Life of a Man

he wrapped
his tiny fingers around hers
held her hand tight
and said “Love you mummy”

he held her hand warm
placed it on his heart
pulled her closer
and said “love you my bride”

he held her tiny hands
placed them on his lips
kissed her softly
and said “Love you my princess”

he held her wrinkled hands
placed them on his forehead
kissed them gently
and said “miss you mother”

13 thoughts on “Life of a Man

  1. Beautiful journey of womenhood , she is daughter, lover, bride and mother deserved to be loved.

    One individual gets the same love in many expression. The same energy flow and manifest in different way.

    Since you are complete personality can feel the true essence from every dimensions.

    Your poems perfect and complete. Poems are like reading a complete book in few lines or a complete life for that matter.

    I do not know ? You knew or not your poems are based on deep secret of life’s , not only they are great play of words but make perfect sense .

    At the same time so rhymic and crisp , can’t let you distract.

    Beautiful simple yet Strong.

    All the very best professional..

    I am jealous lol…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Otherwise also you don’t left any stone unturned on which you don’t thing lol..

        You beyond time and space thinking machine lol…am I wrong ?

        Liked by 1 person

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