Colors of the sky

Colors of the sky

I stood on the top of the mountain

my arms wide open inviting the sky

its light blue color showering serenity

reflecting a glow peaceful, so calm

seeing me consuming its beauty so gently

the sky decided to tease me a little

throwing a party, it invited the clouds

changing its color from light blue to black

dark clouds smiled invited the lightening

with a flash of light tiny drops started to fall

I felt the drizzle on my face so soft

closed my eyes, my arms still wide open

I stood there hugging

pretty colors of the sky

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“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

“You may now – Kiss the Bride”

her flawless white gown

kissed the floor as she walked

looked so pure, like fresh clouds shining

the tiara shined in her soft black hair

her eyes twinkled with joy immense

the smile on her lips, a little shy

imagining of the wonders of the days to come

she took her vows of trust and faith

the diamond on her ring, reflecting her glow

she closed her eyes to live the moment

waited eagerly to listen to those words magical

“you may now – kiss the bride”


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Making Love to the Soil

Making Love to the Soil


clouds carefree

roaming about in the sky

flawless cotton like

pure and white

changing their color

anytime they wished

as if getting ready

to meet their lover

transforming into rain

falling to the ground

to make love to the soil

clouds carefree


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I urge you to….

I urge you to….


I urge you, to close your eyes

if you want, to see the truth

I urge you, to connect to yourself

if you want, to kill your loneliness

I urge you, to relish your pain

if you want, to celebrate happiness

I urge you, to be who you are

if you want, to remain true to yourself


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The Warrior Remains

The Warrior Remains

rust on the edge, of the sword, of the warrior

screamed to him of his charm now fading

pushing him to give up on his reign

forcing him to feel his bones now feeble

yet, the warrior, remains a warrior

heading to perform his will, his duties

not the rust on his sword

no old bones to shake him

he stands to lead, to fight

till the time, his death shall embrace him

the warrior remains


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Game of Greed

Game of Greed

lives fragmentary, broken

chasing greed, thriving for more

possessions irrelevant

competing to possess more.. more

naive to perceive, foolish to register

the merriment to be relished

hidden in tiny little things

goals as soon as achieved, newer set

no hours assigned to celebrate achievements

lives fragmentary becoming now hollow

beauty lost in the game of greed

leading lives to nothingness

making them empty

lives lifeless ultimately


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A woman complete

A woman complete

my dear tiny baby, my sweet little angel

I loved singing lullabys to you

holding you in my arms lovingly

your soft fragrant body, kissed mine

you opened your eyes, you closed them sometimes

you smiled in your dreams 

as I watched you in silence

when you could’t speak to me through words

you held me fingers to make me understand

how calm and soothing you felt in my arms

your world started with me

I was the only one for you

I fed you sweetness as I offered you my breast

your tiny mouth suckling on me

made me a woman complete

I am failing, I am at loss of words

I even wonder if I could ever express

the depth of my love for you

my tiny beautiful baby

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you made me realize

the depth of the ocean

you allowed me to dive

into your beautiful eyes

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The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose


came the dawn

dreaming bud

took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms

it felt the dew

it was its moment

to bloom

soft rays of the sun

served a little glow

petals all

announced to unfold

one after the other

they all glorified

revealing divinity

of a purple rose

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