came the dawn

dreaming bud

took a lazy yawn

stretched its arms

it felt the dew

it was its moment

to bloom

soft rays of the sun

served a little glow

petals all

announced to unfold

one after the other

they all glorified

revealing divinity

of a purple rose

image source

10 thoughts on “The Purple Rose

  1. Very pretty…you may not know it, but purple/blue and yellow roses are the hardest to keep alive! I have had a bunch of those kinds of bushes, and they are very tough (at least in areas like mine which have harsh winters)! My grandmother gave me a love of roses, but she lived in a hot desert type environment, so she had to water hers every day or they would have died. I live in an environment with a large varieties of weather. The temperature ranges from well below freezing to rain, humidity and also hot and dry…I have to deal with a lot of bugs, and rose diseases. I remember my grandmother dusting her roses for bugs, but I don’t think she had to deal with a lot of diseases as it was very dry at her place. She used to go out and water them and prune them. She grew beautiful roses, and she was able to see me do the same when I became and adult. She used to love walking around my yard and looking at all the flowers. We used to cut her roses and take them to the cemetery where my Great Grandparents were buried…it was a huge place and there graves were on such a hill that as a child I was always worried that I was going to roll down the hill! The blue rose that I grew the best was called “Blue Ribbon” it lasted about 6 years before it bit the dust after two very rainy springs where the roots stayed too wet! The yellow one that I like the best is called “Julia Child” after the chef…it has been living for about 4 years now. It is really pretty. I really enjoy roses a lot. This is a beautiful picture. If you like roses, there is one called “Taboo” which is a red rose that is called a black rose because it is so dark red that it looks black! Lovely post!

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    1. Dear Charlene. This is what I like about you. Your love for nature and roses. You are truly a beautiful person who knows a lot about growing and taking care of plants. Your grandmother too must have taught you a lot. I am also very fond of roses and many other flowers. They are just divine and their beauty takes me to a different world altogether. I want to thank you to always keep sharing your lovely experiences with me and I enjoy them so much. I can actually picture the description of the weather conditions that you mentioned and also the color of the roses. Thanks for being an amazing supporter and loads of love to you and to Julia Child.

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