A million stars twinkling together

spreading merry, showing delight


how lonely could the sky become

how gloomy the grey could ever be

it’s a secret too deep


the Moon can reveal

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18 thoughts on “Loneliness in the Sky

  1. I often feel lonely and it is a terrible feeling. Star’s that are lonely in a crowd shine bright because of their special love they have inside. Not just anyone can touch it only the other special stars that hold that special love to match it. At least that is what I say to comfort the loneliness in me

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  2. Sestina so beautiful and yet so sad. This is how we should live life the fullest! I continue to learn to live in the moment. It is to enjoy each connection with another person without concern for the future. For me this is so freeing. Thank you Sestina.

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    1. You have said such a beautiful thing Roland. I guess that must the key to life. Only when we start to expect things, they take a different route altogether.. thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts

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