if its worth Reading – it was worth to Write


millions of thoughts

coming across my mind

as I decide to sit and write

to share my belief

to share as i  imagine

digging deeper into my heart

the flow never stopped

one thing i realize

its not enough – my life

to pen down all that i hide

millions of secrets destined to die

one day, with me inside

yet one thing is undeniable

about all that i put on paper

if its worth Reading

it was worth to Write

beauty concealed

beauty concealed


pretty flowers around, lush green trees
colors of the rainbow, waves in the sea
a few amongst many, gifts of the nature
my senses can feel, my eyes can see

still one thing
overwhelms me
selfless and gentle
surrounds me every moment
fills me deep
holds me, embraces me

the power that it stores
one can only feel
the beauty of the air
giving us life
yet never wanting
to be seen

for once in my life

for once in my life

for once in my life
I wanna fly
  for once in my life
I wanna close my eyes
close my eyes and dream
  for once in my life
I wanna bloom like a rose
  for once in my life
I wanna go really bold
go bold and dare it all
  for once in my life
I wanna dive
dive into the secrets of the ocean
  for once in my life
I wanna be an ocean myself
an ocean of dreams
an ocean of emotions
an ocean with a million secrets
an ocean full of life
where imagination goes high

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i went ahead…

i went ahead…

they told me not to

informed me of the consequences

my well wishers pulled me back desperately

in hope of saving me from what was to come

yet i went ahead as i wanted to rise

instead, i fell in love

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perfectionist vs naive

perfectionist vs naive

they leave me bewildered, puzzled

each time, every moment

constant argument, an endless debate

between my heart and brain

i wonder which one to follow

for my brain wants to be a perfectionist

my heart tells me to be natural – at times naive

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I’m Curious of Nature

I’m Curious of Nature

wind, now soothing against my face

and then fierce against my skin

flowers, now blooming inviting honey bees

and then leaving life, petals dried & dull

the soil, fertile, rich now

and then dry, bringing a drought

butterflies, now sleeping in cocoons

and then flapping those wings in a hurry

mountains, wearing the white sheet of snow

and then naked, letting the rivers to flow

trees, standing in silence patiently

and then swaying to the ruthlessness of the storm

rain, now bringing merriment to lives

and then voilent, turning into floods devastating

waves, bringing passion to the beach

and then showing their rage of tsunami

I wonder, so Curious I am

of the two faces of the mother nature

someone help me understand

be kind to feed my inquisitiveness

which is real and what’s pretending to be real

is it Life – the ultimate truth of our existence


is it Death – that holds the key

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serve me pain

serve me pain

serve me pain, serve me sorrow

torturing wind as it blows

injects a little immortality in me

nothing you shall gain

for my limits to consume pain

are beyond eternity

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from a Woman to a Mother

from a Woman to a Mother

it was her, just her …. a woman

made love to a man for she was his wife

started to experience another life inside

her womb was a bit more sensitive now

her belly increased a little every moment

another heart started to beat inside her

she truly became a woman with two hearts

life grew inside each day every moment

one after the other all the senses came to life

inside her womb, the baby started to hear

she even cried at times she smiled

kicked a few goals sucked on her thumb

nine months advanced, it was time for the finale

anxiety & excitement both filled the woman

for the pain so intense, unable to bear

her muscles stretched and loosened with each contraction

o heaven!! come out fast, she told the baby

hours of pushing and screaming and heavy breathing

finally, she could hear her first cry

tears of excitement filled her eyes

even before placenta could relieve her frame

she had forgotten already the excruciating pain

in that moment she felt complete

held the tiny soul in her arms, watched her crying

she offered her breast to the tiny mouth

the baby first struggled then started to suckle

that’s when the woman became a mother

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Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other Bloggers!

Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other Bloggers!

I am looking at the stats of my fellow bloggers. The numbers obviously are way much better than mine. I ask myself, why do I not have such great numbers. Why do my posts don’t get as many likes as other’s posts get. I even do a bit of a research on their blog.

Thinking of the same, I could feel in 2 possible ways :-

  1. Inspired
  2. Jealous

If I choose option 1, I could feel inspired to achieve the same for my blog. This is a healthy approach. It would help my blog to grow without a doubt. I will try to learn the strategy and the pattern looking at other’s blogs. I will try to incorporate things that I see them doing and work towards my numbers to boom up.

Option 2, will surely take me nowhere. Rather than trying to rise myself, I will try to find out ways to put other’s blog down. I could do anything depending upon my capabilities, but it surely will have a negative impact on my blog too. I will start to waste my time rather than utilizing it for a better purpose.

So, my dear friends, the choice is ours. To feel Inspired or being Jealous.

Let us all choose the healthy option to achieve more in life and to help others at the same time.


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I cherish Your Love – my dear Bloggers

I tell myself, I’m strong

I am, I really am

but then, a human again

the ocean of emotions in me

handling the high tide 

handling the still, sometimes

the loneliness in its womb

growing, becomes killing…


I see around

with my heart open and accepting

souls around me, filled with love

dripping beauty

kindness and purity

offering love, that’s selfless

love, that’s not leaving me ever

it’s your love

soothing me

staying by my side

holding my back

kissing me gently

embracing me in its warmth

words would never be enough

I wonder, if i could thank you all enough




Trying to find Love in Blogging (in all of YOU)

Sometimes, we just get tired of the situations, no matter how hard we try, things just don’t seem to work. I am writing this post with tears in my eyes, not able to understand the fate and the destiny. Failing to find love in life, right from the beginning, right from the childhood, love deprived teenage, and the story continued..

Now, trying to find love in blogging. With all your beautiful comments, words of inspiration, things you say that bring a smile to my face even when I am in my worst of the moods. Your love inspires me to keep going. All your encouraging words tell me to fight and never give up. I feel as if you all are just by my side, holding my hand, telling me softly – “It will work out dear, please don’t up.”

Emotional mySestina

I would rather Die a Fool

I would rather Die a Fool

My Brain is in the hands of an Expert 

That Expert is my Heart

So what, if they call me a fool

I would rather die so



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The Executioner – a Vice or no?

The Executioner – a Vice or no?

the Executioner at work

his first day of the horrendous job

from now on he is to be paid for doing

what’s considered a crime for the rest to do

a long queue of criminals had been set

waiting in horror, to be hung by their necks

the rage in their eyes for him was obvious

for he was to pull the lever for no enmity with them

his legs trembled to the command of the king

to go ahead and mask them all

for it was going to be an unpleasant sight

of tongues hanging loose and eyes popped out

he gathered courage to perform his first

ready to pull the iron lever with a little rust

in a flick of a second a body lost the ground under its feet

before it’s spirit made its way towards the sky

the executioner could feel it brushing his body

leaving him frozen, haunted

as if it were to come back for Revenge

horrified, the executioner wanted to escape

not wanting to perform this job again

sadly, he was not presented with a choice

he kept still, remained professionally silent

not allowing his eyes to wear any emotion

he waited for the next body to be in place

& he was ready to pull the rusted lever yet again

vice or no?

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I started listening to my own self

I started listening to my own self

they decided not to listen to me

ignored my presence cruelly

I was told

I wasn’t worthy of any attention

must I say, it was a setback

brought me the days blue

many nights unusually dark

but, was I to stay so forever?

the good in me introduced me to hope

about them, I didn’t care anymore

amazingly I started to develop feathers

my aspirations gradually turned them to wings

I took my time to learn to fly

THEY were furious to see me in the sky

yet, they could do me no harm then

for I wasn’t wanting them to be my audience

I followed the path that made me believe in me

I followed the hope that gave me beauty

today, as I stood to make my speech

all of them gathered to give me honor

it didn’t matter anymore if anyone would listen

I had discovered a way much better

I started listening to my own self

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#poetry #selfconfidence #inspiration

To jump or not to jump

To jump or not to jump

staring down through the depth of the building

She sat on the top most floor

her situation unfathomable

incapable to consider any solutions

she felt all her power evaporating

her legs trembled, felt empty

shiver ran through her spine

as she struggled to decide

to jump, or not to jump

and she did

but on the other side

to live


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Fork of his Fate

Fork of his Fate

Wise enough, he made friends with Wisdom

Quick enough, he took his steps to beat time

Young enough, he had energy unmatched

Smart enough, he spoke his words with care

Bright enough, he had the light within

he was everything, to have lead the world

never stopped, to build his ship of dreams

tireless efforts, those sleepless nights

never failed to sew the wings he would fly with

yet, in the end

it plunged into his back

scattered all that he had gathered

piercing his dreams, hit him in the face

could it be more cruel – the Fork of his Fate

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#poetry #fate

I wrote my own Destiny

I wrote my own Destiny

I wasn’t born worthy

my fate with a dark face

hovered over my head

challenging me

looking into my eyes

made fun of my determination

once, it even spoke to me

forcing me to give in

to accept what’s written for me

was I a fool? no I wasn’t

despite of my many falls

I wasn’t scared, I didn’t stop

my dreams were stronger, much bigger

they gave meaning to my existence

my fate screamed hard at me

with all its force, pulled me to it

still, my will showed me the light

bright enough to make me rise

guess what happened next

defeating my fate

I wrote my own Destiny


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The Pleasure of selling Wisdom

The Pleasure of selling Wisdom

on a hot, sunny, summer day

in my car, I stopped on a traffic signal

an old man, must be in his 70s

came running to me, a pile of books in his hands

sweating, loosing his energy in the heat

offering to sell wisdom at a price too cheap

knocked at the window glass of my car

“would you like to buy some good reads young lady”

with no intention to pay him any attention

I simply nodded my head to refuse

he requested kindly, one more time

this time, I looked into his eyes

how moved I was to see a shine there

his silent eyes were narrating a story

choosing not to beg, he chose to earn his glory

even when his weak bones were making him suffer

he had decided to Earn himself his bread and butter

I bought a book from him for just Rs 150

along with the book, came many blessings

he smiled gently at me, as I started to move

his eyes shone with a pleasure divine

as he waved me a pleasant goodbye

his happiness, his smile just made my day

I looked back to see him walk with pride

approaching another young lady in her car

to continue with his journey 

offering to sell the wisdom unmatched

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The Tunnel of Hope

The Tunnel of Hope

thick dark on the inside of the tunnel

encouraging the darkness to grow even darker

providing shelter to the ghosts 

raising rodents and bats

the wetness on the sides and head above

dripping dark water cold like ice

giving shivers to me to walk inside

I had no choice, but to cross its length

my life was waiting on the other end

my feet were cold, my body was numb

took enormous courage to take my steps

seemed to me it was a journey eternal

I wished I hadn’t started it at all

I cursed myself, cursed my fate

pushing myself took a lot of effort

and then to my wonderment 

my ordeal started to fade & hope prevailed

hazy light my eyes were seeing on the far end

my heart raced with joy and excitement

suddenly, I felt so closer to my destination

the tunnel was uncompromising, yet it gave me hope

it was pessimistic, yet it gave me courage

how it propelled me to win over its sins

determined me to travel through it to win

I stood outside in the shining sun

my life was ahead, waiting for my embrace

my heart compelled to look back once

to see through the darkest dark of the tunnel

I waved my hand, bowed my head in gratitude

thanked the tunnel to show me HOPE

it taught me a lesson, never to stop

keep on going to cross a thousand tunnels

for many more were bound to come my way

as I would travel through the journey of my life

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Metamorphosis (the Sun & the Moon)

Metamorphosis (the Sun & the Moon)

The greatest of tales as narrated by TIME

Witnessed to go beyond eternity

it’s about a journey

That started with a little warmth

A magical experience so soothing and calm

Minutes passed and then did hours

Gradually, the warmth turned Cruel to heat unbearable

Species of all kind, started to pale

The journey slowed down, even came to a halt

Life was about to declare its extinct

Glaring up to the sky with hands two folded

They decided to pray for a little mercy

It happened then – a secret miracle

The Sun metamorphosed to a Moon

Bringing a breeze to shower the life

The Orange started to turn into white

There was no heat, the journey was smooth

Life, taking its time to relish the cool

Inevitable, the cool progressed to freeze

They all had to wake up from their dream

Once more, they all decided to pray

Looked up to the sky, then closed their eyes

Their lips murmured a few words of magic

And the Moon metamorphosed to the Sun



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Dreams Chased

Dreams Chased

dreams were chased

dreams so lived 

dreams got shattered 

new dreams being dreamt

fresh dreams now chased

fresh dreams to be lived

fresh dreams turning 




Painting on the Wall

Painting on the Wall

painting on the wall

looks so to me

i am naive, not to understand

the state of mind of the man

holding the brush, surrounded by colors

does he belong to the city he painted

or he longs for it, for it’s zeal

is he jealous of the people living there

or he is one of them celebrating

flock of birds flying in the sky

are they for real or mere imagination

or the painter simply meaning

to prompt the admirer to go ahead

paint the painting yet again


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Thumbs Theory

Thumbs Theory

thumbs on the hands

sad, left out to wonder

forming a group, the fingers unite

why have the thumbs been set aside

pretty rings, are all for fingers

beautiful and long

they sway to form many gestures

desirable to be touched by the lovers

they work to brush the soft pink lips

caress a loving face, hold it to kiss

in the meanwhile

the short and the cornered thumbs

sitting to rest, feeling too dumb

they are yet to realize their worth

do they know their part is to inspire

for thumbs up is the gesture we all aspire

going up of them bring a million smiles

fill life with laughter,

make spirits to touch the skies

well! well!

the thumbs are now happy, taking pride

they now have grasped

the PURPOSE of their existence

they now have understood

the thumbs theory

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#ThumbsUp #poetry 

If the Storm was a little Orderly

If the Storm was a little Orderly

I wonder if the storm be a little orderly

would it be not so loud, so harsh

would it be a little less destructive

would the wind decrease its massive flow

would the tide rise not that high

If only the storm was a little orderly

would it not make the buildings to fall

would it not gulp lives too many

would a little more be spared from its wrath

If only the storm was a little orderly

the bridges may develop a few cracks

yet they won’t break completely

they would still allow the cars to pass

If only the storm was a little orderly

I would still find my wife and children back

for they wouldn’t end up being in the storm’s mouth

I would still find them standing under the tree

waiting for me

only if the storm was a little orderly

the storm sure, would loose its power

the power to become gigantic

It wouldn’t have turned into a STORM at all

If only the storm had learnt

to be a little orderly

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#poetry #storm #orderly

what You’ve done to Me

what You’ve done to Me

i wonder why

i feel light like a feather

i feel the light in my heart

don’t need a reason to smile

i am beautiful from the inside

i glow like shining gold

i shimmer like a gleaming diamond

the scent of my body fragrant without any flowers

my eyes shine with zeal

don’t need any wings to fly

i am no more what i were

o dear is this your love

what you’ve done to me

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I never had a Childhood

I never had a Childhood

the boy on the door to deliver a parcel

looked no older than eleven years

wore a torn cap, no laces on his shoes

the buttons on his shirt, mostly missing

first he offered the package to me

and then a ledger with a pen

“would you please sign against your name Ma’am”

while I signed, I asked him how old was he

“I am not sure Ma’am, my mother never told me”

where was his mother, my heart forced me to ask

“I never saw her, she died the day I was born”

my heart broke, the ground slipped under my feet

I asked him since when he was working, doing deliveries

like a hard blow on my face his innocent answer came

“I have been working since the day I GREW UP Ma’am”

as he turned to leave he said to me in pain

“I was never a child Ma’am, I never had a childhood

that parcel is still sitting in my room unopened

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Envy & Grace

Envy & Grace

two sisters – unborn

dreaming together in the womb

holding each other’s hand

fondly in love, even before birth

sharing the sack

the fluid they gulped into their lungs

sharing every thought, each moment

be it happiness, pain or love

flawlessly playing their part

blooming a relationship wonderful

the sisters finally took birth

still unaware of the sadness of the world


the cruel teachings of the inhumane

made them part their path

for one of them grew up as Ms. Grace

the other was named Ms. Envy

need more to be told of this story?

how two loving souls


to turn forver

into enemies

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mySestina Wonderland

mySestina Wonderland

my little salt, little pepper like heart

beating for broccoli and spring onions

peri peri sauce for a tinge of excitement

i need some wine

i need a vacation

o dear chicken of imagination

bring me a plane to my destination

serve me a beach of salads of all kinds

some bread and donuts by the side

i want my knives and forks all clean

cover me with a napkin of peace

lying down all day the sunny side way

to not let Mr. Time to pass too fast

I am holding a clock in my hand

for I want to stay a little longer here

in mySestina wonderland

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The Junkyard

The Junkyard

for their little left worth

to be sold, for few pennies

Junk, sitting in the Junkyard

a wooden chair with a broken arm

its fabric stinking of some heavy metal

an air conditioner with its compressor broken

the plug on it’s wire missing, at the end

books from the past, their paper turned yellow

with many missing pages, their covers all torn

a bike with its handle twisted

tyres deflated, the paddles jammed

broken toys of all sorts and shapes

a little horse, a train and a few barbie dolls

Junk in the Junkyard lying without any life

spider’s net covering some of it

layers of dust covering it all

it may be, of little worth today

or may be, of no worth at all

yet, the Junkyard holding it all so dearly

not wanting to let go any of it

because it has held the junk for so long

the Junkyard NOW

ONLY COMPLETE with the Junk

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#poetry #junkyard

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

words inspire
words conspire
they can make one win
they can make one sin
words can hurt
words can heal
they can mend
they can break
love, they can contain
they dominate

potential of words is beyond compare
let’s choose our words with care

let’s bring a smile to someone’s face
let’s make this world a meaningful place

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#Poetry #WordPower #Words

Colors of the Sky

Colors of the Sky

I stood on the top of the mountain

my arms wide open inviting the sky

its light blue color showering serenity

reflecting a glow peaceful, so calm

seeing me consuming its beauty so gently

the sky decided to tease me a little

throwing a party, it invited the clouds

changing its color from light blue to black

dark clouds smiled invited the lightening

with a flash of light tiny drops started to fall

I felt the drizzle on my face so soft

closed my eyes, my arms still wide open

I stood there hugging

pretty colors of the sky

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Did I ?

Did I ?

did I plan to suffer

no I didn’t

did I make friends with pain

no I didn’t

did I tell my eyes to cry

no I didn’t

did I ask you to be mine

yes, I did

& you said ‘No’


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#poetry #heartbreak

I couldn’t cheat my Heart

I couldn’t cheat my Heart

I didn’t let my eyes

to shed any tears

I kept all my pain


I smiled

to the world


my happiness

but could never


this heart of mine


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Drunk… lol

Drunk… lol

who filled my glass

didn’t they know

I am drunk already!

how silly of them

to fill my glass

 & that too

of my favourite wine


must I finish

for I strongly believe in

utilising, not wasting

lol… truly drunk I am

to make her mine

to make her mine

if only they had discovered a magical sphere

with a little space to fit me in

I would fasten all my seat belts carefully

for a journey to be traveled to pure my soul

to beat the light for its unbeatable speed

Yes, I would travel Back in Time

I would amend all the wrongs I have done

I would un- break the heart that I broke once

I would stop those ugly words in my throat

words that separated her from me

I would kiss her, caress her and just not stop

I am worthy of her blame

I didn’t do it when I had the chance

I would tell her, I love her a zillion times

I didn’t say it when she craved for those words

I would do everything to undo the hurt

wouldn’t let her cry those precious tears

would hold her tight, not let her go

would soothe her anxiety, soothe her soul

only if they had discovered a magical sphere

that could make me travel, back in time

I would rush to her, wouldn’t make any delay

to bring her back, to make her mine

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A soul worthy of ART

A soul worthy of ART

a soul worthy of art

is a soul able to realize the music in monotony

is a soul with the power to celebrate agony

it can paint without possessing colors

it can giggle for someone else’s happiness

it travels the speed of light every moment

it can survive a volcano, it can swallow the sun

it can heal the wounds in a matter of a blink

it can bleed to perform, it can shrink

untouchable, immortal, godly

a soul worthy of art

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The Wrong Train

The Wrong Train

lost in his thoughts, he couldn’t think much that morning

lost in his thoughts, he caught the wrong train

still lost in his thoughts, he took a vacant seat

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t see people around

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t know where to get down

lost in his thoughts, didn’t hear the baby crying next to him

lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice something ticking under his seat

in a moment, a severe explosion hit the train

the man suddenly, woke up from his thoughts


 is now lost

in the ashes of the bomb blast

remember? he caught the wrong train

while being lost in his thoughts


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I used my Depression to Inspire me

I used my Depression to Inspire me

I am confused.. this is sort of a happy confusion rather..

Am I depressed or am I inspired?.. I guess I have learnt a way and it is absolutely magical!

I have seen my depression giving birth to my inspiration. Every time I felt low, it inspired me to write about something positive. The pain urged me to find out a way to convert itself into happiness. And that’s what I did. I tried to inspire myself and everyone around to be kind, supportive and stay connected with each other through my posts on WordPress.

The Blogging Series that I published recently is also a product of me fighting with depression. Following is the list of all the blogging series posts for which I received phenomenal response –

  1. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  2. My Blog is my baby – do you feel so
  3. A Mission to help the Bloggers
  4. From My Blog to Our Blogs
  5. 10 ways Blogging has changed us
  6. Love Blogging to live it
  7. Participate in mySestina Blog Survey
  8. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  9. Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?
  10. Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other bloggers
  11. Wow Benefits of Blogging
  12. Why Embrace criticism on WordPress
  13. Empowering Bloggers Community

Every time I defeated my depression by writing an inspirational post. Your support made me write more to spread the positive energy around and to get help from it and at the same time helping others.

I guess, I won… and you helped me with the same. I made my depression to work the best possible way for me.

Fantastic! Isn’t it?


Why would you read mySestina..

you don’t just follow me, I don’t just follow you

you connect to me, I connect to you

you see that affection in me, and I in you

you come talk your heart, when I listen to you

you close your eyes, I’m dreaming of you

no, I got nothing to hide, I got the feeling to show you

I don’t know how all this happened

you liked me

and I fell in love with you


to all my dear fellow bloggers.. I love You… come join the Blogger’s Pool and help each other grow and to increase traffic on your beautiful blogs

Nurture your Blog – the smart way

Nurture your Blog – the smart way

We all want to see our blogs growing. More readers, more followers, more likes and a lot of traffic. Most of us love blogging, that’s why we are here. We start to enjoy the blogging world and in a way our blog becomes really precious to us, as if it is our baby. But, a baby needs to be nurtured properly to grow and to be good at the things he or she needs to learn.

Now, how do we nurture our baby blog to make it a successful big blog?

The answer is very simple.. by following good and smart practices. Let me point out a few here with respect to making use of the Community Pool and Daily Prompt Post by WordPress 

  1. Make use of the Community Pool’s post every Monday.
  2. Leave your link in the comments section and a brief description of your site.
  3. Publish your best post right after leaving a comment on Community Pool’s post to let people take interest in your blog and are encouraged to follow you.
  4. Go through the comments of other bloggers there and invite them to your blog.
  5. Follow their sites as per your interest, try to read their posts and leave comments to show your dedication.
  6. Try to make use of the Daily Prompt post everyday. Write a post with respect to the prompt and link it to the Daily Prompt site. This could attract a lot of readers to your site.
  7. Try to keep the title to your post very interesting to gain immediate attention.
  8. Being positive is the key. Stay connected and support others in order to receive their support.

Hope this helps! I wish you all a lot of contentment with respect to your blogging experience.


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Just a Human I am

Just a Human I am

I lack perfection

make my own mistakes

I sure do have flaws

just a human I am

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I need a Warm Hug :)

I need a Warm Hug :)

Today, I just wish to close my eyes

I want peace, I need a little warmth

A moment of mine when I feel blessed

Just a little bit of shine of my share

I just need to be embraced

I need a warm hug

Tell me my dear

Could you hold me against your chest!

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let the sun, burn my skin
let the nights be long
let the wind blow against my face
I decide to grow strong

let all the odds just hit on me
let me just have a fall
I’ll gather back all my strength
to stand up right and tall

I start my journey
to climb the up mountain
at a slow and a steady pace
will reach the top, the day will come
in my hands will I have my fate

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They don’t allow me Peace

They don’t allow me peace

I have done nothing to harm

I have given myself selflessly

Nothing that I ask for

For all this trouble, so many arguments

I wonder sometimes 

If I am better alone

I better should find some peace 

In my loneliness




Now, that’s – what I call Determination

Now, that’s – what I call Determination

No matter how thick is the Ice

It is bound to melt with a little Heat

Make use of the heat in you

stay determined


A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

A letter so special from a wife to her husband.. must read

A very special letter from a wife to her husband.. a must read..

Dear Husband,

Now that I am away from you and on my way to a life without you, I want to take this opportunity to share something very special with you.

You know our lives together were not happy. You were always busy with your needs and never cared for our relationship. I am sure that you understand, that I tried my best to involve you with me, I always craved for those special moments with you, I wished for your love every moment and died a thousand deaths when I didn’t get your response, I did my best and tried not to complain of your behavior to you, I cried silently many nights lying right beside you and you never paid heed, I even tried telling you how lonely I was getting and asked for your help. But, I never could win you. I could never win your attention. I never could win your love.

You must be surprised to know that I am writing this letter to you to thank you. I have no complaints now. I cursed my life every moment when I was in pain and when you didn’t care at all. But today, I feel that I am a much stronger and powerful person. It is because in the last 15 years of our marriage, you have prepared me for each and every blow that life could bring on. I feel alive one again as I have left you and I am now ready to face this world at the age of 45 all by myself. I could not have done if you didn’t give me enough tests in my life when I stayed with you.

Obviously, you made my life hell, but now that I am over you, I am beyond all hardships of life.

Your wife

(who has now left you for good)

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This is what I call happiness…

Sitting in the community park with birds chirping around me. My daughter playing and running around calling out my name every now and then. Wind blowing gently to help me feel great. Squirrels coming close and then running away from me. Ants on the ground moving in a row. Sun playing hide and seek in the clouds. I am at peace, feeling relaxed.

Now this is what I call happiness!

The Magic of Challenge

The Magic of Challenge

Challenge – A Magical word indeed!

It has a deep impact on all of us in some way at all stages of our lives. Challenge must always be used to our advantage. This can happen if we take it in a positive manner.

If we observe closely, we use it everyday in our lives. It increases our capacity to handle the problem or a situation. Our brain adapts to the challenge given to us and boosts us to go for it the stronger way. i.e. Any normal day, someone goes to work in a train. He/she has to catch a train by 9 and they prepare themselves accordingly. A change in job requires them to start taking the train at 8. One hour early in the morning could be a challenge. Now, this is where we take the challenge and increase our capability to do things. When we have to accept the challenge, we go for it with double the force and achieve things which we never thought we could.

Challenge help us to raise our kids the strong way. Encouragement is another form of challenge. When our kids are not feeling confident about doing something, we push them gently and positively towards the same. This is how they accept the challenge and go for it. Small things like climbing up the ladder, learning to ride a bike, reciting a poem in front of their class, facing other kids bullying them at school etc.

I challenge myself everyday when it comes to my life. Be it the blogging part, handling kids, taking care of the household, shopping, cooking… the list shall never end.

So, my dear friends, let’s challenge ourselves positively and make the bet use of it in our lives.

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How many followers you gained in the past 7 days and How?

How many followers you gained in the past 7 days and How?

Let’s play a game..

Answer these 2 simple questions –

  1. How many new followers you gained in the past 7 days?
  2. Why do you think they followed you?

The answer to the second question will make you think and observe closely as to why people follow you, what is it that made them follow you and you can work in the direction of achieving more followers in a powerful way.

Start doing what works best for you. You are the best judge to your blog!



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My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?

My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?

My Blog is my Baby! That’s how we all feel. Isn’t it!

We are in love with our blogs, it is something we are so close to, dearly in love with. We care for our blogs the way we care for our child. And that’s why we choose to do the following:

  • We nurture it with our thoughtful posts.
  • We want to give it time to grow and learn from others.
  • We want to take our blog to the next level and finally to heights just like we would aspire for our child to grow and be successful.

There is an enormous amount of time, effort and research that’s put to build a blog. It’s true! It requires a lot of patience too. We compromise on our sleep sometimes to think or to write about something close to our hearts. Work on it sometimes, till our back starts to ache! Changed the sitting position to ease our body a little and still we didn’t stop staring at the screen. That’s the reality!!

Well, the blog too has something in store for us.

In return, it takes care of each one of us. It gives the us the pleasure of speaking our heart, it gives us all an opportunity to make ourselves heard, it gives us the satisfaction of being someone who is not lost, someone recognized, with an identity.

Together, we share the moments of success and low times. We inspire and console each other at the same time. We walk hand in hand.

That’s give and take and it builds a beautiful relationship between our blogs and us. I am sure each one of us would like to say one thing:-

“My blog is powerful and it has made ME so too”

Cheers to Blogging!!

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Why Embrace Criticism on WordPress?

Why Embrace Criticism on WordPress?

We can not expect everyone to understand and agree with our view points and hence criticism is obvious at each step of our lives. What does criticism do to us in the blogging world is completely in our own hands.

We publish here on WordPress and people come back with their valuable comments and suggestions. Now, the same could be in agreement or disagreement.

We could choose to let the criticism destroy our good mood or we could choose to have a debate and try to explain our point to get the other person thinking. Giving a few examples to support our thoughts is always helpful. There is still no guarantee that the other person will get impressed, which is absolutely fine and must be taken in a healthy manner. We must be open to understand the other person’s point of view as well.

Now that was healthy criticism. There is another form of criticism that many of us may have faced here on WordPress. This is something that does not allow you to debate or do anything about it. Frankly speaking, I fail to understand this kind.

I will give you a live example. There is someone who has been commenting on my posts in an unacceptable way. Saying filthy things which are completely out of the context. This person has even gone to an extent to create a website with a name similar to mine (mySestina) and has been commenting bad things. He/She has also commented through other names and I know it is the same person as I have the IP address for their computer.

The question is whether do I get affected by such behavior? Well, my answer is NO. I simply choose to not respond to such comments as I don’t believe in killing my good self for someone who doesn’t even understand their own purpose. They are simply wasting their time to upset others rather than utilizing it for their own good. I personally feel that they don’t even deserve my attention and time.

Hence, whether is criticism is healthy or not, we must choose to not let it disturb us in any way. We must remain calm in both the cases and should embrace the same to become a better person. It obviously makes us a person with a better control over our emotions!

How do you feel? I welcome you all to share your views on criticism.

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Participate in mySestina Blog Survey

Participate in mySestina Blog Survey

Would you like to participate in mySestina Blog Survey ? Please answer just one question –

Do you love to blog? Why?

Please leave your comments below. Also, leave the link to your site for more publicity.

Remember! your participation could inspire someone!

Thanks a lot!

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Empowering Bloggers Community

Empowering Bloggers Community

Dear friends,

We all know how much we value each other.

The idea here is to show our love towards fellow bloggers.

Would you be so kind to share top 3 bloggers you have come across here on WordPress with whom you feel connected. Name them and let them know how much you care for them. It sure would be an amazing way to pay regards and spread more love around by letting each other know about it.

Leave the names and a link to their website in the comment section.

I request you to help mySestina with this mission of Empowering Bloggers Community.



The Strix – Reborn

The Strix – Reborn



For days

she wandered

along the trails

in the woods 


by life trials

she only knew 

she was leaving

not from where

nor where to

following rolling twists

her destination moved

contorting her path

tangled by thorns

shadowed by death

and as she snaked her way

she morphed into decay

unrecognizable she changed

step by step, faded away

her lives shed, skin fled

years fell thudding

to the ground

she chose 

to let them go


and slowly she rose

lighter, free


to the precipice

through branches scratches

the sun peeked, 

the view steep

and she broke through

to the top, 


reborn, resurrected 

fresh form formed

from the death

of her lives before

and from now on,

from each step

grass, life, breath


Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm (Link to blog)




It surrounded us from every side. We tried to fight, but there’s no escaping it.

Insatiable it was. Inch by inch it licked the ground until it was so close we can feel its heat.

It sustains life.

But how can it be so cruel and unforgiving at the same time?

We did or best, didn’t we? But I guess it was not enough. No use resisting now. All there’s left to do is to succumb to what fate has destined…

We embraced each other as the flames draw near. We’re going to die, that’s for certain now, but we’ll die holding each other. There’s solace in that, I guess. At least, nobody’s left behind…

First, it caught them. Then her. Then all of us together.
Everybody cried, but nobody screamed.
This is it… I watched as we were consumed and fell to the ground.
Looking back, it was a happy journey, I’m glad I took it.

“Hope is lost”.

Those were the last words that left my lips. I closed my eyes, ready to face the end.
And as I was about to give my last breath, I heard a voice.
It was so faint. Even fainter than a whisper.
But still it was audible.

“Is it?”

Suddenly I felt a peculiar warmth inside me. It was not the flames; it was something different.
I opened my eyes, and life surged back to my body, filling my bones, arms legs, and consciousness with that strange warmth. It was odd, but familiar at the same time.

It was hope!

My dearest companions were there too, not everyone, but I know they’ll be with us someday. Then we will be complete again. And somehow we were different.
REBORN from the flames, we were glowing, like ember but brighter. The fires that I thought was our deathbed, has instead birthed us new life. Even stronger than before.

Away bird of wisdom and soar new heights!


                                                                              ~ from JUANDERING ARTIST (Link to blog)




Desire to be born again


I need to wash away the dust in my eyes

It made my vision blurred

I couldn’t see the truth

I need to cleanse my thoughts of evil

My cravings, my desires

How greed filled me, empowered me

I need to run away from the shadows of the ghosts

Dark and dull filling in the air

I need the sun to swallow the clouds

That were cold, heartless & gloomy

Crawling their way to my heart

I need to wake up from the deep sleep

The sleep that’s turning me into what I am not

I just need to be free of all boundaries

No objections, no limitations for me

I just want to be pure like a child

I just desire to be born again

~ Zigyasa Kakkar from Mysestina (Link to blog)


Seed, plant, fruit, seed
Water, steam, rain, water
Sun, Day, Moon, Night
Circle of Life

Seed, egg, fruit
Baby, Child, Teenager
Adult, Senior, Death

Do you recognize that feeling during the day, you wish you could go back to bed and get up for a second time to start the day all over again? Maybe you even long for death, so you can start your whole life all over again. Thriving at the same energy as nature, death seems to be the end for (us) animals. Is it?

Can we only go on through the life of our children?
Is there life after death, a change to be reborn?

Maybe, maybe not.

Regardless what you believe, and many of us think we can, we can’t control the circle of life.
However, we can control how we thrive on natures energy. Not by ending it all, but by daring to change, to grasp chances right in front of you, to lean on another, to open up and by daring to be vulnerable.

We can reborn at any moment we want to.

Patty Wolters

                                                                              ~ from Kruidje-roer-me niet



Expressions Crossing Continents

FACEBOOK (link to Facebook page)

Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

Miniature World of Blogging

Miniature World of Blogging

in a world so big, in such a big world

i live happily in my miniature world

it’s the world of blogging, it’s the blogging world

it has all, everything it contains

the sun, the moon, the stars, the art

the smiles, the laughs, the tears, the heart

this world is a beautiful place to live in

I’m glad to be a part of this beautiful thing

a mini me, writing and smiling

in the miniature world of blogging


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Sea Shore

Sea Shore

sea shore, o sea shore

how you welcome the waves

to make love to you a thousand times

yet to leave you again

sea shore o sea shore

how you offer your calm to someone

to live their loneliness

at the sunset, as they walk on your wet sand

sea shore o sea shore

how you beautify the setting sun

let it glow its soft rays on you

and then to leave you to the dark

sea shore o sea shore

how you mingle with the moon

to consume your serenity

to play the music of the night

then to hand you over to the dawn

sea shore o sea shore

how you enjoy being so giving

and never asking for nothing

sea shore or sea shore

please give me learning to the magic of life

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Learning & Writings

Learning & Writings

sometimes, I write what I have learnt

at times, I end up learning from my writings

sometimes, I am provoked

to write my inner self

at times, my writings

glow my soul with light..

could anything else be more interesting ever

endless process of birthing each other

both are born, both are mothers

Writings to Learning

Learning to Writings

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Forever Reckless

Forever Reckless

often these eyes

have shed many tears

careless heart

is the culprit

vulnerable yet stubborn

it refuses any discussions

snatches the permit from brain

to take any decisions

charming yet silly

this heart

ends up breaking itself

never learning

from its mistakes

forever reckless, this heart


that’s the beauty of it!

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Hungry Politicians

Hungry Politicians

all they could envision is power

the thirst for bloodshed in war

their aim to achieve the throne

aren’t they aware of their sins

yes they are…

ready to jeopardize human existence

turning them into bombs

killing humanity, leaving no place for life

love and kindness begging for mercy

those kings are fake

they are not real 

they have no heart

they are not even humans anymore

they are only – hungry politicians


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will you have faith in me?

will you have faith in me?

when your eyes shall refuse to see no light

when your heart shall not listen to its own beat

when your ears shall refuse to listen to the music of hope

when your hands shall refuse to fold to pray

when your voice shall break to speak the truth

when your lungs shall not breathe the fragrance

when your will shall refuse to take another step

when you shall only feel the darkness all around

then my dear child, I need you to remind yourself

I’m keeping an eye on you

I’m watching you from the sky above

I’m there in you, deep inside your soul

I’m trying every second, to show you the light

I urge you my child – to have faith in me

will you please my dear – have faith in me?


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Ten Year Old writes – (Destined to be in the bin) by Radha

Ten Year Old writes – (Destined to be in the bin) by Radha

A paper made from wood

It was to be used sooner or later

Kept in a bundle in a shop

With it’s million friends all eager

Then someone came

And bought the bundle

It was so eager to be used

It couldn’t control its hunger

With its million friends it was kept in a drawer

 It was somewhere in between the bundle

 It would be long for its turn to come

 It had to wait so much more

Days passed, then months did

The upper papers got their chances

What would have happened with them

 It wondered and wondered until it was it’s own turn then

It was taken out by a child

Kept on a table

On it, the child was making something

It was getting tickled

When the tickling stopped,

 It saw there were colors painted on it

 Maybe the drawing was considered inappropriate,

Not so good

It had expected itself

To be a painting worth billions,

Well, it was crushed,

And thrown in the dustbin


Radha is 10 years old and she is recently started writing poems. 3 of her following poems have already been published on WordPress. 

My Shadow My Companion – by Radha

Walking in the Woods – by Radha

My Emotions – by Radha

Please encourage her!

The Need for Blogging

The Need for Blogging

Understanding the need for blogging is not very difficult once you start doing it. We tend to realize the value of blogging in our lives, once we create a blog of our own and start to publish our work. In a matter of a few days or weeks, a blogger realizes what was he/she missing when they were not blogging.

In a way, we are able to find a fantastic way to let the world be aware of our ideas. The need to be heard and to make a difference in our own lives and to influence others gets satisfied here. When people appreciate our ideas, we feel energized. It gives us mental satisfaction. Our own brain drives us towards achieving that satisfaction.

The fact is that once we start blogging, it is very difficult to stay away or missing even for a few days from our blogs. The need to read other’s posts, the need to write more and publish, makes us miss blogging when we are not doing it. It is always great to come back to the blogging world if we have to take a break from it for any reason.

I just took a day off and guess what! there are so many posts that I missed on. Makes me feel not too good, but I am trying to catch up. Please bear with me my dear fellow bloggers. I am now back and will be back in action from right now itself.

Guess, the need for blogging is just too deep inside me. Do you feel so too?

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you made me realize

the depth of the ocean

you allowed me to dive

into your beautiful eyes

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I am killing my Mother

I am killing my Mother

I am killing my mother

the ghost is now scared of me

mother earth is pained by my needs

she wonders

she would rather have birthed a ghost

but not me – not my race


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Loneliness in the Sky

Loneliness in the Sky

A million stars twinkling together

spreading merry, showing delight


how lonely could the sky become

how gloomy the grey could ever be

it’s a secret too deep


the Moon can reveal

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Light of Love

Light of Love

as the Light of Love Lit me up

I became Supreme

the God sat by my side

and we looked after the world


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Grow your blog with mySestina (20th Entry)

Dear Beautiful Bloggers,

Please check out this fantastic post “Avoid 5 things if you want to be a successful person”


Hope you enjoy!


Dear Reader, did you just unfollow me?

Dear Reader, did you just unfollow me?

Hey Guys!!

There are times when I see the number of followers going down than going up and I wonder who must have unfollowed my blog.

It brings to my mind, what made him/her do so?

  1. Were they not happy with my posts?
  2. Were they bored and not getting anything interesting to read on my blog?
  3. Were they just irritated by the flood of posts on my blog?
  4. Did I post something which may have hurt them in some way?

And, then I start to think that I must find out the reason. It is important for me to know if I have hurt someone or irritated someone in any possible way and I would like to correct that.

So, would you please give me a chance to correct my unintentional mistakes and be kind to let me know in case you plan to unfollow my blog?

I would do anything to make sure that you stay with me. You are important to me and we are all a part of a big family and I surely wouldn’t want to lose any of my dearest Readers.

I am for my readers. I am where I am, for my readers. I love my readers.


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Time Travel

Time Travel

To reach out to those days of innocence

Togetherness, as we shared those laughs

Not sitting in front of the TV screens

But while eating a meal delicious

To reach out to that sense of security

While we played in the community park

Hearty laughs, climbing up the trees

No criminal eyes staring for a kidnap

To reach out to the connection we built

Souls touching each other with affection

Not with the wire of internet modem

But by holding each other’s hands

To reach out to those days of long walks

While walking, when we talked our hearts

Wearing our old canvas shoes

We never missed the comfort of a car

To reach out to those days of health

No one knew of the word ‘depression’

No pills, no capsules, no supplements

Life was cherished, there wasn’t any stress

To reach out to those days so simple yet priceless

Luxury wasn’t anywhere close to us

Still, we lived our lives to the full

Yes, to reach out to those days Wonderful

We need, to travel back in time

Don’t we all sometimes

Crave for a Time Machine


Image By Alpe John from The Juandering Artist

#Poetry #TimeTravel

The Window

The Window

the window

what it told me in the night

I shall not let you see outside

o dear mysestina

search for the answers within

and so I followed…


the window changed its stand

when it was day, bright and grand

look out my dear through the world

enough of searching within

now its time

for a perspective

broader than your own self

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Along came with fame

Along came with fame

with fame, along came much more

the glitter of pennies, a thousand followers

a house so big, tough to discover its boundaries

fancy outings, finest wine in those barrels

sexy feminine long dresses with flairs

such heavenly bags and shoes with all heels

this life i thought was worth living

didn’t i crave for it all the time

yet another dark reality that was realized

with fame, came such deep pain

it brought loneliness along with the crowd

it was killing sometimes, the applause

the glorious glory, was it worth my character?

only when i have it now, i am desperate

to be a common girl whom no one recognizes

a girl sipping her coffee in the coffee shop and no one stares

guess now i need a time machine

someone help me, i wanna travel back in time

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I woke up with Wings

I woke up with Wings

that morning as I woke up

I had wings like a fairy

white and flawless

someone whispered to me in my ears

her voice soft and mesmerizing

my eyes were still puffy from the sleep

as I rubbed them I tried to see

couldn’t see anything but a light so bright

made me feel like a feather, oh so light

the voice told me “you got it my love”

I bless you with wings, now fly like a dove

I assign you the task to spread divinity

go ahead – be an Angel

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He packed Me a Smile

He packed Me a Smile

last evening i stepped out of my house

through the narrow streets, into a busy local market

to satisfy my craving for an Indian Chinese treat

the hustle bustle of people

carrying shopping bags crossing the bazaar 

vendors calling out for customers

took me a little close to my childhood

there i found this sweet boy

selling dumplings for a price unbelievable

packed me 10 pieces for less than half a dollar

i couldn’t help but to observe him as he was packing

along with my dinner, he packed me a smile

as i paid him and started to walk back home

i turned to see him a few times

each time, to see him smiling

for every customer, packing a smile

Dust in My Eyes

Dust in My Eyes

when the dust in my eyes, through the storm

stole my vision for a few moments

it was when, i saw through the darkness

i became blind long time back

blind to the truth, to the sufferings of others

blind not to see, enormous love i received

blind to the merriment, a child’s giggles could bring

blind to the comforts i was rewarded for free

blind to the peace and resources that surround me

blind, not to discover another myself in me

i rubbed my eyes from the discomfort of the dust

promised to earn back my vision

that was held for a long time till now

by my negativity

image source

Would You remain Mine

Would You remain Mine

when my heart be relieved of its job

bringing the flow of red fluid to a halt

when the vision in my eyes will fail

pretty picture of your face will not reach my brain

the scent of your body will illuminate me no more

my ears would refuse to hear your gleeful laughs

when i will no more be able to taste your tongue

my sense of touch will not feel your hand on mine

i wonder about the day i shall depart

would you still love me like you do now

would you still remain mine?

image source

Make Me Pure

Make Me Pure

hold me close so i melt in your arms

hold me close so i breathe your scent

hold me close so there’s no air between us

hold me close so i let loose my worries

hold me close so i sleep in peace

hold me close so i hear your heart beat

hold me close so you could hear mine

hold me close so i could kiss you anytime

hold me close so i make your soul mine

hold me close for when you do

you make me pure…. you make me pure

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Technology turning Humans into Robots

Technology turning Humans into Robots


I get shivers in my spine thinking that we humans are turning into robots. We created technology for our use. To make our lives better and simpler. To keep connected with each other all the time. But the question is, how better or worse are we getting with the comforts offered to us. How well is it helping us and how it is being more powerful than us now.

Pokemon game is a huge hit in the whole world. The negative is that people are getting addictive to it. There have been many accidents reported around the world that happened due to not being able to concentrate on things around you while playing the game. People have even died. Sad!

Mobiles are very popular now a days. We have all sort of applications in our phones to help us every possible way.

  1. Application to help us know the number of steps we have walked. The question is that we are putting our brain to rest and let the machine calculate everything for us. Aren’t we trying to become dumb! Why not do the simple calculation ourselves and keep our brain refreshed and active?
  2. Application to let women know of their menstrual cycle and the most fertile days to get pregnant. Are you serious? Really? A machine will tell you when to get intimate with your partner now?
  3. Everywhere we go, we see people on their phone. Sitting right next to each other, with no human connection just checking their phones. People are so engrossed into their devices that they don’t tend to notice any sort of danger around them.

There is a movie called “HER” in which the hero falls in love with an Operating System of a computer. It is something unimaginable and horrifying for me to see those days to come.

I am not against technology or being advanced. It surely helps us achieving more and being more capable. But, I am against being completely dependent upon it. Not to use our brains even for simple calculations. Loosing the human connection and increasing our love for gadgets. I am against turning ourselves into robots and being played by the machines now.

It is indeed true if we look at it closely that earlier we directed the machines to do our work and gradually we have made them strong enough to empower us. The machines now are giving us directions. Are we not turning ourselves into Robots?

Tell me, does this scare you as well or am I thinking wrong?

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mySestina Family Precious

mySestina Family Precious


FAMILY brings a sense of security. It has love and affection in store. The unfailing attitude to stand by each other’s side at all stages of life. We all love our families and that’s one thing that makes us as a person. We get strength, courage, love and a lot more from our families.

That’s me (author of mySestina) in the family picture with my brothers. Aren’t they all just stunning! This picture was taken in Jan 2016 in Dubai (UAE). Just looking at this picture brings smile to my face.

Let us all today take out our special family pictures and enjoy them. Let us relish and relive the moments of past. Let us pay a tribute to our families.

Happy smiling family to all my dear friends!


was it too much to ask

was it too much to ask

tell me

was it too much to ask

if I asked for just a little smile

a spark of just a little happiness in my eyes

you knew my journey till now was exhausting

you knew I was desperate for some rest

you knew enough tears I had shed

you knew your love would have strengthen me

you knew I loved you, gave my life to you

how could you be so heartless to desert me

how could you just let me die every moment

O my dear, tell me where did I fail, how did I fail

after all that I genuinely did to save our relationship

tell me my dearest

was it too much to ask

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Grow your blog with mySestina (19th Entry)

Dear All,

Please check out this wonderful site by Meenakshi Sethi. A wonderful blog with a lot of emotions! Hope you enjoy her poems…


Let’s grow together!

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A City birthing a City

A City birthing a City

glorious city with colorful lights

glittering with gold, with best lifestyle

fancy people belong here

they all wear hats and long coats

their shoes polished shining

their language articulate

men always walk with pride

their ladies always glowing and bright

each one of them own a house big and plush

inside they sit and relax

while they sip their english tea in expensive cups

someone not so polished sweats

this someone not so polished, is the servant who does’t sleep

the one who cooks for a family of 20, for him there’s nothing to eat

he doesn’t wear shoes of any kind, nor does he speak good language

always he walks behind the master carrying his master’s luggage

his children have never seen a school, neither have they seen a playground

for they are forced to follow the footsteps of their father

they never step out of the servant’s quarter

generations to come shall follow the tradition

children of masters to remain masters

to rule the children of the servants

slowly, the glittery glorious city, birthing a city

that’s dull, full of pain

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your Kiss – Delicious

your Kiss – Delicious

it fails, the cuisines in the world

it melts, in my mouth with no effort at all

divine, must I say, as I taste it

I long for it every moment of my life

your kiss – delicious

could you kiss me again my love?

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Vanishing Mother’s Love?

Vanishing Mother’s Love?

When we think of a mother’s love, the first thing that comes to our mind is UNCONDITIONAL. It is indeed so. We all know that fact. But, today I am going to talk about how a mother could also feel trapped in motherhood. Is it inhuman to say so? Does that mean that she doesn’t love her children anymore? Would you know the answer after listening to the following real life story of a mother (a very close friend of mine)?

Hi, I am Sia and I am a mother of 2 children. I was working with one of the best organizations in the world and was doing very well with my role. I took a break from work to deliver my first child and couldn’t go back and join work because there was no one to take care of the baby and I was not comfortable to leave my child with any stranger. Hence, I stayed back home and decided to take care of the baby.

After a few years, I had another child. I was no doubt a loving mother and completely enjoyed being with both my children and taking care of them. I never missed going to work and did the best for my children. I did everything for them without any help. My husband being busy with his work, could not participate much.

As my children grew, I gradually started to feel bored of doing the same thing for a long time. My elder one is 10 and younger one is almost 7 now. I have reached a stage where I feel trapped in the motherhood now. I can’t go back to work as I have taken a long break of 12 years and it has almost killed my confidence to go back to the corporate environment. Also, due to family issues, I am required to stay home.

Sometimes, I feel that I don’t enjoy my children as much as I did earlier. I am still doing everything for them because I love them and I feel responsible to raise them the best possible way, but somehow the mother in me is not that passionate. I don’t enjoy doing a lot of things with my children the same way as I used to. I sometimes do them because I have to as a part of my duty.

Am I a mother with vanishing love? It hurts me to feel a lesser mother because I know that I love my children.

I am hoping that this is just a phase of my life and I shall get back on track soon.


(Shared my story with mySestina. She is a close friend and suggested me to publish this on her blog, so here I am).

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Ten year old writes – (My Shadow My Companion) by Radha

Ten year old writes – (My Shadow My Companion) by Radha

it stays with me all the time

I can see it sometimes,

it sometimes fades

sometimes beside me,

sometimes in front of me,

sometimes it’s at my back

looks like me,

moves like me,

it’s like me looking in the mirror

the only difference is that,

its black and of no other color

it’s like my friend,

it’s like my assistant,

it’s my shadow,

my shadow-my companion


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Ten Year old writes – Walking in the Woods (by Radha)

Ten Year old writes – Walking in the Woods (by Radha)

Walking in the woods once

Happy I was

Suddenly saw something

Not knowing what it was

It was a weird shaped thing

Painted with a variety of colors

I was far from it

But, I got a shock when I went just a bit nearer

Such a big thing,

Perhaps bigger than a house

I was feeling enormously scared

Fear ran through my nerves

Still having faith

I went a little closer

My heart pumped as fast as a bullet train

And there I was, just beside it

 Looking at it’s features

I started to wonder

What it could be

suddenly, the clouds started to thunder

Feeling scared

I decided to run

Going back all the way

Where I came from

I started to run back

Without looking behind

Running as fast as I could

With little feet of mine

Very far from it

I decided to look back once

But looking back

I saw there were only trees and nothing more

Reaching home

Oh it was a relief

What could that thing be

It is yet a mystery

By Radha 

Color of his blood

Color of his blood

his blood not red, all the time

it’s green when he’s imagining the farms

it’s blue when he swims freely in the ocean

it’s yellow when he bows to the sun

it’s silver when he silently praises the moon

it’s even black when he is hurt in a war

for he is not a man too common 

he has an elegant way to him

he is way beyond special

he is – an artist

he can change

the color of his blood


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Ten Year old writes – My Emotions (by Radha)

Ten Year old writes – My Emotions (by Radha)

Hugs, kisses,

Sweet goodbyes

Well, they make me sentimental

Cries,  screams


I end up totally mental

Fear makes me feel alone,

I sit at one place,

And don’t go out from home

Happiness makes me jump around

I dance I sing,

I feel like a princess with a crown

Greed makes me want to have it all

I want this and that,

I want everything

Sadness almost kills me

Oh I hate it,

I don’t like it at all


I want what the other one has,

I’m so jealous,

Oh I also want it, I feel so bad

All my emotions, 

I really can’t control some of them

Well, they are just my own feelings,

How can I help


Radha is ten years old. Her innocent emotions reflect in her very first poem. This poem was also published on Psychedelicbay (By Cezane & Michelle).

Grow your blog with mySestina (18th Entry)

Dear friends!

Let’s grow together.. Please check out this awesome beauty and makeup site from a beautiful friend


Hope you take a few good beauty tips.


Teachings of a Stray Dog

Teachings of a Stray Dog

The stray dog who lives on the street outside my house. We call him Bhurelal. Yes, that’s his name.He came here about 4 years back if I remember correctly. Me, both my girls and my husband are very fond of him. He has become very comfortable with us.

I must admit that he has taught me many things and I am sharing one of his teachings today.

Over these past few years, I have been giving him food, but not on a regular basis. There are times, when there is not enough milk or chicken in my refrigerator. I have seen that on any day when I don’t offer him anything, he sits outside the gate and waits patiently and then leaves to find food somewhere else (no barking complaints).

He appreciates whatever little I do for him but at the same time, I have never seen him being upset or angry, if I don’t offer him any food. He would see me in the morning and wag his tail with the same enthusiasm as any other day, without making me realize that I didn’t feed him last night. This is such a great gesture.

It makes me realize that as a human, I tend to get upset over things if my expectations are not fulfilled, which is very unlike how Bhurelal reacts or behaves. Like him, should I not learn to appreciate what people do for me, rather than crying over what they don’t?

It is going to be challenging but I am going to try my best to practice the teachings of my dear stray dog Bhurelal. I am sure, he has many more lessons in store!!

Grow your blog with mySestina (17th Entry)

Dear friends!

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Grow your blog with mySestina (16th Entry)

Dear friends!

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the first and the last


Let’s grow together


Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other Bloggers!

Feeling Inspired or Jealous of other Bloggers!


I am looking at the stats of my fellow bloggers. The numbers obviously are way much better than mine. I ask myself, why do I not have such great numbers. Why do my posts don’t get as many likes as other’s posts get. I even do a bit of a research on their blog.

Thinking of the same, I could feel in 2 possible ways :-

  1. Inspired
  2. Jealous

If I choose option 1, I could feel inspired to achieve the same for my blog. This is a healthy approach. It would help my blog to grow without a doubt. I will try to learn the strategy and the pattern looking at other’s blogs. I will try to incorporate things that I see them doing and work towards my numbers to boom up.

Option 2, will surely take me nowhere. Rather than trying to rise myself, I will try to find…

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My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?

My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?


My Blog is my Baby! That’s how we all feel. Isn’t it!

We are in love with our blogs, it is something we are so close to, dearly in love with. We care for our blogs the way we care for our child. And that’s why we choose to do the following:

  • We nurture it with our thoughtful posts.
  • We want to give it time to grow and learn from others.
  • We want to take our blog to the next level and finally to heights just like we would aspire for our child to grow and be successful.

There is an enormous amount of time, effort and research that’s put to build a blog. It’s true! It requires a lot of patience too. We compromise on our sleep sometimes to think or to write about something close to our hearts. Work on it sometimes, till our back starts to ache! Changed…

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A Mission to help the Bloggers

A Mission to help the Bloggers


I am on a mission to help all my fellow bloggers to grow their blogs and to learn from them to grow mine at the same time.

I truly believe that growing together is very important. Each one of us must feel special because we are.

As a part of this mission of growing together, I have published the following posts recently:-

  1. Grow your blog with mySestina
  2. mySestina’s Blogging Secrets
  3. My Blog is my Baby – Do you feel so?
  4. Take Blogging to the Next Level
  5. Want more followers – Are you treating the existing ones well?

I request you all to share the above posts as much as possible and make them reach maximum number of fellow members of the blogging community.

In today’s world, it is very much required to be kind and compassionate to each other. To stay connected and to help each other without fail…

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they scared me

they scared me more

& when they scared me to death

I was born again

fearless, unstoppable

I told them then

beware of looking me into the eye

you shall repent

if I accept the challenge


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mySestina’s blogging secrets

Could I share my secrets for the stats in the picture above? Could you please share this post as much as possible in order to help the existing members and the new comers to the blogging community.…

Source: mySestina’s blogging secrets

Take blogging to the Next Level

Take blogging to the Next Level


Why do we blog?

Each one of us have our own reasons. Blogging is a perfect way to express our thoughts, emotions, observations and experiences to the world. Through our writing, we release our love, anger, positivity, humor, sadness, happiness and much more.

  1. Some of us blog to be heard and to be famous
  2. Some of us plan to take the monetary benefit out of it
  3. Some of us try to create social awareness through our blogs

There could be many more reasons behind why people blog, but there is one thing that we all relish in the blogging world. And that is loving each other.

It is very important to feel motivated and inspired through our blogging journey. We all can help each other in a beautiful way.

  1. Let us all support each other.
  2. Let us remain kind to our fellow bloggers.
  3. Let us all make each other feel important.

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Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?

Want more followers? Are you treating the existing ones well?


No doubt we all want more and more people to follow our blogs. The urge to make our thoughts to reach maximum number of people through our posts is within each one of us.

The question is, are we doing enough to make that happen? Are we doing justice to the people who are following us? Are we giving them enough attention they deserve?

To have more followers, we must appreciate the existing ones. Believe me, the word spreads! People talk to each other and they praise the blogs they like. This is how we get more attention and more followers.

There are a few very important things that need to be kept in mind:-

  1. Build a strong relationship with your followers.
  2. Always reply to their valuable comments.
  3. Try to read as much as you can of their posts and show your love through your comments.
  4. Appreciation is the key…

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mySestina’s blogging secrets

mySestina’s blogging secrets


Could I share my secrets for the stats in the picture above?

Could you please share this post as much as possible in order to help the existing members and the new comers to the blogging community.

I complete 4 months in the blogging world today and believe me, I have relished every second of my time that I spent on WordPress.

As a newcomer, we all have our questions, hesitations and we strive to learn, to grow, to have more followers, to have more likes and visibililty for our blogs.

Let me share my understanding of how to achieve a little extra on your blog.

  1. Enjoy blogging. Writing must only be done when you enjoy it to the core. We must not write forcefully as the forced writing has no charm and beauty in it.
  2. Speak your heart out and let the world know how you feel through your…

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