lives fragmentary, broken

chasing greed, thriving for more

possessions irrelevant

competing to possess more.. more

naive to perceive, foolish to register

the merriment to be relished

hidden in tiny little things

goals as soon as achieved, newer set

no hours assigned to celebrate achievements

lives fragmentary becoming now hollow

beauty lost in the game of greed

leading lives to nothingness

making them empty

lives lifeless ultimately


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8 thoughts on “Game of Greed

  1. How many ideas are conceived by your beautiful n emotional heart. Every time a different idea n the same wonderful approach 😘😘

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  2. Sadly, there are lots who are living life endlessly without any sense of purpose or destiny. They only know how to live by satisfying their greed. Always thinking that they are better as they have materialistic possessions that others could not acquire. Let them be for they have no destination while others have a path that they want to achieve. Much love ❤

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    1. True my dear. I wish everyone could find a purpose and a sense of satisfaction in their achievements and stop their urge for more and more. The world would become a wonderful place then.

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