millions of thoughts

coming across my mind

as I decide to sit and write

to share my belief

to share as I imagine

digging deeper into my heart

the flow never stopped

one thing I realized

its not enough – my life

to pen down all that I hide

millions of secrets destined to die

one day, with me inside

yet one thing is undeniable

about all that I put on paper

if its worth Reading

it was worth to Write


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21 thoughts on “If its worth Reading, It was worth to Write

  1. Yeah very true indeed.

    Millions thoughts we have those are hiding with in us and keep on disturbing us, some times give immense solace once we imprisoned them in poems.

    One life surely not enough to share those secrets .

    Being human we all need appreciation and acknowledgement.

    Let me tell you one secret today about you lol…

    You don’t write poems now. It’s your thoughts , becomes words and flow in such a order people call them poems.

    On repetition of same pattern time and again our each thought is philosophy in itself. When you write them becomes beautiful poetry.

    Some people are living creation , they don’t make any effort to express them selves their every moment is art. You one of them.

    Where each breath of life perceive happening around from birth to death, from roots to end.

    You are living legend. You don’t do poetry it’s there in every pore of your existence. It spill out in paper and pen now and then.

    What you write is just drop in the ocean . What you are is simple creativity. Poetry is just a tip of ice berg , which we people can know about you as a writer.

    If time and opportunity given you can express your entire existence and merge with the entire manifestation of this universe.

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