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Your life ended suddenly

To this world you gave abundantly

Your music became the bandages for a lot of people

Some of us found with your lyrics the freedom

At the age of 31 you left this earth

So much you were worth

The city of Barrie so you last

Why did you have to pass?

You said “The dead are to be forgotten”

But that would never happen because you weren’t common

Woods of Ypres will always continue living

Because the records will continue spinning.

Against The Seasons will continue giving us reasons

Pursuit Of The Sun And Allure Of The Earth will be our rebirth

Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues will change our views

The Green Album will continue to be the unseen atom

Grey Skies And Electric Light will always be the highlight

You were a hero and you didn’t even know it

You save so many…

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