It’s never wrong to want something every day of your life, to chase, to find comfort in the uncomfortable, as you wait… As you dream…

– Cezane


Go ahead, fly with your wings of imagination

Would you please today, smile for no reason

Be a super soul, save lives around the world

Must you fight the fire, like you are the fire yourself

Dive in the ocean, dare to swim along with the whales

Swing with the waves, like you are the waves of high tide

Be bold my dear, take a shower under the waterfall

Let the white water absorb the filth to cleanse your soul

Would you sing a song my dear, even if there is no music

Just search inside a little and be the music yourself

Pick a quill today, make it dive into the pot of colorful ink

Let your thoughts imprint, make that paper worthy

Today, must you forget the sins of the silly

Be wise enough to forgive, like you’re forgiving a little child

Today, be the one, you’ve always aspired to become

Inject a little power to your soul, to your running blood

Go ahead my dearest

Dream today with your eyes open wide

Just dream of the impossible

                                                     Let your dream become your sight, your reality

 By Zigyasa Kakkar – mySestina



A fairytale, a love story,

A person, a sweet memory,

A life I want, I want to be alive,

So into the dream world I dive!

She is a dreamer, a day dreamer. She day-dreams at night too! She sleeps not, because she is planning. She is working out a way to live the life she wants. A dream, no one would have dared to dream, she dreams wide awake. Her thoughts wander away, in lands unknown, in places wanting to be seen. Those worlds beg for her presence and she giggles as she knows who she is. She smiles away her past and pushes those memories far. She is a new girl, with a new dream, with a much newer, better life waiting for her. She is strong enough to conquer her fears, conquer her emotions. She is strong enough to break all chains, boundaries and set herself free, before her soul leaves her body. She knows she has to do this and so she is still alive. Her dream is a reason to live, her dream is what she will live, and so she is still awake. Wide eyed in the middle of the night, planning and thinking and dreaming and wondering, her sheer imaginations, in her eyes, sparkling bright!


Her hands pained no more. She held the knife tight in her hands, and her fingers bled. She was about to do something she should not be doing. She was committing a sin. She was killing herself, her dream. She was taking away a beautiful life of a beautiful girl, which God had made for her. God had blessed her with life, but she was not ready for it. Her eyes were red and swollen, her skin twitching every inch. Her skull was exploding with pain, and the rest of her body was numbed. Her temples overly exposed the stressed nerves and sweat trickled down them. She cried no more, but looked into the space without looking. Something stopped her, held her there. Her life was not ready to leave her. She was not strong enough to commit a sin so bad!

You would not do it if you were strong.

A small voice in her head whispered.

You have a dream, your ego, and your soulful life. You can live that dream, you can live your imagination, you fearless stubborn girl!

The voice continued. But she was bothered; she was bothered with some flashes of memories, those visions in front of her. The hateful faces, the loveless people, drained all energy out. She gritted her teeth and groaned with pain, as chills ran down her spine. The numbness left her skin. And she felt her hands wet with blood. She pulled up the knife to her wrist. I hate seeing blood. I hate anything vulnerable. I am a warrior. I will fight to live this life. I have a DREAM. I am egoistic enough to live my dream before my soul leaves. I am not weak. And the knife fell from her clasp, with a dull clink on the ground, now a pool of red. She flinched at the sight. She was dizzy. She had to cry, to let her tears out.

So she did.

The whole night.

But she lived.

And she lived her dream too….


By Kashaf Shaikh – A Word Warriors Blog 



By Patty Wolters – Kruidje-Roer-Me-Niet


To dream
to fly to wish

To think to see to feel

Slipping into ethereal realm

Surrendering from real

To land of limitless possibilities

Of adventures far and free

No one to stop my imagination
Not even me…
Conquering impossibility

Flying through bluest skies

Soaring along wake of raging seas

To dip my toes in tropical sand

Or kiss my love on offered hand

To dream to explore to believe

To seek to adventure to be…

No matter how big or vast
the mind can see the paths

At night when drifting deep

Subconscious playground of sleep

To dream to ponder to play

Where thoughts go to stay…

And roll through ideas, wishes

The lists of endless bliss

Sometimes we bury in daylight

Allowed to resurface at night

When our walls are down

Our truths come out
the “if only” and “what ifs”
should and could haves

Uninhibited desires

Love quests, inner fire

That light the heart

The mind, the soul

And when we wake
unhindered, unlocked

We have the chance

To make it real

The power…

All our own

By Emily Clapper – Poet Girl Em


While Gregg, Meg, and Creg were busy arguing who’s going to be the best chicken, Pegg was lost in his contemplation.

“I’m not going to be a chicken, rooster, or any ordinary cock”, he thought. “I’m going to be extraordinary; surpassing what is expected of me. I will be a peacock!”

In this world, nothing is too impossible. Your dream is the only limit, so dream BIG!



By Alpe John – The Juandering Artist



When you go to sleep at night,

That’s when your dreams awake,

They dance and sing in your heart and mind,

They take your sorrow away.

Your dreams are precious so keep them alive,

Even in your darkest hour,

Think of them, they’ll give you a smile,

And fill you with renewed power.

It may be difficult at times,

But if you keep believing,

The cloud will clear and your dreams would shine,

And put an end to all your grieving.

You just need to put your faith in them,

Allow it to fuel you,

Your hard work and effort will pay in the end,

That’s when your dreams will come true.

By Michelle Joseph from Psychedelic Bay


The power to turn one’s dream into reality lies within the heart of those who prioritize in helping others achieve theirs… Build bridges, life ain’t a highway.

 – Cezane


Expressions Crossing Continents

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