when love failed

to find it’s way to him

from the heart of a soul

he dearly cared for…..

he opened his arms

expanded his horizon

with a feather and some ink

he wrote his heart

he found his love

in words that emerged on paper

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4 thoughts on “He found Love in Words

  1. A light pleasant change (I just got chills from executioner) You have an incredible ability to portray a wide range of emotions. I find it impossible not to take an emotional journey with your poems, not that unusual with sorrow (for a great poet) but you can take me on any trip you want, fear, sadness, giggles. Thanks.

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    1. Dearest Lisa, I am so happy to learn that you enjoy my poems. They are experiences, observations, full of emotions, sad, happy, crazy sometimes.. I just love flying with words and it gives me pleasure to learn that you love to fly along… lets do it together my darling…


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