Yes, I fool myself. Many times. You know when?

Every time, I tell myself women are equal to men. Equal rights, no salary discrimination, same education blah blah !! Who am I fooling? Am I not that smart to understand! Yes, I am, but not in their eyes. Sigh!!

It all starts at home. For many women in many countries around the world, they shall never get what they deserve. They shall never be treated even close to the kind of treatment men would get.

SHE is a she, so she will only cook,

SHE is a she, so she will only clean,

SHE is a she, she is born to do the laundry,

SHE is a she, so only she will take care of the babies

while her husband will peacefully sit and sip on his coffee

(Coffee that SHE prepared for him) and the list for SHE never ends

She is considered to be not so smart (not enough as HIM). I fail to understand WHY!!

And the journey once started at home, continues to spread it’s effects on life outside the four walls. Here, she will be considered not working as hard as men, she will be scanned for her clothes everyday at work. She will be expected to create trouble for the employers after marriage, because she could get pregnant anytime and blah blah!!

Although, there may be changes coming, yet I can only and only dream a world where men and women both are considered HUMANS.. only then they shall be treated EQUAL.

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22 thoughts on “Gender Equality? Who am I fooling!

  1. Hey there, what’s the big problem? I have no problems in my home. I try to help my wife all I can. That’s the way it should be. And she helps me. Nice poem, I agree though, it is like the poem in other places, what a shame.

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    1. Yes my dear Richard. There are many countries and places where still gender equality is a huge issue. Not all men, but most of them behave in a manner not acceptable towards women.

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      1. All your comments are always welcome Richard. I must say that the world needs more men like you. Who have a clean and healthy mindset towards their partner. Thank you so much for being so. Your wife must be really lucky and so are you to have her.. Love to the little bundle o joy!!

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    1. Yes, I am sure. There are countries and places where there has been progress. But still there are many places where the same old practice is still in place. Thanks for sharing Derrick!! I am so glad.

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  2. My husband dusts & cleans (I’m allergic) he cooks, he waits on me, telling me it’s easier if he gets me whatever. The children do most of the rest under his tutelage. I taught him how to do these things when we were dating, spending time together, he started taking over when I was sick when pregnant with our first child. The biggest obstacle was his mother, she had not raised her sons to do this work, even though now his younger brother cooks etc. She thought I was mistreating her poor baby, a very strong man that gently makes sure he gets the few things he really wants. I wish everyone a partner like mine although I think I’ve claimed the best.

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    1. Dear Lisa. You are blesses my love. I am so proud of the fact that you spoke to your husband and you both agreed to be with each other on this. It is surely not mistreating a man in any way if he is helping his wife. I am so happy that there are such men in this world and we need more of their kind. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. loads if love and regards to your husband.


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