it was her, just her …. a woman

made love to a man for she was his wife

started to experience another life inside

her womb was a bit more sensitive now

her belly swelled a little every moment

another heart started to beat inside her

she truly became a woman with two hearts

life grew inside each day every moment

one after the other all the senses came to life

inside her womb, the baby started to hear

she even cried at times she smiled

kicked a few goals sucked on her thumb

nine months advanced, it was time for the finale

anxiety & excitement both filled the woman

for the pain so intense, unable to bear

her muscles stretched and loosened with each contraction

o heaven!! come out fast, she told the baby

hours of pushing and screaming and heavy breathing

finally, she could hear her first cry

tears of excitement filled her eyes

even before placenta could relieve her frame

she had forgotten already the excruciating pain

in that moment she felt complete

held the tiny soul in her arms, watched her crying

she offered her breast to the tiny mouth

the baby first struggled then started to suckle

that’s when the woman became a mother

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14 thoughts on “From a Woman to a Mother

  1. wow so bold of you to give that picture and write about it many people call it a taboo to talk about it even in European countries some women are kicked out of restaurant due to breast feeding there kid in public anyway it was great i loved the poem motherhood is a strange feeling not everyone can understand it only the one that become one can i think so and also some become but fail to lit the feelings and kill there child strange world with strange people though

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      1. i see that is why you feel this way actually as i said before only mothers can understand this cause who are not for them motherhood is really strange thing and they will have different thoughts on it like not to breast feed if they had a child in future etc

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