a smile

a smile that came on my lips

a smile that stayed for a little long

a smile that refused to leave me at all

a smile that became my habit

a smile that even people got used to

a smile that was for no reason

a smile that will only go when I die

it is a smile that’s fake

its is a smile to hide my pain

it is a smile that has become my friend

it is a smile that has promised

not to leave me till the end

seems to me it is

a different kind of a smile

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22 thoughts on “A Different kind of Smile

  1. I wish you so much happiness and freedom to release your pain so you don’t have to hide it. I know that smile very well. The to be brave and encourage others meanwhile crying in bitter sorrow inside myself. Blessings hugs and kisses to you

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      1. Hey.. I love to accept my dear but due to lack of time and other responsibilities, I am just not able to keep up with writing posts with respect to awards.. I feel blessed and honoured, still not too worthy to be awarded for not being able to respond too well to the awards. I really hope you understand my dear!

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  2. The only soul that would see that kind of smile is the one that is going it through. A fake smile can easily deceive the world but the eyes are the one telling the truth. The sadness is prominent that those who are feeling it are the ones who usually notices. Much love ❤

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