are you singing along with the chirping birds

are you warm with the warmth of the sun 

can you feel the breeze brushing your body softly

are you ready, to start to learn

is your body fragrant with the fragrance of the flowers

have you felt soft grass under your feet 

are you listening to the song of life

are you dancing merrily to the beat

have you kissed your mother a morning bright

have you thanked her for her eternal love

have you looked up today to see the sky

to bathe in the colors of the rainbow

go ahead, tell yourself my dear

is it all, or none that you’ve done

before you start to complain the next time

ask yourself this first

are you thankful – for the simple pleasures of life

my dear

are you loving the lovely

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#PleasuresOfLife #poetry #AppreciateLife

18 thoughts on “Are you loving the Lovely

  1. Absolutely! Loved this one! Kind of upset this evening…one pheasant baby is dead and 3 missing out of my 14 babies. Not really happy over that. Walked all over looking for them, but only found 10 of them and the dead one. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I am raising some pheasants to release to the wild. I recently started letting them out of their pen during the day. I think a hawk got them today, but not sure if it was a hawk or what got them. Very upsetting though, just the same. However, that said, I really loved this post…it is really cheerful and happy, so it cheered me up! Thanks!

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    1. My Dearest Charlene, it is so wonderful of you to raise the pheasants. Giving your time and energy to take care of them shows your kindness. I am becoming your fan with each comment of yours as you tell me something new and full of passion every time you visit. I am glad to have a person like you in my life. Loads of love my dear.


  2. Currently, I have been thankful for the things that I have in life. It is a difficult thing to do as there are things that we will not be happy about. But by being appreciative to the smaller things would make us humble and down to earth. Being thankful is necessary for ourselves to be a happier person. 🙂

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    1. That is the key to life. I know its is difficult to do so as we get attracted towards things we dont have. But, appreciating what we have is the best thing we can give ourselves. It has happiness hidden inside. I am trying to excel that. Loads of love.

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      1. really?

        I m sure. they exchanged names.


        Radha must b at school. no?

        y don’t u let start her own blog. this is the right age to maintain a secret diary!

        I had one too! n I used to hide it hither n thither.

        and she will really b thankful to u after 12 years!

        bcoz I have one yet too.
        and wen I read it…it gives soo much happiness n laughter’s.


        c ya
        good day

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      2. yes my love.. Radha is at school. I will let her start her own blog soon. Presently she doesnt have much time to spare for it. I will keep posting her poems though on mySestina..


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