in the middle of the WAR

where one could hear nothing but gunshots

blasting bombs, churning human flesh

blood raining down from everywhere around

screams in the air echoing through miles

bodies of the soldiers licking the ground

such a horrendous scene for that child to consume

the one who sat in a house, hiding from such horror

innocently he asked a question to the God

what do they get from this horrible destruction

what pleasure is there in killing

why do they choose guns over flowers

what is it that the war has to offer

why do they make small children to suffer

could they not just remain humans

could they try not to turn into animals

why can’t they choose Love & Peace

where in the world could we find Harmony

“Dear God, would you please make them end this War”


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#war #terrorism #ChildrenOfWar

5 thoughts on “Children of War

  1. so agree an can relate to this lady friend is frum Somalia an grew up in war torn Mogadishu war still goes on there..she is thankful she is one in a million gurls that made it out alive.peace out to u take care ur honorable friend …. Q

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