on a hot, sunny, summer day

in my car, I stopped on a traffic signal

an old man, must be in his 70s

came running to me, a pile of books in his hands

sweating, loosing his energy in the heat

offering to sell wisdom at a price too cheap

knocked at the window glass of my car

“would you like to buy some good reads young lady”

with no intention to pay him any attention

I simply nodded my head to refuse

he requested kindly, one more time

this time, I looked into his eyes

how moved I was to see a shine there

his silent eyes were narrating a story

choosing not to beg, he chose to earn his glory

even when his weak bones were making him suffer

he had decided to Earn himself his bread and butter

I bought a book from him for just Rs 150

along with the book, came many blessings

he smiled gently at me, as I started to move

his eyes shone with a pleasure divine

as he waved me a pleasant goodbye

his happiness, his smile just made my day

I looked back to see him walk with pride

approaching another young lady in her car

to continue with his journey 

offering to sell the wisdom unmatched

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14 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Selling Wisdom

  1. This is so beautiful! ❤

    Reminds me of an incident that happened a few days ago.

    My friend and I were at Subway, ordering our sandwiches.
    Just at that moment, an old man came in. He wasn't a beggar, but one could see he was poor. He asked the subway cashier if he could fill his bottle of water. He was very thirsty. The cashier agreed. While he was gone, the old man fiddled with his leg, Apparently it was giving him some trouble.

    My friend asked him if he was okay, he said yes. He said that he'd been walking a very long distance and his legs aren't full of energy anymore. He asked us if INR 20 would be enough, he had to get to Gurgaon. It was all he had. We told him it will be enough if he's travelling my metro. The cashier bought this man's bottle back and he decided to leave. Just then, my friend offered to drop him to the metro station. It was 2 pm and the station was about 2 kms away.

    The smile on the old man's face was priceless. We dropped him off to the metro station, he blessed us. We tried to give him some more money, asked him to take the auto instead. after all he'd have to walk to his destination once he reaches Gurgaon. But he declined. He blessed us and went off.

    Guess sometimes people just need compassion and empathy, not money.

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    1. This is such a beautiful incident my dear. I am proud of you to be compassionate to the old man and at the same time I am proud of the old man to retain his self respect by not accepting money. We need people around him and you my dear. The world will be a stronger and beautiful place to live then. Many thanks for sharing. God bless.

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  2. I love this! very big on books and the wisdom they impart so I liked that idea. there were lots of ideas here, but that’s the one I focused on:)

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  3. It’s the stuff of movies, even when the stuff he’s selling might be trite pulp fiction. It’s the human engagement that matters

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