came such deep pain

it brought loneliness along with the crowd

it was killing sometimes, the applause

the glorious glory, was it worth my character?

only when i have it now, i am desperate

to be a common girl whom no one recognizes

a girl sipping her coffee in the coffee shop and no one stares

guess now i need a time machine

someone help me, i wanna travel back in time

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False Hearted

False Hearted

how broken could one be

how deeply could someone be pierced

how lonely can someone become

when to accompany you its only despair

how dark could nights become

dark enough to leave their mark

for the days to be dull and shadowy

with nothing but zilch to embark

i know why this “how” has happened

it has happened for the people false-hearted

who grab you, possess your character

some lead you, some leave you deserted

the truth so it is – quite resentful, ironic

by them, you shall remain surrounded

till eternity

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the Horizon

the Horizon


images dangling in ones head

anticipations, expectations

thoughtful observations

existence, survival

the chasing race

sitting under the tree of wisdom

counting the uncountable number of leaves

beginning to consume the limitless

everyday, with each moment passing

researching, redefining

scarcity of time refuses to permit

innumerable fields be excelled

yet, to accomplish the most

must we consider to begin

to expand

the horizon of our deeds

Painting on the Wall

Painting on the Wall

painting on the wall

looks so to me

guess I am naive to understand

the state of mind of the man

holding the brush, surrounded by colors

does he belong to the city he painted

or he longs for it, for it’s zeal

is he jealous of the people living there

or he is one of them celebrating

flock of birds flying in the sky

are they for real or mere imagination

or the painter simply meaning

to prompt the admirer to go ahead

paint the painting

yet again

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A Caress so Smooth

A Caress so Smooth

the glitter of lights all day long

flashing cameras all around her 

her fans, screaming in praise

singing along her performance

the fabric of her gown

smooth against her skin

beautifying her looks glorious

flawless face, shining eyes

surrounded by a million followers

towards the end as the show concludes

turning the bright to dull and dark

getting shivers to think of going home

she takes a ride with her loneliness

her hands trembled to unlock the door

no one no more waiting inside

the house is now disturbingly silent

she sinks into the couch, her eyes not blinking

holding a smiling picture of her Mother 

she gave it a caress so smooth

holding it tight against her chest

imagining mother’s gentle kiss on her forehead

she readys to cry for the rest of the night

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Chemistry of We Bloggers

Chemistry of We Bloggers

Yeylow Bloggers!!

Guess what I am here with today! A sequel to the  Journey of We Bloggers &  Motto of We Bloggers.

Today, let’s conclude with the Chemistry of We Bloggers!

As the name suggests, this post is completely dedicated to all the fellow bloggers around.

The journey of writing a post, publishing it and achieving attention are very important aspects of our blogging lives. Now, comes the best and the most important part. It is building chemistry amongst fellow bloggers. All of us have followers and friends and it’s amazing how we share a relationship with them.

This is no ordinary thing. It is rather an achievement to be able to build a chemistry with people we have never seen, never met, people who are not known to us, we don’t even know each other’s names mostly, yet how we connect with each other making no mistakes.

We have the power to make each other smile, bring happiness to each other with our support. Isn’t it wonderful? To me, it most certainly is! How we click with each other, how we just understand each other’s writings and photographs, how it soothes us and brings us peace. I have made many relationships here and they must be smiling while reading this, because they understand that I am referring to them. The same way you could relate to your group of followers and bloggers.

We are simply nothing without each other. It is our unity, our chemistry that makes us special. A single fish can never survive in an ocean. It has to build a family. Stay with other fish, support them and be a part of the group.

So guys, hats off to our Chemistry. I am so proud of all my fellow bloggers and I truly appreciate their effort and time to make all of us survive and thrive for the best.

In the name of our combined efforts – Cheers to the Chemistry of We Bloggers!


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Journey of we Bloggers

Journey of we Bloggers

Yeyllow! What’s up!

I decide to write a Prequel to Motto of We BloggersThe journey for we bloggers with each post that we write.

First thing, you know what? An idea to grab my attention. I know what I am going to write about today. Oh man, I guess this is going to be simply amazing.

Does this go through your mind as well? Well, with me it does. And now presenting the next step, which is – Writing. Now! that comes with a lot of imagination. Sometimes, we take a long time to write a post and sometimes less. Depends really on our mood and the availability of time. Sometimes, we just write what we are feeling in that particular moment and that comes out really well mostly! Maybe because, those are the true emotions of the moment.

Already!! Let’s move ahead. The writing part is done. Now what? Well, give it an appearance. Open Mr. Google and look for a perfect picture for your post. This one is OK, I guess, O no wait! I guess this is better or will this be more interesting?!.. and till the time we find the best picture to match with our post, we keep troubling  Google Uncle.

Alright, now i have found the picture as well. What do i do now? Hmmm, let me fill in the categories and a few tags for the post. This was easy.. I am done with that too… now do I hit the publish tab?

O no wait! let me proof read the post. Let me check for any changes or any sort of grammatical errors, spell checks. Is the language looking right? Guess, all is in place. Now, can i publish it? Should I? Hmm, guess, I will go and hit the publish tab.

There, I hit the PUBLISH tab…

The after story has already been presented to you.. check out Motto of We Bloggers if you haven’t yet!!

This is an every time journey for all we bloggers with each post that we write. But the best part is that we never get tired of it. In fact, we love it, we live every moment of it.

Hope you all can relate to the experience. Please drop your suggestions for any additions to make this experience even more interesting.

Cheers to Blogging!! Cheers to Bloggers!!

The Heroes

The Heroes

could you stretch
expand your scope
would you give up all your limits
for that someone in hope

could you loose
all that you got
could you put yourself to pain
to give life to the unknown
when for you
there’s nothing to gain

not for love
for no emotions
could you just do it 
to hold erosion

the secret lies
in what you decide
a few to say “Yes”
rest all shall watch in silence
to witness
how really are the heroes made

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Motto of We Bloggers!

Motto of We Bloggers!

Ola !! Ola !!

To all the bloggers like me who are trying to establish a name, trying to give a sense of surety to give a good read to the readers. Digging deep to find those words to attract people!

“You come visit my blog and I promise to give you my best”. Our motto! Some may like what i write, some may not but I still carry on, in search of more of them who gel well with me.

Writing brings pleasure to our souls and at the same time, being heard gives us a sense of contentment, isn’t it?

I wrote something, and someone somewhere READ it, the bonus is they hit the LIKE TAB and here comes the super bonus, they even took out time to write a COMMENT. Wait, it’s not over yet, the jackpot is yet to arrive when they hit the FOLLOW TAB! Well, well.. this is something that gives us pleasure. I accept it. Do you?

It’s a great community where I have seen people extending their support through suggestions and likes. We are all capable of inspiring each other. We are capable of making each other smile. It is an amazing feeling and I am glad I am a part of this Blogging World!

Thanks for reading!!

The Window

The Window

the window

what it told me in the night

I shall not let you see outside

o dear mysestina

search for the answers within

and so I followed…


the window changed its stand

when it was day, bright and grand

look out my dear through the world

enough of searching within

now its time

for a perspective

broader than your own self

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“I never had a Childhood”

“I never had a Childhood”


the boy on the door to deliver a parcel

looked no older than eleven years

wore a torn cap, no laces on his shoes

the buttons on his shirt, mostly missing

first he offered the package to me

and then a ledger with a pen

“would you please sign against your name Ma’am”

while I signed, I asked him how old was he

“I am not sure Ma’am, my mother never told me”

where was his mother, my heart forced me to ask

“I never saw her, she died the day I was born”

my heart broke, the ground slipped under my feet

I asked him since when he was working, doing deliveries

like a hard blow on my face his innocent answer came

“I have been working since the day I GREW UP Ma’am”

as he turned to leave he said to me in pain

“I was never a child Ma’am, I never had a childhood

that parcel is still sitting in my room unopened

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A letter of Love

A letter of Love

A letter of love that I wrote

it was a sunny Sunday afternoon

I lay in bed missing her madly

damn internet was throwing tantrums

since morning, it won’t start up

the few network towers in my village

chose to take a day off

I was determined to scribble how I felt

looked for some ink to fill my pen

to her, I wrote a letter of love

I took all day all evening to finish

yet, it wasn’t really long to read

I spent good enough time

digging my heart for words

before I gave the letter to her

I myself read it a million times

through my precious beautiful letter to my love

I asked her to marry me

I asked her to be mine

image source

The Devil’s Secret

The Devil’s Secret

in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmares

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil

image source


That Moment !

That Moment !

that moment

the way he looked into her eyes

I knew he had made his choice

to choose her over me

that moment

when he let me loose

I knew he will hold her close

he was going to set me free

that moment

in all those moments to come

I saw them dancing

laughing together

building their world new

Knowing their happiness

I silently whispered to my wounded heart

to forgive him

to stop bleeding

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Tears – My friend for Life

Tears – My friend for Life

every single time
when I was alone in life
I wasn’t really alone
my tears gave me company
uninvited, they showed up on their own
every time they visited
they told me they loved my beautiful eyes
kept falling selflessly
till my sadness said goodbye
they made me weak
they made me strong
undoubtedly my tears
are my best friends
and they shall remain
all my life long

image source

Is she a Mother any less!

Is she a Mother any less!

privileges, she got none

deprived of life

scarcity, her only bid

her face not flawless

the scent of her body

disturbing, unpleasant

in the name of luxury to her child

she only has her lap to offer

in the name of cuisines

she got bread tasteless

she is his only comfort car

in her arms

she takes him to places

every night

as she watches him sleeping

she asks herself

for her offerings meagre

the fact that she is poor

is she a mother any less

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I am not Worth for I got no fame

I am not Worth for I got no fame


I got that eye – I imagine, visualize


I am an artist – I create, i write

I know no boundaries

I sweat blood – spend hours to decide

I tire myself to travel to the moon and sun

every second, I am on the run

my words have pain overflowing in them

merriment too is never away from my poems

I aspire to inspire a few lives

I have faith, hope never left my side

yet they tell me over and again

why do they tell me so, I fail to understand

I am not worth it for I got no fame

I got no fame

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his SKY was never enough for HER

his SKY was never enough for HER

her glance

glued to his frame

never failing to loose his sight

in hope, she opened her arms

craved to reach out to him

her soul longed for his embrace

how so much she needed him to care

to look at her softly, just once

with a little affection in his eyes

sigh – he never turned

to face her

didn’t she know

his SKY

was never meant

for her rainbow to glow

his SKY 

was never enough for her

image source

A Queen – in my Dream

A Queen – in my Dream

I sat on the throne

wearing a crown with pearls and diamonds

they bowed their heads – all of them

one after the other presenting their gifts

addressing me as “my Queen” “my Lady”

waitresses around bringing me wine

holding the length of my glorious gown

I discussed the strategy for the enemy at war

they all listened to me carefully

watching the scene from a distance

stunned, I couldn’t grasp what’s happening

then told myself, maybe I am in heaven

just when I was getting ready to consume this glory

I woke up from my dream

image source

when my loneliness came to ME

when my loneliness came to ME

as I called for my loneliness

it came to me

I was speechless


not knowing how to react

I simply embraced it

we both shed a few tears

together we felt lonely again

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When no one believed in ME – I did

When no one believed in ME – I did

The More of You in Me

The More of You in Me


the more I see you
the more I need you

the more I need you
the more I want you

the more I want you
the more I need to hold you

hold you in my arms
hold you in my breath
hold you in my eyes
hold you in my thoughts
hold you in my dreams
hold you in my desire

the more I hold you
the more I keep falling

in love with you

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I Inspire Me

I Inspire Me

let the sun, burn my skin
let the nights be long
let the wind blow against my face
I decide to grow strong

let all the odds just hit on me
let me just have a fall
I’ll gather back all my strength
to stand up right and tall

I start my journey
to climb the up mountain
at a slow and a steady pace
will reach the top, the day will come
in my hands will I have my fate

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SHE loved him enough

SHE loved him enough

how convinced was she

not to find


in his embrace

not that he wasn’t gentle

not that he wasn’t kind

he simply 

didn’t have love in store 

for her

yet she stayed

for no matter how he felt for her

she loved him enough

not to leave his side

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O my loneliness – Come to ME!

O my loneliness – Come to ME!

o my loneliness

come to me

I shall caress

I shall hold

will never let you

be lonely


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The Scars

The Scars

in a calm serene night

the wind decided not to progress

trees stood in silence

welcoming the Moon

gleaming silver rays

traveled their way

to bathe the angels

nourishing them with purity

water in the lake glowed with shine

a sight so rich, so charming

it hid all the pain behind

& no one seemed to notice

the scars

on the face of the Moon

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I am in Love

my heart a little drunk
soul flying high
with no reason I smile
guess I’m in love

pretty as you are
my words fail to admire
for if I do the way proper
you will learn

with you I’m in love

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Thumbs Theory

In response to the daily prompt.. The Magic word PURPOSE


thumbs on the hands

sad, left out to wonder

forming a group, the fingers unite

why have the thumbs been set aside

pretty rings, are all for fingers

beautiful and long

they sway to form many gestures

desirable to be touched by the lovers

they work to brush the soft pink lips

caress a loving face, hold it to kiss

in the meanwhile

the short and the cornered thumbs

sitting to rest, feeling too dumb

they are yet to realize their worth

do they know their part is to inspire

for thumbs up is the gesture we all aspire

going up of them bring a million smiles

fill life with laughter,

make spirits to touch the skies

well! well!

the thumbs are now happy, taking pride

they now have grasped

the PURPOSE of their existence

they now have understood

the thumbs theory

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Silhouette Leaf

Silhouette Leaf


image source : Zero Creativity

in response to the photo prompt by my friend Zero Creativity


Against the light in the far night sky

the leaf, gave in selflessly

in agreement to give up its identity

to loose its color true, its very beauty

turned itself into a shape a little dark 

its outlines symmetrical

crafted by the finest hands of the almighty

unaware of the fact it looked even prettier 

surrendering to it’s love to the moon

bowing to its shiny silver gleam

the leaf not just a leaf anymore

but a silhouette leaf