Dear friends!

Waking up to receive 500 followers on WP. What more could I ask from you. You have loved mySestina and here is the outcome.

Thanks to all of you my friends.

As a note of thanks, going forward, every 50th follower that I receive, will be featured on mySestina as a guest and one of their posts will be reblogged.

Loads of Love




64 thoughts on “Celebrating 500 followers on mySestina

  1. Many, many congratulations on this important milestone! You deserve each and every one of it! Many more to come.
    Your work is so splendid. It always feels intriguing, thoughtful and insightful reading your poems. I don’t why, but I feel so happy for your accomplishment! I really am glad for you! Keep smiling! Keep writing!

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    1. Dearest Arti, we are connected through our love for each other. I am so glad you are happy for my achievement. You have been a part of it my dear. Could not have done it without you

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