could i have the liberty

not to pretend

pretend to be happy and glowing

could i today just scream to the world

i feel the pain, my heart is pained

shall i just vomit them all out

all the tears i kept inside my eyes for many years

shall i just cleanse myself 

of all the misery, this fake world ever caused me

today, can i just forget all my etiquette

just be myself, crying it all out

would you tell me

O dear world

do i have your permission

not to pretend 

just for today?

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22 thoughts on “Can I choose not to Pretend?

      1. I do that all time putting their need for me before my need to release pain. I always cry every night releasing my pain from that day and the morning start fresh or a good cry in the shower

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  1. I pretend all the time. I don’t like the in sorry’s and I don’t want ppl to pitty me! I want the ones who give me the pain to feel sorry truly sorry! And I I don’t want ppl to feel my pain! I don’t want others to feel NO pain! I want love and happiness for everyone

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    1. Many a times, must we pretend to make our loved ones happy for they cant see us in pain. We keep showing a face that’s not real and it all piles up in our hearts. And that is when my dear, we want to shout out to ask for some time when we could be a little real.. Thanks a lot for reading..


  2. I think you owe it to us to see the real Zigy, let it out. Let it out for us all to see. I will bet the real Zigy is just as beautiful as her poetry. Keep it up Zigy, keep on writing, we love you.

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