glorious city with colorful lights

glittering with gold, with best lifestyle

fancy people belong here

they all wear hats and long coats

their shoes polished shining

their language articulate

men always walk with pride

their ladies always glowing and bright

each one of them own a house big and plush

inside they sit and relax

while they sip their english tea in expensive cups

someone not so polished sweats

this someone not so polished, is the servant who does’t sleep

the one who cooks for a family of 20, for him there’s nothing to eat

he doesn’t wear shoes of any kind, nor does he speak good language

always he walks behind the master carrying his master’s luggage

his children have never seen a school, neither have they seen a playground

for they are forced to follow the footsteps of their father

they never step out of the servant’s quarter

generations to come shall follow the tradition

children of masters to remain masters

to rule the children of the servants

slowly, the glittery glorious city, birthing a city

that’s dull, full of pain

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31 thoughts on “A City birthing a City

  1. A strong text my dear. Yet some manage to raise above their fate. Not enough, but some do. Hopefully many more will. Our maid has been with us 25 years. She put her son through college. He is now an engineer. The first person of the village to have a university degree. One is a start. 🙂
    (And I love the painting of the Opera)
    Have a lovely week.

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    1. You made me day babuji. This brings so much happiness to me to learn how your maid has made her own fate by raising her son to be an educated person. This is a relief. Yes, here in India too, things are changing. Every person with limited means is trying to send their kids to school. If not their generation, the next will surely have a bright future. Thank you for sharing with me.

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      1. You are quite welcome Ma’amji. I did a research once that showed that Education is THE single most significant factor correlated to development as measured by GDP per capita. It doesn’t matter if there are holes in the street, if there are power shortages, as long as children go to school. ALL children. 🙂

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      2. And the other factor related to growth and development is girls’ education. The lower the percentage, the worse the country’s development. 😦
        Sad but it also points in one very simple direction: get all girls to school… 😉

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      1. That is a beautiful compliment. I guess all of make these observations about the society, the world around us. It is just that some people choose to not ignore and some more choose to pen it down. Thank you so much

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    1. Thanks Dear Shane. This was a common practice earlier and even now in some areas. And now, things seem to be changing for good. People are paying emphasis to the education of their children and to make them have a brighter future. Thanks for reading my dear.

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  2. Awesome poem Sestina! I appreciate how it reflects injustice in our world. How one class of people exists to serve a wealthier group. I think so many people are used to this disparity that they think nothing of it. Poems like yours shine a light on this terrible disparity. We must end this!

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    1. You are absolutely right Roland. Also, the good thing is that the weaker section is now rising. They are educating their children for a better tomorrow. Thanks for reading


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