The Devil’s Secret

The Devil’s Secret

in the silence of the night

shadows emerged

dancing and screaming

the bats woke up from their nightmare

the wind got mustier with every blow

the naked devils were all lined up

the cups in their hands smelled of blood

in the middle of the woods

the red flower emerged

all of them gathered around the fire

the only music was the howl of the wolves

the scarred face moon

watched in silence

as an angel passing by

called for the dawn

in the blink of an eye

the moist evil was seen evaporated

the strained sun inhaled the ashes

shadows were gone

and so were the devil


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#poetry #nighmare

The Damn Truck (Crushing People in Nice)

The Damn Truck (Crushing People in Nice)

The Truck, that deadly truck

with four wheels to slip on the road

with a steering that failed to give it a direction

the truck with a demon inside

crushing flesh under its wheels

coloring the road with thick red

the red that’s gonna turn black with time

the truck that brought death inside

death for children, women, elderly

screams of everyone, the demon enjoyed

The Truck, that truck of death

the city of Nice shall never forget

it shall never be off people’s mind

bringing them horror, shivers to their spine

the truck, that evil truck

how everyone wish, was out of fuel

wish it’s engine wasn’t working

wish that truck, not to haunt

 those who witnessed such act barbaric 

oh the truck, That Damn truck

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#poetry #terrorism #inhumane

My Man My Mountain

My Man My Mountain

broad are his shoulders, that spark in his eyes

his manner humble, yet commanding

his silence speaks through me eloquently

embrace so passionate, I melt in his arms

privileged I am to be his woman

how he shields me against all odds

he never let the storm to dust my eyes

he never let the sun to tan my skin

he gulps the sorrow that eyes my heart

a tender soul with a will so strong

I look up to him as my mountain

he flows me with life, like a waterfall

he consumes my temper, like lava so red

he flourishes me with the trees of peace

I know in my heart I love him much

how positive I am, he loves me much more

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