you were here by my side, so close to me 

you tried to hold my hand many times

you tried to express your love for me

I was the one, rejecting you

knowing that I was hurting you

I went on neglecting you 

I was arrogant

I showed no compassion 

that day, I told you, I didn’t want you

I saw those tears in your eyes

you ran, you hands on your face

trying to hide your embarrassment, your pain

I didn’t know where were you going

neither did I make an effort to stop you

months have passed..

now, every evening I sit on my chair

watching the open door for hours

I don’t know why, now I want you to come back

don’t know why, I miss you so much now

it hurts… it really hurts

I guess it’s love… 


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#poetry #heartbreak #pain

7 thoughts on “I guess it’s love…

  1. Something similar is happening to me and I genuinely hope it doesn’t end this way as your poem did because I genuinely care about this person not just in that yet I think

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  2. This poem is great. It really does touch me. People love to play these silly games, they think it’s fun but when the other person leaves the fun is all over. This has allot of emotion, good job Zigy.

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    1. Yes Dear Richard.. sometimes we realize the worth of a person only when they are gone. Sometimes we fall in love with the one who loved us and we never cared for them. Once we ourselves feel the pain, then we realize how much they must have gone through… Thanks again to you for reading!

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