he said

don’t talk
she never uttered a word

he said

don’t expect
she never asked him a thing

he said

don’t follow
she never took another step


he said

don’t love
& she broke
into a million pieces

image source : google

12 thoughts on “He Said

      1. Not at all … Something better is one your way … if you lost something it is better leaving it because something much better is what you deserve …never lost hope

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  1. the relationship seems very one sided:/ Fortunately women are now gaining more power in relationships so now it’s not what the guy says goes. still, some relationships are like this. what I like about your posts is that it’s always very interpretational. I probably don’t read the message you probably intended me to read, but every time I leave with a lesson, nice post:)

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    1. I guess with all my posts, as you said rightly, I try to leave a message. The beauty of writing is that it could be interpreted in many different ways. Like, you could take a message that I did not really intend to give through a post. But yes, a message always.. Beauty of writing and reading and grasping

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