once upon a time

there was a girl, a little child

innocent heart

beautiful imaginations

a brown teddy bear

her dearest companion

deeply in love

she never would let it go

imagined to be teddy’s wife

the day she would grow..

Time cruelly, robbed her of her innocence

as it passed, ticking the clock

days, and then years

little girl now all grown up

no more toys

to remain around her

does she even remember

how & when

she lost – her dear teddy bear

the new avatar of life

entirely unlike the previous

assuring the presence

of pretty tears in her life 

to keep those big, deep dark eyes

forever moist

she now wonders

of the two sides of the coin

two stories, she was told by her life

no more giggles

beaming laughs are all gone

today, her only & true companion 

the one

never leaving her side

even in a crowd

is no one else

but Her Loneliness

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18 thoughts on “A Companion to Remain

  1. Spirituality being lonely and remain in silence is one of the highest wisdom, in mundane world being alone is bad sign , any way your poem is master piece of art , your creative and beautiful side.

    Even fiction comes from real life, some times real life helps fictional world.

    Get going , keep sharing your sestina. I can understand a poem have tremendous value for a writer , be it the best one or simple group of words.

    From child hood innocence to harsh reality of this world everything your poem express in gentle and very very rhymic way.

    You are beautiful soul. Keep sharing , keep illuminating people around you.

    Wishing you good time ahead !😊

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I am honored with new responsibility of being “friend “, will try to maintain the status quo of “great”

        Thanks a ton for such a nice response.

        Liked by 1 person

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