She loved him enough

She loved him enough

convinced was she

not to find


in his embrace

not that he wasn’t gentle

not that he wasn’t kind

he simply 

didn’t have love

in store for HER

yet she stayed

for no matter how he felt for her

she loved him enough

 to never leave his side

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Deprived of a Little Wind

Deprived of a Little Wind

deprived of a little wind

the tree

forced to stand still

craving to sway

to dance to the tunes

but the wind, chose not to flow

it seemed sad

so dull

simply, not being itself

still, like no life running through its veins

celebrating melancholy

for a reason not known

even to the wind itself

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My Earthen Piggy Bank

My Earthen Piggy Bank

time has presented itself to me

promised to reward yet another blow

so dearly I treasured them till now

all my pennies are ready to go

abandoning me of their hold

loosening me of the comfort

to offer bread to my children


my earthen piggy bank just hit the ground

oh so dear are those broken pieces to me

I gather the pennies in my hand

soon to be freed of my possession

& then

the broken piggy bank stares at me

its eyes dull yet hopeful as they said to me

I loved containing those pennies in me

utilize their worth for you have to, today

and tomorrow, you must promise to fix me

for I desire those pennies to be mine once again

I crave for them to fill me


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