living in a world so broken

where religion breaking the backbone

that was once developed, built by love

was religion ever meant, to follow dear God?

I ask every heart with hatred

fail to understand the need to kill

Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh

were they all not born

with two eyes, two hands, and a heart

A Church, a Temple or a Mosque

don’t they all hold the same peace

aren’t they all sacred the same way

don’t they all stay in our hearts

why in the name of God

souls are driven by cruelty

bright red color of our blood

gradually turning into black

its smooth flow to our hearts

fenced, stuck

our eyes refusing to see the truth

how could we believe only in lies

senselessly replacing love

with the poison of religion

don’t we belong to humanity

are we all not human

time has come to stand up to protest

shall we open our arms

to embrace our sisters and brothers

regardless of the religion they follow

with firm belief

shall we spread the message of love

for that’s one thing desired so dearly

by our True God divine


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#religion #humanity

19 thoughts on “Religion cursing Humanity

      1. My pleasure. Anything resisting the encroachment of dogma on every facet of life is interesting to me. You may like some of my work as well…it touches on similar themes often (including one I just posted). Be well.

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  1. Absolutely! The two greatest commandments: Love the Lord your God above anything and anyone, and Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself! People like to try and dismiss people as their neighbors, but the idea is that God loves them, so we should love them too. The neighbor is anyone whom you come into contact with in your life’s movements. Only need to look at the Good Samaritan story to see that this is what God means! I really felt sad when I read your post, but I really agree with you completely! God does also, we are to love people as he loves them. Unfortunately, a lot of people get caught up in their “religion” and forget the purpose of it is to worship God, and obedience to God by loving others…even those who seem unlovable is the ultimate form of showing God that you love Him! It is much better to him than all the songs that a person could sing! Satan uses religion to separate people from loving each other all the time. Loved the post!

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    1. You have really explained it so well my dear. God loves his people and God loves peace. Religion is the creation of humans to control things and few of them are using it against humanity. Thanks for reading my love.

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  2. Very nice poem. I completely agree. I think God is all powerful and all loving and far beyond how any system can attempt to describe Him. I believe there are elements of truth in all religions, and actually do believe in the divinity of Christ, but I see religion being used too often by evil people as an excuse to do what their hearts already want them to do – murder, lie, control. As I put in my novel on my blog, “as if God, the creator, was a possession that could be claimed and owned by warring peoples. Ridiculous!”

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    1. You have said it so right! God is love and peace. There is no book of religion that ever talks about killings or war. It is all created by few minds who are greedy of power who want to use religion as a tact.. simply Divide and Rule. Unfortunately, religion is a very easy one to get people fall for.

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