A letter of Love

A letter of Love

A letter of love that I wrote

it was a sunny Sunday afternoon

I lay in bed missing her madly

damn internet was throwing tantrums

since morning, it won’t start up

the few network towers in my village

chose to take a day off

I was determined to scribble how I felt

looked for some ink to fill my pen

to her, I wrote a letter of love

I took all day all evening to finish

yet, it wasn’t really long to read

I spent good enough time

digging my heart for words

before I gave the letter to her

I myself read it a million times

through my precious beautiful letter to my love

I asked her to marry me

I asked her to be mine

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A Different kind of Smile

A Different kind of Smile

a smile

a smile that came on my lips

a smile that stayed for a little long

a smile that refused to leave me at all

a smile that became my habit

a smile that even people got used to

a smile that was for no reason

a smile that will only go when I die

it is a smile that’s fake

its is a smile to hide my pain

it is a smile that has become my friend

it is a smile that has promised

not to leave me till the end

seems to me it is

a different kind of a smile

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Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes

today i decide to bring a smile to you

today i decide to fill excitement in you

today i decide to inspire you a little

shall i tell a story, or ask you a riddle

today i decide to read what you write

let’s go to the rooftop, shall we fly a kite

come a little closer, let’s kiss each other

let’s sit together & chat for a little while

aren’t we missing each other

aren’t we loosing it fast – the time

shall we do it ALL today

shall we not wait for tomorrow

for i have seen, i have learnt

sometimes leaving us puzzled

leaving us with missed moments


never comes

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They came to see me Dead

They came to see me Dead

lying in the coffin peacefully

I saw myself, my eyes closed

there were people around my body

sobbing, teary eyes

few of them I knew

they were silent, crying in their hearts

many others, I didn’t know them at all

I wondered, why were they even there

they never were there when I was alive

they never were there when I were in need

they never were there when i was dying, calling them

what brought them here today when I am dead

I am no more there to talk to them

I am no more there to share a smile

I am no more there to be held

seeing their fake tears on my funeral

I knew they just pretended to be sad

I now realize why they came today

they never wanted to be accused of their heartlessness

they never were happy to see me alive

today,for them was a day to celebrate

so they came to see me dead

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The Voyage Eternal

The Voyage Eternal

two hands, caged in a circle

walking their own pace

one seem smaller, a little heavier

the other seem energetic, a little younger

meeting each other every hour

set on a voyage that’s never to end

a voyage to decide the fate of everything else

a voyage that needs no train, no aeroplane

a voyage to birth voyages many more

it’s the voyage ultimate

the voyage of a clock

the voyage of time

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#poetry #voyage #eternal

The magic stick of Humanity

The magic stick of Humanity

I wish I had a Magic stick

I would spin it and say a few Magic words

The world would change into a place peaceful

With no more killings, no more torture

I would spin it again to bring a little love

To make people hold, hug each other

They would forget all the hatred and rage

In their hearts to remain, nothing but affection

I would make the stick to spin one more time

No one will be poor, no one to stay hungry

Every one be blessed with a roof on their heads

No one to sleep on the streets no more

I promise I would keep making my wishes

Even if I have to spin it a million times

Till the time, I see no one in tears

Wouldn’t stop even for a bit

Even if the task would take me years

I wish I had

the Magic stick of humanity

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#poetry #humanity #fantasy

The glass in my hand

The glass in my hand

there I do it again

what I told me, I wouldn’t million times
last time
 promised, be the last
when I touched, this glass of wine

no, I feel no shame
here, I hold the damn glass again
for with the shining glass in my hand
fades away my shades of pain

pain that brings me
to the world real
in which, you are no more
its just me that’s left
grieved, heartsore


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The Empty Vase

The Empty Vase

emptiness of the vase

filled by the light

with the green lamp

lit by its side

the spring is gone

there are no more flowers

the vase waited for so long to be loved

why are there so many days in a year

long enough to keep the spring away

somehow, doesn’t matter much

with the passing time

they both have concluded

to be together

have fallen in love

the green lamp lit


the vase without flowers


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My Love Blind

My Love Blind

how blindly I am in love with you

I end up admiring everything you do

even if it was your decision

to leave me behind


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Breaking your own record! Inspiring

Breaking your own record! Inspiring
On Friday July 29, 2016, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on mySestina. That’s pretty awesome, well done!
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I give goosebumps to Mr. Impossible

I give goosebumps to Mr. Impossible

today, let me reveal a secret

a revelation to put Mr. Impossible to shame

every time he challenged me, stood as a barrier

I gave it back to him right in his face

my will, my wisdom and sincerity 

have done well, to have formed a union

worked tirelessly to make me believe

I always had the power & potential

Mr. Impossible was daring, too tough to face

I accept, he gave me shivers, made my legs tremble

even made me cry many tears

yet, I came out to be stronger than him

I broke him into two pieces

I strike off IM from the IMpossible

he now gets goosebumps thinking of me

my journey is long, many triumphs yet to be seen

I know he wouldn’t fail to come my way

he is way beyond angry with me

determined to take a revenge 

as soon as he gets a chance

Poor Mr. Impossible

he hasn’t realized yet

I have NEVER learnt to give up on life

I have learnt to NOT let him fear me anymore

whenever he may choose to be possible to me

I shall be the one to become Impossible to him

no kidding! Really!

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#poetry #inspiration #challenges

When the Wind blew to connect

When the Wind blew to connect

helpless she was

how much she missed him

this story is true 

its from way back in time

the time when there were no cords to connect

to allow her to say a few words to her lover

deep in love, how lonely she felt

staying awake, dreaming to be in his arms

she sat one night under the blanket of stars

up in the sky the moon smiled back to her

the wind blowing softly caressed her skin

offering her to be her messenger to him

brushing her body, it started to travel

carrying the scent of her body to her lover

to whisper to him, her poems of love

to embrace him in its warmth

making him feel connected to the one

sitting far away yearning for his love

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Devil’s Secret

Devil’s Secret

in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmares

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil


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Dancing drops of Rain

Dancing drops of Rain

falling from the heaven, as if

slipping away from the hands of the almighty

glorifying gravity, speeding to kiss the sand

fragmented, scattered

swaying in directions to the command of the wind

lessening in size with passing seconds

clashing with all that comes in way

making life to drip, glow the greener way

ever wondered such power such passion behind

engaged in making music of their own kind

with the tune of the clash of the clouds

these dancing drops of RAIN

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Child is the King

Child is the King

hungry  for power, seeking fame

everywhere with everyone

isn’t it the same game

those who got plenty, get to learn

the secret, to our existence

and hence, they begin their search

to happiness, to contentment

to learn and to relish

the simple joys of life

in the end

they all begin to realize

the one who has it all

inside us, hiding, sleeping

as we shake ourselves

to wake her up

it is the child in us who holds the key

to happiness within & around to see

it is she who holds the power eternal

none of the presidents, no politicians

not you, not me

it is only the child

who is the King

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A Follower – A Leader

A Follower – A Leader

many a times, I led the way

they followed me, made me a leader

was I ever complete without them

I too follow them for their goodness

they read me, they follow me

I enjoy them, I follow them

followers are not followers anymore

leaders are not just leaders

how we both complete each other

following and leading at the same time

making us all equal

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#poetry #follower #leader

A Caress so Smooth

A Caress so Smooth

the glitter of lights all day long

flashing cameras all around her 

her fans, screaming in praise

singing along her performance

the fabric of her gown

smooth against her skin

beautifying her looks glorious

flawless face, shining eyes

surrounded by a million followers

towards the end as the show concludes

turning the bright to dull and dark

getting shivers to think of going home

she takes a ride with her loneliness

her hands trembled to unlock the door

no one no more waiting inside

the house is now disturbingly silent

she sinks into the couch, her eyes not blinking

holding a smiling picture of her Mother 

she gave it a caress so smooth

holding it tight against her chest

imagining mother’s gentle kiss on her forehead

she readys to cry for the rest of the night

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#poetry #loneliness

a Tiny little drop of Positivity

a Tiny little drop of Positivity

a tiny little drop of positivity

showered on my soul

like it was the ice melting on that mountain

the water falling endlessly

leaving me out of breath, dripping with nobility

scrubbing my heart off the unholy

did i ever imagine such influence

dominating me to my superior self

entrusting me to dispose the venom in me

leaving me speechless for the power it contains

leading me to divinity

just a tiny drop of positivity

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till when?

till when?

they don’t have a clue, how I feel

they don’t really see, what I go through

they don’t really notice, my sadness

for I choose to gulp the pain

I choose to remain silent

my limits have been pushed

still I haven’t let the anger to control me

but I don’t know, I really don’t know

till when, could I continue this way


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I guess it’s love…

I guess it’s love…

you were here by my side, so close to me 

you tried to hold my hand many times

you tried to express your love for me

I was the one, rejecting you

knowing that I was hurting you

I went on neglecting you 

I was arrogant

I showed no compassion 

that day, I told you, I didn’t want you

I saw those tears in your eyes

you ran, you hands on your face

trying to hide your embarrassment, your pain

I didn’t know where were you going

neither did I make an effort to stop you

months have passed..

now, every evening I sit on my chair

watching the open door for hours

I don’t know why, now I want you to come back

don’t know why, I miss you so much now

it hurts… it really hurts

I guess it’s love… 


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#poetry #heartbreak #pain

1000 posts! All for your love for mySestina!

1000 posts! All for your love for mySestina!

Hey Beautiful People!

Big day today. Celebrating writing 1000 posts on mySestina. I could never have imagined to reach this far without your love and support!

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what You’ve done to Me

what You’ve done to Me

i wonder why

i feel light like a feather

i feel the light in my heart

don’t need a reason to smile

i am beautiful from the inside

i glow like shining gold

i shimmer like a gleaming diamond

the scent of my body fragrant without any flowers

my eyes shine with zeal

don’t need any wings to fly

i am no more what i were

o dear is this your love

what you’ve done to me

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a Kiss on my Neck

a Kiss on my Neck

he gifted me a necklace once

soothing pearls sewn in a golden thread

making love simultaneously

to the ones onto their right and to the left

as I wore it, the pearls hugged my neck

I felt a shiver of his love caressing me

must I admire his choice so rich

how gorgeous I looked wearing it

he came from the behind as I looked into the mirror

he pretended he wanted to touch the necklace

sure he was, I would catch him pretending

with no interest in the necklace that moment

he just wanted to place his lips on my neck

a secret, he told me then

the necklace was never too appealing to him

yet, he bought it without a second thought

for he wanted to steal a chance to come close to me

and kiss me on my neck


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Children of War

Children of War

in the middle of the WAR

where one could hear nothing but gunshots

blasting bombs, churning human flesh

blood raining down from everywhere around

screams in the air echoing through miles

bodies of the soldiers licking the ground

such a horrendous scene for that child to consume

the one who sat in a house, hiding from such horror

innocently he asked a question to the God

what do they get from this horrible destruction

what pleasure is there in killing

why do they choose guns over flowers

what is it that the war has to offer

why do they make small children to suffer

could they not just remain humans

could they try not to turn into animals

why can’t they choose Love & Peace

where in the world could we find Harmony

“Dear God, would you please make them end this War”


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#war #terrorism #ChildrenOfWar



Art is precious 

Art is priceless

It makes us rich

Makes us healthy

Writing is a precious form of art


a Writer is a mixture of emotions and talent

holding the power of a pen

moving the world

leading it

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Our True Religion – HUMANITY

Our True Religion – HUMANITY

Dear Almighty, I pray to you

I beg you to spread your light on our hearts

hearts those have become so stubborn

they speak of you, they pretend to follow

still, there’s no love they ever feel

are you not simply love my lord?

are you not simply kindness & peace?

why do they divide your pious soul

on the basis of religion, they gave you different names

they build Temples, Mosques, Churches and Gurudwaras

aren’t we meant to sit inside – Just PRAY

aren’t we just meant to connect with you my lord

does it really matter, where we sit to pray

why your people fighting, killing each other

spreading suffering, standing behind the wall of Religion

does it not pain your heart – my lord

you love your children, I know that for sure

shall I pray to you – to bring an end to such divisions

have mercy for us all, spread your light on our hearts

to make us realize our true religion

HUMANITY and nothing else..


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#religion #humanity

A Warrior again

A Warrior again

often my suffering, embraced me in life

each step that I took

with every moment that passed

I pushed myself to stay brave, stay calm

I built myself to consume the pain

my will – my strength

my honesty – my sword

I was born a warrior

I fought like one 

& today like the bravest of all

I take sanctuary in the arms of the death

wishing to be born

a warrior again


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Religion cursing Humanity

Religion cursing Humanity

living in a world so broken

where religion breaking the backbone

that was once developed, built by love

was religion ever meant, to follow dear God?

I ask every heart with hatred

fail to understand the need to kill

Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh

were they all not born

with two eyes, two hands, and a heart

A Church, a Temple or a Mosque

don’t they all hold the same peace

aren’t they all sacred the same way

don’t they all stay in our hearts

why in the name of God

souls are driven by cruelty

bright red color of our blood

gradually turning into black

its smooth flow to our hearts

fenced, stuck

our eyes refusing to see the truth

how could we believe only in lies

senselessly replacing love

with the poison of religion

don’t we belong to humanity

are we all not human

time has come to stand up to protest

shall we open our arms

to embrace our sisters and brothers

regardless of the religion they follow

with firm belief

shall we spread the message of love

for that’s one thing desired so dearly

by our True God divine


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#religion #humanity

They call her a Slut !

They call her a Slut !

they call her a slut

but, is she ONLY so

isn’t she a little more than that

isn’t she a woman too

doesn’t she hold a heart that beats

doesn’t she cries of pain

her screams may never be heard by anyone

they are silent, not meant to be noticed

they just call her a slut

do they know why is she so

do they care 

do they give a damn!

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Fate! What’s that?

Fate! What’s that?

When my Fate

failed me


saved me


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Struggling for Peace

Struggling for Peace

I am no child, I can do without a lullaby

no greed in my eyes, hold your gold away from me

I have learnt to face life, do not present me with luxury

big cars, plush house, servants around, I have no fancy

my tears are enough for me, I can do without the rain

don’t direct me to those pills, I have the will to bear the pain

after a day of tiresome work, I can sleep sound on the floor

no soft mattress is asked, my comfort is in my dreams

I am not aware of cuisines, neither do I wish for the same

sweet words from my beloved, make my dinner delicious 

smiles around are enough for me

to give me the insight to the heaven

I am a soul powerful, contentment is my weapon

yet, for one thing I struggle every moment

I struggle for PEACE, I struggle for HARMONY

how painful to see people shooting each other

killing humanity

will this STRUGGLE ever end

today I wonder, as I sit under the stars

looking up to the sky

searching for the answers

I may not find

soon enough

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To be Born again

To be Born again

brighter than the fire

I burn today myself

glowing flames

spreading brightness around

demolishing my sins

that little demon in me

demon that reflects my dark side

it gets angry, it looses control

shows no affection, it doesn’t console

as I give in my soul to the burning flames

my soul is cleansed, becomes pure

I am introduced to my superior self

I become gentle, I follow kindness

I smile as I spread divinity around

there comes a stage in all our lives 

when we find ourselves filled with dark

must we embrace a little fire then

must we give in to burn our sins

to be born again

like a child inside

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Waves in the Sea

Waves in the Sea

waves in the sea

dynamic, high powered

performing infinitely

rising, falling


sparing nothing in their reach

dancing to the tunes of the rising moon

with no will of their own

pulled, let loose

acting puppets

pitiful, waves in the sea

image source

The much awaited doll

The much awaited doll



a young man tired from a long day’s work

walked back home,

stopped by a toy shop, on his lips – a smile

for his daughter waiting for a doll tonight

a much awaited one

he promised to bring it with his next paycheck

he packed the doll in a bag hung on his back

gleaming smile on his face to imagine

a child’s excitement to possess a new doll

dreaming his dream he crossed a busy road

started from one end, never reached the other

lifeless body laid on the road

not dreaming, not smiling anymore

few teenagers today had their share of a few beers

tinkling of empty bottles played music to them

decided to party, racing in a new Mercedes Benz

alcohol commanded a speed of 140mph

just a blink of an eye, hit someone, a man

with no desire to learn who, they never stopped

never looked back, racing went on

little girl sat by the door, looking out waiting

excited to see her father coming back tonight

hiding a doll in his bag somewhere

her wait was extended till endless time

a young man, a father, died on the road

in his arms, holding a precious gift

the much awaited doll

image source

I know of a Woman

I know of a Woman

a woman who’s got no fame

that woman with a common name

the one with her hands always full

with challenges to keep coming her way

life tested her patience at every step

she knew she had countless nights

kept her hope alive through her children

that woman till date is fighting

she doesn’t care of the pain her age is bringing

she still has a few battles to be won

she still dreams with her eyes open

she prays to the almighty without a fail

still performs her duties every single day

though i know for sure she would never fall

there must be times, when she cries alone

for she is amazed at the length of her tough walk

how i know of her so well and deep

is for the fact that i am a part of her

yes, this stunning woman is my mother

The day never arrived

The day never arrived

I was aware, yet I chose to lie to my heart

two things for me

to win his affection were either love or blood

I had none

neither he shared his blood with me

nor he ever fell in love with me

I craved for him to be mine

not just with the body but his soul


the day never arrived

image source

When You became Mine

When You became Mine

the breeze started to flow

dew emerged on the colorful petals

mingling of rain with sun, flashed a rainbow

fragrance of flowers made love to the wind

spreading its wings till far distance

cuckoo bird sang lullaby to baby chicks

leaves of the trees danced to the music

looked like the beginning of a magical play

my senses started to bathe the beauty

making me beautiful the most

yes… it all turned divine – when you became mine

image source

Nature, greens, farms, fresh air, heaven!

Nature, greens, farms, fresh air, heaven!

Hey Guys!

I had this wonderful opportunity to visit a village very close to New Delhi yesterday. One of the most magical days of my life. I am listing a few attractions of the trip along with the pictures.

Lush green farms, peacocks, fresh air, trees loaded with fruits like mangoes, star fruits, guava and much more.

We fed bananas to the monkeys on the way.


There was train accident a few weeks back, on our way to the village. Sadly, a few compartments were derailed in that accident. Here is a picture of the same.

a (2).jpg

a (3).jpg

The kids had a ride in the tractor.

a (4).jpg

Farms spread till the far end of the village. Such a magical experience just to be there and watching the art of the farmers.

a (5).jpg

a (6).jpg

We were lucky to see a baby cow calf just 4 days old.

a (7).jpg

a (8).jpg

Mangoes bitten by squirrels and crows.

a (9).jpg

Guess I don’t need to write much. The pictures speak for themselves.

It was truly a relaxing, refreshing and a divine experience. I can never explain in words how I felt being there and how much I enjoyed being so close to the mother nature around.

In the end, I must say that the farmers are truly hard working and the way they take care of their farms and farm animals is worth praising. I salute to the farmers and I thank the mother nature to have blessed us with life and beauty.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

mySestina wonderful experience.

only Love

only Love

I choose to remain, hungry for more

not ashamed, of my greed never satisfying

for it’s only Love, that I am asking for

would you please be kind to tell me

do I deserve a punishment?


image source

Shall I ?

Shall I ?

shall i urge you to support me a little

shall i ask you to come celebrate life with me

shall i aspire you to be beaming like the sun

shall i inspire you to leave the negative behind

shall i answer your questions if you may have any

shall i gently force you to smile a little

shall i make you forget all of your fears

shall i honor you today for your unmatched courage

shall i praise your serenity that fails the moon

shall i encourage you to climb no matter how high is the mountain

shall i ask you today for one more thing my dear

in the name of humanity

allow me to do all that I can, for you!

image source

From a Woman to a Mother

From a Woman to a Mother

it was her, just her …. a woman

made love to a man for she was his wife

started to experience another life inside

her womb was a bit more sensitive now

her belly swelled a little every moment

another heart started to beat inside her

she truly became a woman with two hearts

life grew inside each day every moment

one after the other all the senses came to life

inside her womb, the baby started to hear

she even cried at times she smiled

kicked a few goals sucked on her thumb

nine months advanced, it was time for the finale

anxiety & excitement both filled the woman

for the pain so intense, unable to bear

her muscles stretched and loosened with each contraction

o heaven!! come out fast, she told the baby

hours of pushing and screaming and heavy breathing

finally, she could hear her first cry

tears of excitement filled her eyes

even before placenta could relieve her frame

she had forgotten already the excruciating pain

in that moment she felt complete

held the tiny soul in her arms, watched her crying

she offered her breast to the tiny mouth

the baby first struggled then started to suckle

that’s when the woman became a mother

image source

Countless hours on her Grave

Countless hours on her Grave

sitting, on her grave in silence

he spent COUNTLESS number of hours

somewhere deep, he was sure

not to get any answers from her

with pain immense

and a little hope in his heart

he kept whispering to her softly

to answer

to come back to him

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whispers of HOPE, covered the sky

falling on the earth, like soft snow flakes

giving a dazzling sight, for the eyes to behold

spreading positivity, for the hearts to hold

the nights not darker, not longer no more

days inspired, like rising waves on the shore

souls swarmed with zeal to the goal

unstopping, tirelessly ascended the slope

let’s see, let’s hear, let’s smile

some HOPE

invincible, supreme, angelic


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two Souls

two Souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

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We have no Song

We have no Song

together, we couldn’t sing a song

failed to make memories, to last for long

his emotions failed him, to reach to me

my words failed me, to make him listen 

henceforth, shall we part

for there’s no music for us

we have no song

to us – it does not belong

the song, never meant to be ours’

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My dimly lit Room

My dimly lit Room

I sat in my room, dimly lit
scent of rich mahogany in all corners
covering the walls and the ceiling paneled
books of literature assembled neatly
untouched on heavy wooden shelves
that chair rocked occasionally
fueled by some air from under the door planks
on the table a little high on the side
sat the gold brown rotary phone
seldom it rang with a few heavy rings
on the hand carved rich wooden consoles
the caretaker had kept a bouquet of flowers
their fragrance mingling well with the polish on my table
I take a deep breath to live its flavor
I put the gramophone to work to play a sensuous tune
in a fine glass, poured me a double of my English whisky
sipped slowly the flavor that burnt my throat
a ritual that I follow every evening
for I am deeply in love with the luxurious richness
of my dimly lit room


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Child on the street

Child on the street

the sun said goodbye

on the streets there were lights

few lit up, few flickering, the rest of them dead

it didn’t seem to bother the people passing by

neither did they notice a child

sitting under one lit up street light

lost in studying a book in his hands

a weighing machine sat by his side

through which he meant

to offer the people passing by

come stand on it

check how much they gained

or did they loose a few pounds

in return, drop a coin in the box

lying next to the weighing machine

for the child had used the light on the street to read

but before he goes to sleep later in the night

a little food, he deserves to eat

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A gaze of pleasure

A gaze of pleasure

he stood, in front of her

looking into her eyes so dark..

she, a little shy

yet, filled with passion

imagining, his tongue

inside her mouth

as he slowly

moved his gaze

from her eyes

to her lips

so desiring, so wet


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Face behind a Face

Face behind a Face

last night in bed i was told a tale

of an Angel by heart & a Demon angel faced

both looked beautiful, like a new born child

the tale progressed, unfolding what they had to hide

their pink soft lips, forever wore smiles

smiles that concealed, the truth of their lives

i sat tight in my bed without blinking my eyes

determined to discover the secret behind their smiles

the tale came to an end, revealing their intent

where the Angel wore a smile, to hide her pain

the Demon wore the same, to hide her true face


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you pleasured me

with the pleasure, of being in heaven

you locked your tongue with mine

as you kissed me passionately

slow, long, deep


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you bathe me with calm

the serenity of the moon…

you kissed my face

as we danced under the night sky


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your touch

your touch

leaving my body lifeless

my soul, evaporated

all was calm, so peaceful around

I started to follow my way to the heaven

and then, you came closer to my frame

your tearful eyes, pierced me deep

I craved for your touch just one more time

you reached out to me

placed your hand on my heart

in that special moment, my love

my soul, flowed back my life in me

I rubbed my eyes as if waking up from deep sleep

in your embrace I felt complete

we both held each other tight

sat there, crying tears of joy

hugging, never to let go again


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At the same spot – Aimlessly

At the same spot – Aimlessly

loaded with lush green leaves  once

it stood with pride

its broadness offering cool shade

as the sun shone too bright

its many branches, holding pretty homes 

where birds would take their blissful naps

giving birth to their tiny ones

those leaves breathing in, the sun

birthing fresh air for many to survive

how meaningful was once its existence…

Today, its face a little too sad, rather shameful

now naked, robbed of its pretty leaves

its shade has gone, those nests are now dead

no birds sing music, sitting on its branches

just the sight of it, bringing shivers to my mind…

I am the culprit, I killed that tree

my greed has grown without a stop

my list of luxuries have destroyed its life

contaminated the earth, poisoned the soil

the noble tree, battled bravely to live

to keep giving, to save its pride

my filth in the end had won the war


the lifeless Tree, now standing

at the same spot Aimlessly

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Desert’s Love

Desert’s Love

I give in, to the burning flames

for my love, to the sun 

I burn like the fire myself

show my sins the way to the ashes

I cleanse my soul everyday

I take birth, fresh like a child

but this is heart of mine so innocent 

it loves the Moon, with a passion no less

it chooses to cool, to the serenity of the night

peacefully, I embrace the silver light

the grains of my sand calm and soothing

offering my love complete

this selfless love so pure of mine

leaving a message bright and bold

a Desert I am, from me could they learn

the meaning of being ADAPTABLE

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The True meaning of Writing

The True meaning of Writing

Writing is the best way

to take one’s emotions out..

Rather than be revengeful

towards our pain

we must politely print it on paper

to make it less effective

most writers have been through

a little or much pain in their lives

& this is how they choose to write

to vent it out


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Colors of the sky

Colors of the sky

I stood on the top of the mountain

my arms wide open inviting the sky

its light blue color showering serenity

reflecting a glow peaceful, so calm

seeing me consuming its beauty so gently

the sky decided to tease me a little

throwing a party, it invited the clouds

changing its color from light blue to black

dark clouds smiled invited the lightening

with a flash of light tiny drops started to fall

I felt the drizzle on my face so soft

closed my eyes, my arms still wide open

I stood there hugging

pretty colors of the sky

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“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

her flawless white gown

kissed the floor as she walked

looked so pure, like fresh clouds shining

the tiara shined in her soft black hair

her eyes twinkled with joy immense

the smile on her lips, a little shy

imagining of the wonders of the days to come

she took her vows of trust and faith

the diamond on her ring, reflecting her glow

she closed her eyes to live the moment

waited eagerly to listen to those words magical

“you may now – kiss the bride”


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Making Love to the Soil

Making Love to the Soil


clouds carefree

roaming about in the sky

flawless cotton like

pure and white

changing their color

anytime they wished

as if getting ready

to meet their lover

transforming into rain

falling to the ground

to make love to the soil

clouds carefree


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I urge you to….

I urge you to….


I urge you, to close your eyes

if you want, to see the truth

I urge you, to connect to yourself

if you want, to kill your loneliness

I urge you, to relish your pain

if you want, to celebrate happiness

I urge you, to be who you are

if you want, to remain true to yourself


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The Warrior Remains

The Warrior Remains

rust on the edge, of the sword, of the warrior

screamed to him of his charm now fading

pushing him to give up on his reign

forcing him to feel his bones now feeble

yet, the warrior, remains a warrior

heading to perform his will, his duties

not the rust on his sword

no old bones to shake him

he stands to lead, to fight

till the time, his death shall embrace him

the warrior remains


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Game of Greed

Game of Greed

lives fragmentary, broken

chasing greed, thriving for more

possessions irrelevant

competing to possess more.. more

naive to perceive, foolish to register

the merriment to be relished

hidden in tiny little things

goals as soon as achieved, newer set

no hours assigned to celebrate achievements

lives fragmentary becoming now hollow

beauty lost in the game of greed

leading lives to nothingness

making them empty

lives lifeless ultimately


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A woman complete

A woman complete

my dear tiny baby, my sweet little angel

I loved singing lullabys to you

holding you in my arms lovingly

your soft fragrant body, kissed mine

you opened your eyes, you closed them sometimes

you smiled in your dreams 

as I watched you in silence

when you could’t speak to me through words

you held me fingers to make me understand

how calm and soothing you felt in my arms

your world started with me

I was the only one for you

I fed you sweetness as I offered you my breast

your tiny mouth suckling on me

made me a woman complete

I am failing, I am at loss of words

I even wonder if I could ever express

the depth of my love for you

my tiny beautiful baby

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you made me realize

the depth of the ocean

you allowed me to dive

into your beautiful eyes

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The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose


came the dawn

dreaming bud

took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms

it felt the dew

it was its moment

to bloom

soft rays of the sun

served a little glow

petals all

announced to unfold

one after the other

they all glorified

revealing divinity

of a purple rose

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Beauty concealed

Beauty concealed

pretty flowers around, lush green trees
colors of the rainbow, waves in the sea
a few amongst many, gifts of the nature
my senses can feel, my eyes can see

still one thing
overwhelms me
selfless and gentle
surrounds me every moment
fills me deep
holds me, embraces me

the power that it stores
one can only feel
the beauty of the air
giving us life
yet never wanting
to be seen


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Mesmerized of Nature

Mesmerized of Nature

when I felt the wind pushing me gently

I wondered of the force behind its power

when I felt the heat of the sun

I thought of the fuel behind its fire

when I felt the coolness of the waterfall

I relished the soft snow flakes melting on the mountain

when I breathe the fragrance divine

I dreamt of those pretty flowers then blooming

when I saw the glowing colors of butterfly

I felt like bathing in those colors peaceful

when I swam in the river rushing & splashing

I fell in love with its love for the ocean

I could carry on praising the wonders of the nature

how they mesmerize my soul to the core

how they make me fall in love with each one of them

how they soothe me, the way they hold such beauty


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for once in my life

for once in my life

for once in my life
I wanna fly
  for once in my life
I wanna close my eyes
close my eyes and dream
  for once in my life
I wanna bloom like a rose
  for once in my life
I wanna go really bold
go bold and dare it all
  for once in my life
I wanna dive
dive into the secrets of the ocean
  for once in my life
I wanna be an ocean myself
an ocean of dreams
an ocean of emotions
an ocean with a million secrets
an ocean full of life
where imagination goes high


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#poetry #aspirations

Father Dear Father

Father Dear Father

father, dear father

when you touched me for the first time

my eyes were closed, yet i could see your tears of joy

father, dear father

when you held me against your chest

i knew i belonged to you

father, dear father

when you held my fingers in your hand

i knew i was going to follow your footsteps

father, dear father

when you came running to pick me as i fell

i knew i would be safe in your arms

father, dear father

when you taught me to be kind and humble

i knew you were a gentle soul

father, dear father

when you showed me the way to life

i knew it was the best path for me

father, dear father

could i ever thank you enough

for being the way to were to me

guess, i shall pass on the legacy

to your grandson

raise him like you raised me

father, dear father

with all my love

a tribute to your tender soul

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Are you loving the Lovely

Are you loving the Lovely

are you singing along with the chirping birds

are you warm with the warmth of the sun 

can you feel the breeze brushing your body softly

are you ready, to start to learn

is your body fragrant with the fragrance of the flowers

have you felt soft grass under your feet 

are you listening to the song of life

are you dancing merrily to the beat

have you kissed your mother a morning bright

have you thanked her for her eternal love

have you looked up today to see the sky

to bathe in the colors of the rainbow

go ahead, tell yourself my dear

is it all, or none that you’ve done

before you start to complain the next time

ask yourself this first

are you thankful – for the simple pleasures of life

my dear

are you loving the lovely

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#PleasuresOfLife #poetry #AppreciateLife

The Purpose of my Existence

The Purpose of my Existence

if it wasn’t for to bring a smile on your face

if it wasn’t for to hold you when in pain

if it wasn’t for to wipe your falling tears

if it wasn’t for to take away your fear

if it wasn’t for to read you all my poems

if it wasn’t for to take you to Rome

if it wasn’t for to consume art together

if it wasn’t for to make our lives worth

if it wasn’t for dreaming with you my love

if it wasn’t for to make our dreams come true

then tell me my dearest

the purpose

of my existence


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Fail your Pain

Fail your Pain

when you are in pain

when you can’t stop your tears from flowing

think of those children who haven’t eaten for weeks

think of a mother who just lost her son

think of a soldier, who will never come back home

think of his little daughter, waiting for her father 

for all of us, to be in control of our emotions

must we appreciate what we have

must we realize, we have a lot that many people crave for

must we understand the pain of the others

and our own pain will fade, will be less painful

this way my dearest, all of us

shall become better human beings

giving, compassionate, less self centered

contributing towards a better world

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Dear Reader, did you just unfollow me?

Dear Reader, did you just unfollow me?

Hey Guys!!

There are times when I see the number of followers going down than going up and I wonder who must have unfollowed my blog.

It brings to my mind, what made him/her do so?

  1. Were they not happy with my posts?
  2. Were they bored and not getting anything interesting to read on my blog?
  3. Were they just irritated by the flood of posts on my blog?
  4. Did I post something which may have hurt them in some way?

And, then I start to think that I must find out the reason. It is important for me to know if I have hurt someone or irritated someone in any possible way and I would like to correct that.

So, would you please give me a chance to correct my unintentional mistakes and be kind to let me know in case you plan to unfollow my blog?

I would do anything to make sure that you stay with me. You are important to me and we are all a part of a big family and I surely wouldn’t want to lose any of my dearest Readers.

I am for my readers. I am where I am for my readers. I love my readers.


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Phases worth Living

Phases worth Living

pretty face, pink lips

eyes gleeful, manner carefree

soft long hair smelling sweet

daddy’s sweetheart, mama’s doll

a phase so beautiful, she never wanted it to pass

then came a life, thrilling and bubbly

surrounded by friends all day whole night

young at heart, on top of this world

too wondrous a phase, desirous to be held

progressed to another phase of wisdom

a lover, a wife, she became a mother

followed the lessons of pain, love and affection

she became giving, she was responsible

this surely was a phase worth experiencing

made her turn into a woman from a girl

now, she was old, a grandmother to little kids

telling many stories all day

answering hundred innocent questions

how she enjoyed every bit of it

they giggled and laughed for no reasons at all

made her memorize her young days from back long

from a tiny bud to a flower glorious

gradually to shed its petals to the earth

gorgeous were they all, all phases of her journey

she had to live them all to the full

for her to be complete, to be whole

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A Name not to Stay

A Name not to Stay

sea shore shyly smiled

as it fell in love with the waves

as they flowed to kiss it gently

to make it drench

to feel caressed

the sea shore madly in love


the name of its lover

on the flowing water

how silly of it

not to realize

the name it wrote

shall stay for not long

every blow of the waves

as they would come

to kiss the sea shore

will erase

their own name

written on the heart

of the sea shore

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Sexual abuse = terrorism? Yes! Because the haunting never ends

Sexual abuse = terrorism? Yes! Because the haunting never ends

Can we term Sexual abuse as terrorism?

My vote goes to say YES!! You want to ask why??

Because it has the capacity to terrorize the victim, fill them with grief and puts them into a state of mind which requires a lot of effort to come out of. Sexual abuse is been experienced by many children and I don’t think there is a way to find out the numbers, as most of the victims choose not to disclose it.

It is sad that a girl accepts the life where she is challenged everyday with sexual abuse out in the open. On the road – walking, in a bus – travelling, sitting alone in a park and many other places. She starts to think that those idiots have a sad frame of mind and she will have to deal with it and hence, she prepares herself which she must but the right way to deal with the problem is to deal with the culprits in a strict manner.

I have experienced it and there are many more like me. It could happen anywhere, be it home or outside. Everyday, using the local transport in New Delhi, made me so easily accessible for all those sick idiots. They would just stand close, giving an excuse that the bus is too crowded. They would rub their body against wherever they could get access to you. Their filthy looks and such shameless attitude.

The abuse can be intensive or not too intensive, yet, it leaves a mark on your mind never to be washed away. It kills you from the inside every moment.

Even till date, when I think of those days when I faced the abuse, I get goosebumps.

The question in my mind now is – how are my daughters going to face it? A challenge that haunts me!!

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Gender Equality? Who am I fooling!

Gender Equality? Who am I fooling!

Yes, I fool myself. Many times. You know when?

Every time, I tell myself women are equal to men. Equal rights, no salary discrimination, same education blah blah !! Who am I fooling? Am I not that smart to understand! Yes, I am, but not in their eyes. Sigh!!

It all starts at home. For many women in many countries around the world, they shall never get what they deserve. They shall never be treated even close to the kind of treatment men would get.

SHE is a she, so she will only cook,

SHE is a she, so she will only clean,

SHE is a she, she is born to do the laundry,

SHE is a she, so only she will take care of the babies

while her husband will peacefully sit and sip on his coffee

(Coffee that SHE prepared for him) and the list for SHE never ends

She is considered to be not so smart (not enough as HIM). I fail to understand WHY!!

And the journey once started at home, continues to spread it’s effects on life outside the four walls. Here, she will be considered not working as hard as men, she will be scanned for her clothes everyday at work. She will be expected to create trouble for the employers after marriage, because she could get pregnant anytime and blah blah!!

Although, there may be changes coming, yet I can only and only dream a world where men and women both are considered HUMANS.. only then they shall be treated EQUAL.

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Smiles so Natural

Smiles so Natural

in an old age home, stayed Maria

a woman abandoned of life

her children had dumped her there

her tears took a long while to dry

she sat alone at times in her small room

with a picture she held tight against her chest

it was a picture of her grand son Sammy

she would look at it, with her eyes not blinking

the picture was pure and an exceptional one

it was special and beautiful in its own way

for in the picture, she held tiny Sammy in her arms

both kissing each other, giving a smile

a smile so natural in all possible ways

for both of them looked eternally adorable

both looked like a child, both looked a little old

for none of them possessed those pearls 

pearls that we call teeth

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I’m glad that you left me

I’m glad that you left me

a few years back

you left me heartbroken

you left me crying

I begged you to stay by my side

you didn’t feel my pain a bit

you behaved ignorant to my love

as if you had a heart of stone

yes, a heart of stone 

I was alone, I screamed

knowing no one would listen

I cursed myself to have fallen for you

I cursed myself not to love me enough

couldn’t do much about it

years passed, time showed me the way

made me strong to fight the pain

taught me not to remain at anyone’s mercy

sewed the broken pieces of my heart

prepared me to live my life

and here I am, for this heart of mine

to fall in love yet again

not with you 

but, with the one who’s gonna love me back

I am glad today

you left me that day


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A Frail Smile

A Frail Smile

she tried hard – to hide her pain

made her eyes to refuse – to host the tears 

yet, the frail smile on her lips

narrated the story in detail


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‘O honey, I’m having a beer’

‘O honey, I’m having a beer’

I am going to relax a little, I sink into the couch

filled my favorite glass with beer lazily

I am about to sip the fizzy froth

my wife – she called, please help me with the dishes

I said ‘O honey, I’m having a beer’

turn down the music a little, she said

‘O honey, I’m having a beer’

daddy, daddy, can we go for a movie, said my son

‘O munchkin, I’m having a beer’

your mom is on the phone for you, called my daughter

‘O dear, I’m having a beer’

hey man come wanna go for a walk? called my neighbour

‘Enough, I’m having a beer’

I am home today after a long week of work

it’s my day off, please give it to me

I’m so happy having a beer

please let me have a beer – my way


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#poetry #leisure

Curious of Nature

Curious of Nature

wind, now soothing against my face

and then harsh against my skin

flowers, now blooming inviting honey bees

and then leaving life, petals dried & dull

the soil, fertile, rich now

and then dry, bringing a drought

butterflies, now sleeping in cocoons

and then flapping those wings in a hurry

mountains, wearing the white sheet of snow

and then naked, letting the rivers to flow

trees, standing in silence patiently

and then swaying to the ruthlessness of the storm

rain, now bringing merriment to lives

and then voilent, turning into floods devastating

waves, bringing passion to the beach

and then showing their rage of tsunami

I wonder, so Curious I am

of the two faces of the mother nature

someone help me understand

be kind to feed my inquisitiveness

which is real and what’s pretending to be real

is it Life – the ultimate truth of our existence


is it Death – that holds the key


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Over a little Sin

Over a little Sin

it’s not just love, that I have in me

my soul is a little hateful too

it’s not only smile that I wear on my lips

my soul gets angry too

true, I have compassion to fill me

at times I feel a little of rage

yes, I am gentle most of the times

yet, stubbornness puts me in a cage

I am a human

am I to be flawless?

without having tasted a little sour of me

would they know the taste of the sweet

for all my emotions, for all my faces,

I tend to feel complete

I guess, the cycle of tastes

must go on, to take circles now and then

isn’t that the secret, to make us all

relish the good, over a little sin

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The Juggler Almighty

The Juggler Almighty

teasing the stages of life in his hands

throwing up and catching one after the other

the Juggler Almighty

playing his game flawless

completing uncountable circles

releasing a thrill while making us go high

sending a shiver letting us coming down

ensuring relief by catching us all

never letting any of us to fall

his game continues, never fails to end

green, blue, red – all colors in his store to lend

must our lives to look, like a rainbow to him

must he relish a sight so scenic

making us jump, making us speed down

letting us rest to a quick still,

then to ready us for a jump again

for us, he’s always at work

the Juggler Almighty

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#poetry #juggler

An unending show of Circus

An unending show of Circus

a child – thrilled

with the glory of magicians and jugglers

tricked by the tricksters 

laughed at the funny ways of the clown

scared by the presence of a tiger around

astounded by the courage

of the man disciplining the big cat

amazed to see the enormous size of an elephant

seeing the bright colors of the birds performing

enjoying many moments

eyes filled with excitement

his heart raced many a times

laughed merrily during the show

even felt sad for a few reasons

could he ever imagine

the enjoyable show he was watching today

to turn into a tough reality tomorrow

did he realize his own life

to turn into an unending show of circus 

in just a few more years


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#poetry #circus #life

The Silent Leaf

The Silent Leaf

the leaf that’s giving life to the tree

that leaf giving shade to a tired man

that leaf swaying to the music of the wind

that leaf making the garden greener

that leaf without which, the tree won’t remain a tree anymore

that leaf that’s the ornament of the branches

that leaf that dies one day

that leaf turns dry, falls down on the ground

that dry leaf, that children love to crush under their feet

for they love the sound of the crush..

that leaf, oh! how I admire its selflessness

that leaf, that beautiful leaf

lying on the ground silently

asking for nothing!

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