The Empty Vase

The Empty Vase

emptiness of the vase

filled by the light

with the green lamp

lit by its side

the spring is gone

there are no more flowers

the vase waited for so long to be loved

why are there so many days in a year

long enough to keep the spring away

somehow, doesn’t matter much

with the passing time

they both have concluded

to be together

have fallen in love

the green lamp lit


the vase without flowers


Grow your blog with mySestina (14th Entry)

Let’s grow together..

Please check out this meaningful post by autistsix.


My Love Blind

My Love Blind

how blindly I am in love with you

I end up admiring everything you do

even if it was your decision

to leave me behind


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Grow your blog with mySestina (13th Entry)

Let’s grow together.. Check out this beautiful post from

Enikanoselu ‘Kizo’ Daniels


Breaking your own record! Inspiring

Breaking your own record! Inspiring
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