Writing is the best way

to take one’s emotions out..

Rather than be revengeful

towards our pain

we must politely print it on paper

to make it less effective

most writers have been through

a little or much pain in their lives

& this is how they choose to write

to vent it out


Much Thanks to my dear Queen Bee to make me realize the importance of this wonderful thing

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12 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Writing

  1. I am sooooo pleased that me picking out those words from the blog comment and highlighting them has helped you identify your writing mission. These beautiful words you wrote will help many people consider the relationship between blogging and pain. You are making me float on air lovely. I’ll do a post in response later when I get the time -You’re a special soul mySestina💛😉 ps. What does Sestina mean? Out of interest 🌸

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