Hey Guys!!

There are times when I see the number of followers going down than going up and I wonder who must have unfollowed my blog.

It brings to my mind, what made him/her do so?

  1. Were they not happy with my posts?
  2. Were they bored and not getting anything interesting to read on my blog?
  3. Were they just irritated by the flood of posts on my blog?
  4. Did I post something which may have hurt them in some way?

And, then I start to think that I must find out the reason. It is important for me to know if I have hurt someone or irritated someone in any possible way and I would like to correct that.

So, would you please give me a chance to correct my unintentional mistakes and be kind to let me know in case you plan to unfollow my blog?

I would do anything to make sure that you stay with me. You are important to me and we are all a part of a big family and I surely wouldn’t want to lose any of my dearest Readers.

I am for my readers. I am where I am for my readers. I love my readers.


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29 thoughts on “Dear Reader, did you just unfollow me?

  1. The same thing happens to me. There are many reasons why this may happen. A blogger closes their blog. A blogger accidentally hits unfollow when reading something on your blog. And I believe glitches in WordPress also unfollows people.

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  2. Hi darlin x I am always accidentally following and unfollowing people by clicking the wrong button! So that’s a good point by the lonely author blog. You have never hurt me by anything you’ve said, and I very much doubt you are capable of that as you’re such a sweet sensitive soul. You do post a lot of posts in a day, that’s the only reason I can think that anyone would unfollow you. Maybe they lack the time to read all of them? But that is no reason to change anything about what you’re doing. It’s your blog, to write as you please. It’s an online world, so loyalty is not always what you might hope and people change in thir interests of what they like to read, it’s not that what you write is offputting. I love your posts! Please don’t worry, your blog is for you to enjoy, not something to be stressed over. Follower numbers are not everything lovely, and I’m sure you have a lot more than I do. Numbers will go up and down, but just keep writing would be my advice. Write for the love of writing 🙂 xxx Imani

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    1. Such a wonderful advice my Queen. You said it right and I am at ease now to think of it. It could be an accident as well. And even it its not, we must keep writing for the love of writing. Wow, I am feeling inspired. Loads of love to you for your beautiful comment here my dear. Means a lot to me.

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      1. You’re welcome 🙂 I self sabotage by setting up blogs, building up followers, then shutting them down and starting with O followers again!! I don’t know why…but you are a special writer soul and I support you all the way 🙂 xxx

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      2. I feel the same for you my dear. I was so impressed by your courage to accept your mistakes. You inspire me to a great extent in many ways. Being with you and your support empowers me. Love to you my dear.

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      3. Thank you huni. We can continue to empower each other I know that. ps. I haven’t had time to read and comment on your posts as much lately, but I love your work, and I was wondering if you’d consider writing a guest post on my 21g blog sometime? Just an idea to throw out there 🙂 XxX

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  3. This has happened with me too.
    But, I feel it must have been some sort of touch screen mistake. It happens with me all the time. When the mobile or the internet connection won’t corporate, sometimes, I end up liking and unliking the post multiple times.
    Even, when I didn’t see any post from one of my favourite bloggers for days, I checked her blog only to see that there’s a follow button waiting for me be clicked. I really have a bad touch at touch screen. xD xP

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