in a jungle

deep and dense

by the bank

of an overflowing  river

under the tree

with a thousand shadows


by disturbingly noiseless woods


in my own emptiness

I call for my lonliness

to come see me

for They

shall never

be able to find us here


my loneliness and I


rest in peace

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3 thoughts on “My Loneliness

  1. There is such a difference between alone physically and being alone emotionally. There are so many elderly who are not just physically alone, but are also lonely and ignored. The world moves very fast for the elderly who frequently cannot keep up. There is actually no reason for them to be ignored, it is simply people are impatient with those who don’t move as quickly or think or speak as quickly as they do. There are enough people in this world to be able to be a friend to each of the lonely. The most lonely thing is when someone feels like no one understands them or cares about them. It makes them feel like there is no reason for their existence. God commands that we love others as ourselves, so we should put ourselves in their place and think how we want to be treated.

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