The stray dog who lives on the street outside my house. We call him Bhurelal. Yes, that’s his name.He came here about 4 years back if I remember correctly. Me, both my girls and my husband are very fond of him. He has become very comfortable with us.

I must admit that he has taught me many things and I am sharing one of his teachings today.

Over these past few years, I have been giving him food, but not on a regular basis. There are times, when there is not enough milk or chicken in my refrigerator. I have seen that on any day when I don’t offer him anything, he sits outside the gate and waits patiently and then leaves to find food somewhere else (no barking complaints).

He appreciates whatever little I do for him but at the same time, I have never seen him being upset or angry, if I don’t offer him any food. He would see me in the morning and wag his tail with the same enthusiasm as any other day, without making me realize that I didn’t feed him last night. This is such a great gesture.

It makes me realize that as a human, I tend to get upset over things if my expectations are not fulfilled, which is very unlike how Bhurelal reacts or behaves. Like him, should I not learn to appreciate what people do for me, rather than crying over what they don’t?

It is going to be challenging but I am going to try my best to practice the teachings of my dear stray dog Bhurelal. I am sure, he has many more lessons in store!!

24 thoughts on “Teachings of a Stray Dog

  1. Great teaching, heart touching post.
    Only humans on this planet trying to be better human else rest of creatures are Happy who they are, how they are.

    This phenomenon make us rest less. Flowers never try to be better Flowers, not dogs or any other creature for that matter.

    Keep sharing wisdom . I am on your side completely.

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    1. You said such a beautiful and meaningful thing. Exactly, no other creature is trying to be better, its just the selfish humans. Trying to overuse our brain and leading to a degraded world.

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      1. well, we all are a medium of expression. Art is something very valuable and it makes us rich and healthy. writing is a form of art and an artist is a mixture of emotions and talent.

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