sea shore shyly smiled

as it fell in love with the waves

as they flowed to kiss it gently

to make it drench

to feel caressed

the sea shore madly in love


the name of its lover

on the flowing water

how silly of it

not to realize

the name it wrote

shall stay for not long

every blow of the waves

as they would come

to kiss the sea shore

will erase

their own name

written on the heart

of the sea shore

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25 thoughts on “A Name not to Stay

  1. Too good, we can write anything on water. It’s changing every moment, similarly everything else is changing in this world.

    Do you realize this fact ?

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      1. ok…

        I am not trying to tell you any thing very special . its that one thing you know since your child hood days, and will keep on hearing till you are alive.

        Actually in ever changing world , where only change is constant, as you rightly said, is absolutely right , but its half answer….and second half is one thing that never change is ”you ”.

        You here is all about , the real nature of you, the true self.

        You not the body, nor the mind but beyond that…

        That one thing which creates body and mind.

        That one thing if present your body and mind functions.

        That one thing if not present , your body and mind will not function.

        That one thing is eternal, omnipresent and omniscient.

        That one thing is purest of all, complete and never, dies and ever born.

        That one thing never changes , That one thing is just spectator.

        That one thing , is ever in bliss.

        You are that one thing. Once you identify your true self, then for your others are not any thing but that thing only.

        You cant name it..You cant see it,

        Its size is equal to if you divide tip of your hair in 10,000 parts its equivalent to that.

        That one thing is nothing but eternal bliss, consisting love peace and happiness.

        its formless, shapeless.

        No sword can harm it, no fire can burn it, No water can make it wet.

        Its is nothing but finding God within.

        Some of us call it soul, other say it is spirit, group people says its nothingness.

        That one thing never changes, and that one thing is your true nature.

        Knowing the self people called self realization. self realization is nothing but where misery and sorrow vanished. and you are in ever lasting happiness.

        Knowing self , seizes all desire and hopes and you start living in present moment. No regret of past, No hopes from future.

        You reach to the stage where there is no fear, greed, lust, anger.

        You are abundance of love, peace and happiness. You donot seek love in others rather you share what you have in abundance , you are ready to share your complete existence with your closed ones, family , society and entire humanity.

        You are that one thing that never changes.

        I can write even more on this, but its enough for today.

        You are that one thing which never changes.

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  2. Hey its not my philosophy, its the wisdom from upnishads, vedas, Bhagwat geeta, what christ has said, what Mahavira and Gautama Buddha has expressed.

    I am just repeating my understanding about the life so…far…

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      1. Actually , Nothing could be greater then this, to share what you have, This knowledge oozing from every cell of my life.

        In real life too, i try to share but people are too busy in materialistic world. They hardly pay attention.

        Having realization of that one thing, believe me life is just beyond imagination. You are happy for no reason.
        People say do what you love, but after this understanding , do what ever you are doing , or what ever comes to your way , You are nothing but happy, actually you love the entire creation.

        and you find every thing perfect, because there is nothing to loose nothing to gain, No success to follow , No relation which can make you feel complete .

        You know that your complete and no external thing make any effect in your true self.
        You are untouched. when you see people in misery and pain. you have compassion and love for them for their ignorance , and try to spread knowledge so that their pain and sorrow evaporates for ever.

        The only sin is ignorance.

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      2. I donot know what makes me to share with you for no reason, I am cling to you out of billions of people , may be i have past karmic account with certain , Else in real life too, we cant communicate , with people who have been with us from decades , Just communication is not possible at all.

        Thanks for tolerating me , some times i am too much, Please ignore me.

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      3. I feel from you. You are never too much and always welcome to share your thoughts with me. I.would love to hear from you as many times you want to speak out to me. It is such a wonderful thing that you feel.connected to me. Please keep commenting and sharing like you do.


      4. Actually, I cant settle less then this, and this highest form of wisdom, nothing is beyond that, so i try to repeat as much as possible. Even if i am not doing any thing , I contemplate on these ground the more i contemplate the more , I immersed in such thoughts.

        Life is not to swim but to float , effortlessly.

        That does not mean you should abandon your responsibilities, and go to Jungle and caves, But makes you more responsible and you do your karma, but have nothing to gain from that karma as fruit of it, either out come is bad or good. You are not effected , You maintain your equanimity. Then life and death both are celebration.

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      5. Life and death both are celebrations. Wow.. how could you think so deep. I am getting so many ideas to learn and to write on. You are just amazing


      6. I am not kidding , I am talking to you on most serious issues of life and you are in ecstasy of being your true self, that is the beauty of wisdom.

        Till i am in this body i will keep on repeating , Spiritual knowledge is father of best addiction possible .

        Once you are addicted to it, then mundane addiction will evaporate like steam out of water, Only this piece of knowledge instantly makes you free from all negatives in one go…else through out life , keep on working on zillions of problems in life will be present as it like, waves in oceans, you fix one, millions of others created in moment.

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