green girl emerges in the jungle

long hair kissing her knees

divine body covered in leaves

fragrant as if bathed in flowers

glowing face with eyes blue green

her manner graceful like a queen

she holds the sun in one hand

in the other she holds the moon

showering the life in the jungle

with light, making it serene

trees bend their branches in honor

as she walks her elegant way

an army of all sorts of animals

follow their queen in silence

a sight so charmingly delightful

when the green girl emerges in the jungle

image source

17 thoughts on “The Green Girl

  1. please don’t post this…i just wanted to throw this out to you…you’re an amazing poet- i really appreciate your voice- your attention to the world- the unseen- the heartfelt…it is all so beautiful… 🙂 if you ever want to email or whatever…anthonyd.mize@gmail…thanks…hope you have a beautiful day… 🙂


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