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I guess it’s love…

I guess it’s love…

you were here by my side, so close to me 

you tried to hold my hand many times

you tried to express your love for me

I was the one, rejecting you

knowing that I was hurting you

I went on neglecting you 

I was arrogant

I showed no compassion 

that day, I told you, I didn’t want you

I saw those tears in your eyes

you ran, you hands on your face

trying to hide your embarrassment, your pain

I didn’t know where were you going

neither did I make an effort to stop you

months have passed..

now, every evening I sit on my chair

watching the open door for hours

I don’t know why, now I want you to come back

don’t know why, I miss you so much now

it hurts… it really hurts

I guess it’s love… 


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#poetry #heartbreak #pain

1000 posts! All for your love for mySestina!

1000 posts! All for your love for mySestina!

Hey Beautiful People!

Big day today. Celebrating writing 1000 posts on mySestina. I could never have imagined to reach this far without your love and support!

Let me thank each one of you with my whole heart.

Love you guys!