when you are in pain

when you can’t stop your tears from flowing

think of those children who haven’t eaten for weeks

think of a mother who just lost her son

think of a soldier, who will never come back home

think of his little daughter, waiting for her father 

for all of us, to be in control of our emotions

must we appreciate what we have

must we realize, we have a lot that many people crave for

must we understand the pain of the others

and our own pain will fade, will be less painful

this way my dearest, all of us

shall become better human beings

giving, compassionate, less self centered

contributing towards a better world

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#pain #failPain

33 thoughts on “Fail your Pain

    1. True my Dear Lisa. It works on the emotional pain. There are many many people who may be suffering much more than others in pain. Thinking of them may ease a little, make pain less effective. Thank you for reading my love.

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      1. It is because you yourself have an interesting point of view towards things and you are receptive. You are open to other’s views and it is very sweet of you to share your thoughts at the same time. Hats off my dear.

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    1. My Dearest Shambhavi… I guess we all know the truth but just keep hiding from it. A Gentle reminder, as you rightly said, brings us back on track. You are a sweetheart to consume the message here.

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      1. Very true my dear. I love your posts Zig, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that. You’re a great great writer, the message embedded in your poems are a treat really! 😍

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