The day never arrived

The day never arrived

I was aware, yet I chose to lie to my heart

two things for me

to win his affection were either love or blood

I had none

neither he shared his blood with me

nor he ever fell in love with me

I craved for him to be mine

not just with the body but his soul


the day never arrived

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When You became Mine

When You became Mine

the breeze started to flow

dew emerged on the colorful petals

mingling of rain with sun, flashed a rainbow

fragrance of flowers made love to the wind

spreading its wings till far distance

cuckoo bird sang lullaby to baby chicks

leaves of the trees danced to the music

looked like the beginning of a magical play

my senses started to bathe the beauty

making me beautiful the most

yes… it all turned divine – when you became mine

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Nature, greens, farms, fresh air, heaven!

Nature, greens, farms, fresh air, heaven!

Hey Guys!

I had this wonderful opportunity to visit a village very close to New Delhi yesterday. One of the most magical days of my life. I am listing a few attractions of the trip along with the pictures.

Lush green farms, peacocks, fresh air, trees loaded with fruits like mangoes, star fruits, guava and much more.

We fed bananas to the monkeys on the way.


There was train accident a few weeks back, on our way to the village. Sadly, a few compartments were derailed in that accident. Here is a picture of the same.

a (2).jpg

a (3).jpg

The kids had a ride in the tractor.

a (4).jpg

Farms spread till the far end of the village. Such a magical experience just to be there and watching the art of the farmers.

a (5).jpg

a (6).jpg

We were lucky to see a baby cow calf just 4 days old.

a (7).jpg

a (8).jpg

Mangoes bitten by squirrels and crows.

a (9).jpg

Guess I don’t need to write much. The pictures speak for themselves.

It was truly a relaxing, refreshing and a divine experience. I can never explain in words how I felt being there and how much I enjoyed being so close to the mother nature around.

In the end, I must say that the farmers are truly hard working and the way they take care of their farms and farm animals is worth praising. I salute to the farmers and I thank the mother nature to have blessed us with life and beauty.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

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