only Love

only Love

I choose to remain, hungry for more

not ashamed, of my greed never satisfying

for it’s only Love, that I am asking for

would you please be kind to tell me

do I deserve a punishment?


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Shall I ?

Shall I ?

shall i urge you to support me a little

shall i ask you to come celebrate life with me

shall i aspire you to be beaming like the sun

shall i inspire you to leave the negative behind

shall i answer your questions if you may have any

shall i gently force you to smile a little

shall i make you forget all of your fears

shall i honor you today for your unmatched courage

shall i praise your serenity that fails the moon

shall i encourage you to climb no matter how high is the mountain

shall i ask you today for one more thing my dear

in the name of humanity

allow me to do all that I can, for you!

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From a Woman to a Mother

From a Woman to a Mother

it was her, just her …. a woman

made love to a man for she was his wife

started to experience another life inside

her womb was a bit more sensitive now

her belly swelled a little every moment

another heart started to beat inside her

she truly became a woman with two hearts

life grew inside each day every moment

one after the other all the senses came to life

inside her womb, the baby started to hear

she even cried at times she smiled

kicked a few goals sucked on her thumb

nine months advanced, it was time for the finale

anxiety & excitement both filled the woman

for the pain so intense, unable to bear

her muscles stretched and loosened with each contraction

o heaven!! come out fast, she told the baby

hours of pushing and screaming and heavy breathing

finally, she could hear her first cry

tears of excitement filled her eyes

even before placenta could relieve her frame

she had forgotten already the excruciating pain

in that moment she felt complete

held the tiny soul in her arms, watched her crying

she offered her breast to the tiny mouth

the baby first struggled then started to suckle

that’s when the woman became a mother

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Countless hours on her Grave

Countless hours on her Grave

sitting, on her grave in silence

he spent COUNTLESS number of hours

somewhere deep, he was sure

not to get any answers from her

with pain immense

and a little hope in his heart

he kept whispering to her softly

to answer

to come back to him

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whispers of HOPE, covered the sky

falling on the earth, like soft snow flakes

giving a dazzling sight, for the eyes to behold

spreading positivity, for the hearts to hold

the nights not darker, not longer no more

days inspired, like rising waves on the shore

souls swarmed with zeal to the goal

unstopping, tirelessly ascended the slope

let’s see, let’s hear, let’s smile

some HOPE

invincible, supreme, angelic


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two Souls

two Souls

two souls
lying hand in hand
under the sky
stars twinkle above
melting them
in glitter

two souls
at the adventure hidden
that future holds
in store

two souls
to imagine
their lives
as it may come
as charming as
the sky above

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We have no Song

We have no Song

together, we couldn’t sing a song

failed to make memories, to last for long

his emotions failed him, to reach to me

my words failed me, to make him listen 

henceforth, shall we part

for there’s no music for us

we have no song

to us – it does not belong

the song, never meant to be ours’

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My dimly lit Room

My dimly lit Room

I sat in my room, dimly lit
scent of rich mahogany in all corners
covering the walls and the ceiling paneled
books of literature assembled neatly
untouched on heavy wooden shelves
that chair rocked occasionally
fueled by some air from under the door planks
on the table a little high on the side
sat the gold brown rotary phone
seldom it rang with a few heavy rings
on the hand carved rich wooden consoles
the caretaker had kept a bouquet of flowers
their fragrance mingling well with the polish on my table
I take a deep breath to live its flavor
I put the gramophone to work to play a sensuous tune
in a fine glass, poured me a double of my English whisky
sipped slowly the flavor that burnt my throat
a ritual that I follow every evening
for I am deeply in love with the luxurious richness
of my dimly lit room


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