still a child she was, no more than eight or nine

eyes filled with dreams, with an urge to fly

meagre means, harsh life

still, there was comfort of parents around

there came a day that brought the storm

separated by her parents, into the hands of human traffickers

a nightmare, she was to see with her open eyes

forced into the trade of sex for the rest of her life

now the world knows that child as a prostitute

a prostitute to serve many monsters a day

one after the other they assaulted her will

with no shame to cause her excruciating pain

slowly her tears had started to dry

she had to be bold, learned not to cry

she yearned for a family and a husband every moment

knowing all her wishes were in vain

she bore a child at the age of 16

still at work with her baby crying in the adjacent room

for she now had a mouth to be fed too

and they would’t let her escape this hell

she was no daughter, no sister, now wife to no one

still a human, a mother she was

no words could ever describe her sufferings

if only there was someone to take her out of the dark

the society looks down at her in a manner ridiculous

will they realize ever

she was thrown into this disgusting pit

her eyes incapable to see no dreams no more

now she is termed as a prostitute (a bitch)

and yes,

she was forced to become one

it was never her choice

my heart goes out for the sufferings of all the victims of human trafficking and sex trade

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19 thoughts on “The Prostitute

  1. I donot know I don’t want to read such a harsh reality of life.
    Every time this make me to think , I become sad.
    You can’t say it’s fiction. I believe reality and fiction are not two different things.

    They are two side of same coin called life.

    I wish , I could have that much right to request you , please avoid pain if possible. I know I am crossing limits. Please ignore me. I am not good handling negative aspect of life.

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    1. Dear Nisthur, life is all about a mix of positive and negative. If I write a negative post, it means that I am trying to reach the root cause of the matter and in a way trying to make others aware of my thoughts. It could help slightly to stop such things.. you never know. I will give you an example, if the news channels stop showing what’s happening around the world, would it mean that people will stop suffering? Rather, making people aware of their rights could help them rise and do better in life. I may be wrong my dear, but this is how I feel. And I truly never meant to offend anyone. You are very dear to me as a reader to my posts. Let me know if you think any different and we can sort out.


      1. Sorry I did mistake. I believe. I am trapped in my own perception. Hence I was away from center of the principle I believe in.
        I was bit emotional and attached.

        You are absolutely, completely and totally right what you said. I am with you one responsible, sensible human should react they way you have suggested.

        I have learnt a different perspective and I am still a learner of the path . Which is new to me. Actually I donot watch t.v. and never read news paper from past many years. So I am not habitual of any sad news, that has made me ultra sensitive , like a ten year old kid. If any thing pain comes in way, I respond in that way this is the one part.

        Why I avoid tv , news or any other medium is just because. Media is very much intrigued in our life, thousand of tv news channels.
        50 pages news paper full of covering untoward accidents of our life. And we don’t notice but many times we addicted to negative news . We the readers need head lines to be surprisingly negative, that make adrenaline rush into our body and we want more of it, and different taste or flavour adds spice in our life.

        Media is having too much influential and informative that if you seize 100% in our life then also it will creep in our life and we can’t avoid news which are essestial. You will come to through people.

        Now there are 2 circle in our life, one is which is matter of concern. And second is area of influence.
        Our maximum focus should be on area of influence, where our action can bring some good results for example if we are Doctor we should focus on responsibilities given to us by societies. We should not day and think about injustice in legal system hence we are not lawyer or judge.

        Now, I believe in evil or negative is opposite to good and positive. We can’t eliminate negative or bad from society to the level of zero.

        Evil has been a part of the society since ages, that does not means we should provoke it. But understanding a nature’s law gives us great insight to deal with the negatives in our life.

        We never thought approximately 600 plus death occurs daily in traffic accidents in india alone. In a year this number would be greater then any war between two countries.

        You won’t believe 1.5 lacs people die every day in world including natural death along with other reason. We are never surprised .
        People’s never take death as surprise.

        Once Yudhishthir was asked about a question which is greatest surprise of the world ? . He said , people are dying daily in our life but they behave that they will never die?.

        World is manufacturing, nuclear weapons , arms , guns and ammunition like toys..
        Definitely not to kill the animals, but greater than that.

        I am not advocating negative, but we should understand basic law of nature how it functions , then we can live peaceful life with both the conditions be it negative and positive.

        If you will go deep down to understand spiritual principles . There is nothing called positive or negative , nothing is wrong or right it is our perception that make it so. Only the degree of perception differs.

        If our profession is a reporter then definitely we should cover the both negative and positive happening of the a society without any judgement. But consuming the news is our discretion power .

        Again I am not claiming this is only perception. Millions of ideas are existing. Every idea is equally good based upon our conditioning of our mind and culture we judge them good or bad.

        I have no intention to influence, but definitely I am trying to share what I have learnt and found slightly better way to be in peace and love .

        Soldier should perform his duties self lessely , so the police or judiciary. If we have taken some responsible role in society we should serve the man kind selflessly with our capacity , ability , competency . Hence virtue has been given to us by the nature , have been given to serve the others.

        Time and again I have wrote this and it’s worth repeating if you are Doctor your services , intelligence , knowledge is for others. You have not acquired knowledge to treat the self but to serve the society.

        The only sin we have is ignorance, once we forgot who we are start accumulating material to make us more secure . Some times to acquire things we adopt wrong means . We choose wrong path. We hurt others.

        The solution to entire misery and sorrow is knowledge.

        Wisdom, the need of self realizations and knowing the truth about real nature of the material world.

        Why I have written such a long note , because the things are interlinked. I will answer one people will question other.

        Any answer which can be given can only take question to the other level , but question remains.

        Right answer for any question is silence.

        I am too much, if you don’t like my rant, kindly delete. I donot mind . I know it’s difficult to understand things. At least for the people who are not looking for master answer.

        Lol I am wrapping up now. Since I have emotion account with You , just burst out.
        It’s better in one way. I have expressed my understanding about life.

        My approach to every action in my life based on these principles.

        Hope you will have patience to read biggest comment on your blog so far…


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      2. Dear Nisthur, I am so glad to read the longest comment on my blog so far. It is truly a matter of honor for me that you took time to write how you feel towards things and how you perceive life. I completely agree with you on a lot of notes here. We adopt wrong means even to serve our basic jobs and that is hurtful for others. You are also right in saying one must focus on their own area of expertise. There are so many things you have mentioned here. I am taking my own time grasp it all. Give me some more time to think.

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      3. I am repetitive in my ideas, so you will hear from me time and again.

        Thanks you have taken my views on positive note and appreciated that shows depth in your personality.

        I am really enjoying your poems and views they way you respond bloggers and consistent in replying. Hope that things will become more beautiful in future…lol…

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