Excitement Keeps us ALIVE

Excitement Keeps us ALIVE

excited about the morning

excited about your first kiss

excited for the new dress

for your birthday, excited about the gift

excited about new shoes and bag

excited about first day of the first job

excited about the football match

excited about the child coming to your life

excited about the seed you sowed

excited about a new flower in your garden

million of reasons to be excited in life

giving us a boost, make us feel light

excitement could be fed with something big or small

yet this excitement excites us like a child

makes us glow, bringing us a smile

how this excitement keeps us ALIVE

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Humanity vs Terrorism

Humanity vs Terrorism

there was terror, there still is terror

bomb blasts, attacks

mumbai, boston, paris

people died

those who lived have suffered

still suffering

but, I have seen

the world getting together

raising voice against terrorism

people united and eager

to give a hand to the sufferers

there are millions to feel

the pain of the victims

millions rise against violence

with time, in times of acts of terror

I have seen humanity winning

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Your love for mySestina

Your love for mySestina

I have fallen in love with all my fellow bloggers. It’s like I am a part of a beautiful family. And it gives me immense pleasure to be loved back.

Everyone… I LOVE YOU


Fail your Pain

Fail your Pain

when you are in pain

when you can’t stop your tears from flowing

think of those children who haven’t eaten for weeks

think of a mother who just lost her son

think of a soldier, who will never come back home

think of his little daughter, waiting for her father 

for all of us, to be in control of our emotions

must we appreciate what we have

must we realize, we have a lot that many people crave for

must we understand the pain of the others

and our own pain will fade, will be less painful

this way my dearest, all of us

shall become better human beings

giving, compassionate, less self centered

contributing towards a better world

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When no one Believed in Me – I did

When no one Believed in Me – I did

when no one believed in me – I did

I painted my heart

with an ocean of emotions

every color shined beating the sun

I celebrated my tears

left behind my fear

embraced my wrinkles

like a survivor

I never stopped

discovered my dark side

enjoyed my hope in pain

here i am to pen down

i made it worth reading

and so to write again

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Thumbs Theory

Thumbs Theory

thumbs on the hands

sad, left out to wonder

forming a group, the fingers unite

why have the thumbs been set aside

pretty rings, are all for fingers

beautiful and long

they sway to form many gestures

desirable to be touched by the lovers

they work to brush the soft pink lips

caress a loving face, hold it to kiss

in the meanwhile

the short and the cornered thumbs

sitting to rest, feeling too dumb

they are yet to realize their worth

do they know their part is to inspire

for thumbs up is the gesture we all aspire

going up of them bring a million smiles

fill life with laughter,

make spirits to touch the skies

well! well!

the thumbs are now happy, taking pride

they now have grasped

the PURPOSE of their existence

they now have understood

the thumbs theory

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