Back in Time

Back in Time

voices coming
from the far end
calling over my name
come with us
give us your hand
let’s just play a game

through the telescope
of my heart
I looked
for the strangers calling
realizing who they were
my tears started falling

with a bunch of kids
It was me
on my face
there was a gentle smile
calling myself to ME
a little back in time

wish I could go
back to myself
wish I could relive
those simple
yet precious – pleasures of life

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When no one believed in me – I did

When no one believed in me – I did

when no one believed in me – I did

I painted my heart

with an ocean of emotions

every color shined beating the sun

I celebrated my tears

left behind my fear

embraced my wrinkles

like a survivor

I never stopped

discovered my dark side

enjoyed my hope in pain

here i am to pen down

i made it worth reading

and so to write again

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The Day I Die

The Day I Die

I wept while singing my songs

tears flowed through my eyes as I walked my way

faced challenges on my path

got pulled by failures on my way

each step I took, took my breath away

yes, I was scared, I cursed this pain

it didn’t stop, the struggle on my way

kept showering its pressure enormous on me

still, time taught me to bear the loss

my will pushed me to enjoy my struggle

my worth told me to learn from my failures

I carried on facing the life

I embraced my pain, I made it my weapon

I fought against the odds with mighty strength

they shall honor me a warrior

the day I die


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My Dear Paper Dictionary

My Dear Paper Dictionary

my dear paper dictionary

will you forgive me please

for i don’t hold you anymore

i dumped you in that old box

sealed, kept somewhere in my garage

there were days, when i couldn’t do without you

i would open and search through you, a hundred times

on days when i wrote essays in my school

would you forgive me for i am selfish now

lazy to flip through your many pages

i now depend on the latest means

today, i have the urge to open the sealed box

in which i dumped you with my own hands

today, i have the craving to hold you again

i promise to keep you safe in my bag

promise to carry you along everywhere

forgive me my dear paper dictionary

i shall dump you NEVER again


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