Walking in the woods once

Happy I was

Suddenly saw something

Not knowing what it was

It was a weird shaped thing

Painted with a variety of colors

I was far from it

But, I got a shock when I went just a bit nearer

Such a big thing,

Perhaps bigger than a house

I was feeling enormously scared

Fear ran through my nerves

Still having faith

I went a little closer

My heart pumped as fast as a bullet train

And there I was, just beside it

 Looking at it’s features

I started to wonder

What it could be

suddenly, the clouds started to thunder

Feeling scared

I decided to run

Going back all the way

Where I came from

I started to run back

Without looking behind

Running as fast as I could

With little feet of mine

Very far from it

I decided to look back once

But looking back

I saw there were only trees and nothing more

Reaching home

Oh it was a relief

What could that thing be

It is yet a mystery

By Radha 

33 thoughts on “Ten Year old writes – Walking in the Woods (by Radha)

    1. Thank you do much my dear. Radha is really a special child with a warm soul. I was surprised to see how deep are her thoughts and how she is able to present them.. Will pass your kind comments to her, she will be delighted

      Liked by 1 person

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