Hugs, kisses,

Sweet goodbyes

Well, they make me sentimental

Cries,  screams


I end up totally mental

Fear makes me feel alone,

I sit at one place,

And don’t go out from home

Happiness makes me jump around

I dance I sing,

I feel like a princess with a crown

Greed makes me want to have it all

I want this and that,

I want everything

Sadness almost kills me

Oh I hate it,

I don’t like it at all


I want what the other one has,

I’m so jealous,

Oh I also want it, I feel so bad

All my emotions, 

I really can’t control some of them

Well, they are just my own feelings,

How can I help


Radha is ten years old. Her innocent emotions reflect in her very first poem. This poem was also published on Psychedelicbay (By Cezane & Michelle).

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