I promise all my readers a sweet little smile

I promise to take very little of your time

I promise to keep my post short and crisp

I promise to try to leave a message for you to think

I promise to make you read without your eyes to blink

I promise to share secrets deep inside my mind

I promise to build a bond with all your souls kind

I promise to put in an effort to give you a great read

I promise to read your posts, yes I shall pay heed

& in return

could I please ask you all for something

You and Me, must we both make a promise

Let us today take a step further to blogging

Let us not just be known to each other

Let us move towards to be much more

Let us all just fall in love with each other

Like a one beautiful big family 

Let us all be RELATED

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13 thoughts on “Dear Fellow bloggers – Let us all be related

    1. Yes my dear. I have developed a relationship with each one of my fellow bloggers here. It seems now that we know each other so well. It is indeed beautiful. Thank you for being a part of my world dear Miriam.

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  1. Reblogged this on Belle Papillon 24/7 and commented:
    I love the message that mySestina is trying to convey. We should really build a sense of “community” here. I feel that I have actually bonded with some of my readers that I have made friends with them and goes beyond a blogger-follower relationship. For some of us, we blog about our lives, our innermost fears, some secrets and we feel vulnerable and we form a bond with fellow bloggers it makes a difference when we feel the love and support coming from everywhere and it’s just so inspiring and empowering.
    What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts.

    LIVE ❤ LAUGH … Belle Papillon

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    1. Hey, this is exactly what I meant by this post. How beautiful to have a community where you have so many friends to share your thoughts, ideas, special moments… Thanks a lot for spreading the message. Means a lot to me.

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